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 Post subject: Re: Christians and UFOs
PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:19 am 
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almostalien wrote:
PrismaticBilly wrote:
That or he knew what would happen, and felt that the love he had for his intended creation was stronger than the risk of creating. Plus existing outside of time does not mean certain things could not be changed. He gave humans free will, which was not a mistake, after all, if he wanted robots that is what he would have made.

almostalien wrote:
I am sorry this comment will get many humans agree.I will say I do believe in God.That most will not get people upset.But believing in God or levels of many Gods that are above us .I give the Gods more credit then the Bible.I do believe many of the stories in the bible as history.But then others I cannot believe.I myself do not believe the God who created all things in the universe makes mistakes.So given that I find it hard to believe that if he had made Adam and Eve he would not know the outcome of doing it.He some how would not know Eve and Adam would not make the chose they made.He then did not know Cain would kill Able.He then would not know all the bad things humans would do in the future.Then what did he say oh this did not work out as I planned.I must flood the planet and do a do over.Then after that oh humans are still not getting it.Did he say oh you know what Michael I better go down there in the flesh and suffer for there sins because they just cannot get it right.And then not know that a another faith called Christians would go around thinking there faith is the only true faith and kill others who do not believe the way they do.Or tell others my book right here on this page says if you do not believe in Jesus the Christ you will not go to heaven.See a book that was written by men who even if you say the bible is Gods word was written by men of sin.Men with a imagination like the rest of us.For so long there have been Christians who tell people the planet is flat or it is the center of the universe or its only 6000 years old.But to be fair it appears in this world all faiths have the same problem.Book written by men saying believe this and nothing else or you will burn in hell.People want to know why the beings do not come down here to the masses.Because there very smart .They have watched us over the centuries watched us kill everything that is life.Whether animals or each other.Or even try to shot them down.This planet is a place that the rest of the universe should and probably does look at as what not to ever become.As all who have the right of there oppinun this just happens to be mine and I am entitled to it just as you are with yours.
And the free will he would have given man .Was not free will at all because since he knew what would happen when he made man and knows what man would do then he also new the out come.This is all of coarse if you are to believe in the easy brainwash of humans.We have all been brainwashed by the people we have surrounded our selves with from a early age.Just as at a early age the ones we believes in told some of us of the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause.But now that we are older we think we know so much.And yet we know not much at all.We just think we know.

I personally believe it is not the believing in a God that has created so many problems.I think it is the tittle put on the faith.If it was not a problem why are so many wars against faiths of different tittles.Jews against Muslums,Christians against Muslums,And all other Christians different from the so many other Christians in there understanding of Baptists or Protestants.And Hindus and the so many other tittles of faiths.All believing in a God.All agreeing people should be nicer to each other and yet once the tittle is thrown out there the division is there.Just as if you are white and your daughter comes home and says mom dad I want you to met my new boyfriend I love him so much.The parents see there daughter has been so happy living so far away from them and hearing stories of this nice man who takes her on trips is sucessful and treats her so well .Here he is mom dad and then they see he is Black.Do not tell me the majority of parents do not see him as a different person then they were thinking about.So is it with the tittle put on faiths of God. Many humans on this planet I will even say most humans on this planet have a negative view on something and alot of it has nothing to do with the morals of others .Its skin tone a certain faith or some other thing .People talk of beings going back in time there aliens out there in the future.This is a true thing to believe.Because when you are so far advanced have been around and have lived so long without killing each other off.You visit this planet see whats happening and has been happening for only a short time.You see how primative the thoughts are of this race.You have gone back in time.The beings that have been coming down here for so long have it right.They prefere flight to fight.And for us its a good thing they do.Because if they were like us they would have wiped us out a long time ago.After all a gray does not look like us.Or these lizard aliens or many of the other aliens say are out there.Any one of those races would have just done what we do to each other and boom by people of the planet called earth.May one day I become one of them because being human is nothing to be proud of for many.

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