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Portals to the gates of hell?????
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Author:  jeff [ Mon May 04, 2009 5:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Portals to the gates of hell?????

Oh man:

I have seen many different shows on television that would suggest that people who have problems with spirits in their homes could possibly have a portal that would lead a person staight to the gates of hell itself.

Okay then, why haven't I heard or read anything that suggest that someone who is having a problem with spirits would have a portal leading them to the gates of heaven.

Do we need to place all portals to hell, or is this just the way society can explain it away, or is it not society but the church who did the portal to hell thing in their teachings to us that we would end up here if we didn't change our ways.

And on top of all this, what is hell, is it really the burning lake of fire where the bad people will burn for an eternity, or is it something someone made up to scare religion into the children.

Believe in god and his ways or you'll burn in the lake of fire for an eternity

Well, I'm not really one for believing such a thing, because if there is a god, this is just saying that if you did a little something wrong, and didn't believe in him, that he is going to be cruel enough to toss you into the lake of fire.

Why does every portal/vortex/doorway have to lead to hell, why not lead us to a different level of existence or to another planet, perhaps a better more advanced place than earth.

People have been so brainwashed over the centuries that the only thing they can believe in is what they've been taught, and if a portal is there then it leads to hell, and they can not even get past this possibility, even though they are investigators in the paranormal.

Portals may lead us to some wonderful places, they may lead to hell who really knows.

I don't believe certain people out there who see a smudge on a photo and start acting all weird and such, and telling the family they need to move since satan is in their basement.

Portal to the gates of hell??? what is your opinion on this matter, I would really like to hear something other than, you got demons.


Author:  Timbit [ Mon May 04, 2009 6:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

I think it all has to do with intellectual evolvement, or evolution of the human species.

With the advent of mass communications, and instant information on such things as spirituality, paranormal happenings, ghosts etc., as a species, we realize that our limited answers from our churches regarding good/evil/hell etc., simply do not satisfy us anymore.

We have reached beyond accepting church doctrine at face value, and realize that what they have taught us about such things, is not correct, accurate, or realistic. But when you realize that most of the world's populations are firmly planted in their religious beliefs, many do not dare cross that control line, and veer away from comfort levels. Afterall, this safe conditioning has been applied to generations of their forefathers too.

When you can reach a point of knowing that spirituality, paranormal events, and the like are not in any way, shape or form connected to any church's explanation or doctrine, then you finally have the freedom to truly explore other alternatives.

They have to have an answer for everything the church. Somehow they've managed to control entire populations with the 'good and evil' thing, which of course, is rediculous.

The portals you speak of, could very well be alternate dimensions, or naturally occuring pathways that allow us to further understand how we are connected to them naturally.

These portals don't just appear from the devil himself. It is way beyond that. But fear makes people turn to their leaders for comfort and understanding, and if it can be understood in biblical terms, then it's okay.

Their power over our evolution is, in itself, staggering.


Author:  jeff [ Thu May 07, 2009 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

I personally have come across several portals, and I will tell yo at this time they did not lead to the gates of hell, because if they did I would have sensed them.

I felt that one portal I came across in my earlier days actually lead to a different planet or realm where the occupants were not human.

Trying to explain this to family members, (who are religious in their mind) was like explaining something to a brick wall.

Response: Must have been an angelic watching over you at this point, a bear will cause areas to become totally silent and feel weird, don't be so stupid.

Religion has destroyed the minds of many people, and I see it every day around me, and these poor persons who have been brainwashed are unable to open their minds just a fraction.

They have closed themselves off to the possibility that there may be something beyond our tiny little lives here.

I feel sorry for those who have lost the ability to use their imaginations.

There are many types of portals out there, stay tuned for my big book response about all of them.


Author:  Tweaked [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

HELL, per se, was manufactured to scare people into believing in "salvation--believing in God, and then Christ", mostly emphasized after Constantinople. HELL is what we fear... I truly believe that, so, since I don't believe in Hell, I don't believe any of us will ever go there.

Author:  Timbit [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

It is so true though about not being willing to open the mind up even a little teeny weeny bit.

I think many people survive this way. It is not comfortable to live a life questioning religion, arguing religion, living religion or rejecting religion. Much easier to stay within the safety of the flock.

Is it more that, than an inability?


Author:  joey978 [ Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

God jesus, christianity, muslim, orginised religion, I have been spoon fed so many different things, I was confused as a kid. Now i am not even sure of much except what I see, feel and know for fact and it all can be made to fit nicely into whatever I want it too.
Was religion made up to keep the masses in line? I cannot say proof positive but I do believe there is something, somewhere. I used to question everything but now I sort of go with what I feel,
Good and evil are powerful ideas in the hands of someone with an agenda. joey978

Author:  Tweaked [ Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

Good and evil are powerful ideas in the hands of someone with an agenda. joey978

Joey, I couldn't have said it better, myself.

Author:  david barclay [ Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

And keep in mind that those with the most evil agenda are those who perceive themselves to be good and better than the rest of us.

Author:  joey978 [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

Dave, there are many who believe that the antichrist will be the pope. I have also heard it said that the antichrist will be someone who is loved by many and percieved as one who does great works of faith and humanitarian gestures in order to gain the trust of many.
Having said this, one must fist believe in God, in religion, and the concept of good and evil. I myself am not so sure of any type of organised religion, the whole concept of God and the Devil, especially hell itself, a place where we go if we do not have faith in God. On one hand we are taught that God is a forgiving and gentle God yet then we are taught that if we do not follow the laws of God we will end up burning in the fires of a place called hell. It contradicts itself, at least to me it does,you get my point right?
So what are we to believe? Many beliefs smack of a huge leap of faith and much flys wrong in a scientific way. If I think too long on it all, I end up with a headache and still no answers. What do I feel inside? my gut instinct tells me that there is something out there up there, wherever, and I believe it is of a much higher power, but the question is what or who and I do not think we will find that answer until our deaths and then maybe it will all become clear, maybe not. I pesonally believe in reincarnation as at times I am sure I have been places I have never been in this lifetime and I am sure I have met people who I never met before yet somehow I am sure I know this person and all I can come up with is it had to be another lifetime, that is the only explanation I can see as plausable, but we all have our own theorys and ideas and I do not push what I believe on anyone else nor do I put anyone down for what they believe in, that is their choice and who am I to say otherwise?

I do know in my heart that we are not alone on this planet and that there is way more to all of this than meets the eye. I do not believe in coincidence, something for whatever reason made things happen, I do not believe in the randomless of everything, it fits too easily to say its just a coincidence, especially things like I know what song will be playing when I turn the radio on or I know the phone will ring 30 seconds before it does, I am not saying that these things happen everytime, but they happen enough so that I cannot dismiss it as coincidence. It does not seem possible that that many coincidences could happen too me in my lifetime.
Do I think there are beings or a being that watches over me? yes I do, The way I have lived my life and the things I have done, by all accounts I should have been killed many times already but yet here I am still alive and kicking, even after all I have been through. I do not believe it has been luck that has kept me alive through all those hairy times, no one could be that lucky, lets just say if I was that lucky I could hit the lottery everyday for the rest of my life and that is by far an understatement.
Are they called angels? I do not know what they are called, I am only grateful they have been there for me.
People have this need to put a name to everything bit I don't fgeel the need to do that, so God Angels whatever, I think by putting a name or a label on something somehow makes it more reral to people, and people do not wish to upset the status quo, they are afraid of change or of just about anything that challanges their belief system. Maybe I have subconciously pushed the so called envelope all my life, who knows, but I know I will keep researching the unexplainable, the paranormal and anything that challanges the status quo. joey978

Author:  david barclay [ Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Portals to the gates of hell?????

I most certainly do not represent the status quo......but calling something evil is a way of expressing the extreme nature of thoughts, words or actions.

What one believes is one's choice and we all have different reasons for believing what we do and not believing in other things.

Conventioanl science as such is not to be trusted anymore than the church, so whether science agrees or not is of little consequence.

What is true and what is real will remain just that and no one person, religion, nation or people can change the fact.

The truth is what it is, whether we know what the truth is or not, nothing can change it.

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