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 Post subject: On The Origin Of God
PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:52 am 

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Faiths entered Reality as soon as they helped human ancestors with hunting and general problem solving, here using atlatls during hunting (Atlatl: spearthrowing force multiplier). Animal skins are worn for stealth, allowing for invisible ambush and stalking. Source


I'm guessing godlike ideas (about spirits and tribal deities whatever) emerged in early modern man (sometime during 100,000 years Before Present) as an imagination. As if minds somehow lived on 'Somewhere Else' after a person died. This started off burial rituals, with jewelry, artifacts and even hunting tools buried with the dead.

It was more than mere imagination. A faith/superstition becomes a Special Object in our mind over many millennia, with dedicated brainmodules imo providing the needed hardwiring for each new generation getting born so they too have the capacity to imagine gods, ghosts, divinely instituted taboos and surefire magical rituals.

[Special Object = a discrete module of information in our mind/brain which can only exist in a human mind]

Faiths entered Reality as soon as they helped tribes with tribal warfare, kidnapping of new wives (at some distance, always risky), hunting, giving birth and childrearing and general problem solving. If you believe the gods are ON YOUR SIDE you will focus a little better, apply stick-to-itiveness, and solve some stuff that a mindless primitive will fail at. Important: faith-based fanaticism helps your young warriors to be reckless and death-defying ('cause heaven awaits), which in turn will create one hell of a tribal rep and neighbors trembling in fear. Any influential early religion/magical tradition may have become the core to what we now consider great Cultures and Civilizations.

I'll get into more detail later. (Just ask!) But I think humans early in our civilization, and also prehistory interacted with weird Visitors from the sky, who by accident or design added to our religious development. Some 'gods' and 'angels' actually are Aliens. Finally, religious imagination has evolved to the point our minds connect to other dimensions, populated by god knows what. Maybe we started merely imagining God, and over time found him/her/it for real.


Of course history/time goes back further than human days. Instead of the Creationist idea of God creating everything, the universe and all that is real, my preferred model is that of the Big Bang, marking the origin of our Universe.

To me, the beginnings and endings of a universe equal such a Big Bang, connecting an infinite/very large number of cyclic universes, each with a discrete set of Physics Laws, yet all ruled/generated by one fundamental set of Physics Laws.


Image showing Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, directing life/reproduction. Science has yet to determine where it came from...

I'll add two more elements of life's history. First the theory of Abiogenesis, the transition from lifeless matter to the beginnings of life, even organisms. Here I believe moving to Life, be it organic molecules, to RNA/DNA based lifeforms is a humongous improbable leap. Logically it did happen (we're here aren't we!), so the thusfar unsolved problem for science is if this occurred by pure chance, if hidden physics principles were in play directing towards life, or if some form of intervention was involved.

I'd consider meteorites with bacteria in ice, seeding Earth.

I'd consider Extraterrestrials engineering life.

And since here I Don't Know means I Don't Know believers may put forward any divine creation theory of choice. Mystery rules: DNA is an insanely complex molecule, directing life and allowing it to make copies of itself.

To explain how earthly life changed from its early beginnings some 3.7 billion years ago, my primary model must be the Evolution Theory.

Everything alive today imo is around because they are the descendents of organisms that were (the most) lucky, resilient and/or smart among all lifeforms.


You may already know science has established that psychological traits are heritable (thanks Mom and Dad!!!), not merely eye color or predisposition to let's say breast cancer.

"Omygawd I'm turning into my parents..", actually isn't a joke!

Research into how our brain evolved has turned up that babies get born with faculties for (varying levels of) deceptiveness, strong competition and conservatism. The latter (a predisposition to accept/absorb what your culture already has on offer, including faiths) may be expressing in an absolute majority of mankind having some belief in a God, Deities or Higher Being, as well as the persistent intuitions about ghosts, an afterlife etc..

Instead of claiming 'natural born belief' I will say that we are born with brain modules/faculties that enable us to imagine persons/spirits to exist independent of bodies/after death. Leads to superstition, burying our dead, magical ritual, shamanism, holy wars, many great religions and yes (..maybe :) ...) attending your church service on Sundays.


Cycles of human history end and start anew due to Earth being devastated, scoured clean by global to cosmic size disaster.

I strongly suspect that having distorted or incomplete knowledge of Who Humans Are, including our own person , may indeed be a disability in figuring godstuff. So here I'll fill out my personal theory on Homo Sapiens, to further illustrate where God originated, and why.

Let's do it. My model holds Earth to be more unstable, therefore dangerous and deadly to its life than folks normally believe. Actually most educated people have no problem accepting that 65.5 plus years back and before a whole other selection of wonderful lifeforms ruled over here. Dino's thundered over the ground, under which our animal forebears, I believe some sort of Rat was fighting with early Spiders. Very suddenly Earth is struck by the 'Baptistina' asteroid impact and it's Game Over for the Dinosaurs, and time for mammals to show their stuff.

The not so big secret, yet uncomfortable truth, is that we live on the very same upheaval prone planet, surrounded by the same big rock hurling Space. Recurring (near)extinction level events aren't theory, we (Earth Life) have a subscription.

The human survivors of global catastrophe retain only minute amounts of the knowledge, of tech, cultures, alien contact and gods, of the previous cycle of Humanity. So I think, rather than our incomplete Human History, with less precise, fossil driven info on Human Prehistory, it is a string of Histories. This time around (the 11,000 years we had since a great Ice Age), like in previous 'histories' we lost the written records of the civilizations of so called pre-history. We forgot.

I'm just using conjecture here, but imo what we forgot is that each humongous cycle of human life (many millennia long) we re-invented civilization, language, some form of technology and enthusiastically imagined lots of religions! God came back into our minds in slightly different configurations each cycle, and there were multiple cycles of human history over the past 100,000 years. Also Aliens drop by/buzz our cities and inspire various faiths and forms of magic. Cycles end and start anew due to Earth being devastated, scoured clean by global to cosmic size diaster. Any human survivors retain only minute amounts of the knowledge, of tech, cultures, alien contact and gods, of the cycle that went before. A new 'history' begins...

I can't prove any of the above (although I might produce an interesting tapestry of evidence and ideas in support!), but in my mind a big 'fact' indicating that our History had such an earlier cycle, erased from our memory, is the great Baalbek Stone. Tells me that our prehistoric ancestors were no simpleminded cave dwellers (try throwing a rope around this one :lol: )...

'Stone of the Pregnant Woman' at Baalbek Tell, in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon. Bugger weighs about 1000 tons, found at the site of a 9000 year old settlement and place of worship.

Individual persons follow a quite similar pattern to greater humanity: we recycle imo. Birth and Death are our terrifying disasters, starting and ending one more (of many) lives for us.

Each time around our timeless spirit goes into our body in mom's womb, exiting at death. Our spirits originate/dwell in Another Place, and struggle their way through many earthly lives to accumulate life experience (Earth form), and to bring back what was learned to that origin. Maybe we all get to tell our (happy/miserable) life stories to God.


As our imagination, and daily struggle to survive as mortals come into play, our minds remake God in our own image. It's down to my last thoughts about the original God(s). And it is about taking God/godness most 'personally'.


Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.

For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil,
and for the establishment of righteousness,
I come into being age after age.

It's an idea from Hinduism where primary deity Vishnu (in holy writings) is saying he's leaving whatever place gods exist at and when things go bad on Earth he'll turn 'avatāra' (from Sankrit meaning: One who crosses over/comes down).

It is an ancient tradition about gods manifesting as human beings, referred to variously as Bodhidarma, Bodhisattva or (in Christianity) the Incarnation of Christ, who might be considered the avatar of YAHWEH.

Folks like this, Mother Theresa and Gandhi immediately jump into my mind, come very close to us, they inspire us as somehow 'higher' human beings, yet too as if God is now here. Avatars allow us to think of God as a Friend.

One can believe in avatars and/or live your life as one.


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