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The coming judgements
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Author:  Henk [ Mon May 25, 2009 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  The coming judgements

Let yourself be instructed
by Jesus Christ Himself

Very few people know that from 1851 to 1864 Jesus gave a much more complete story of the events that happened during His last 3 years before His crucifixion. A much more complete gospel than what we can find in the Bible. This was revealed by Jesus Christ Himself to a man He choose, namely the Austrian Jakob Lorber who dedicated the last 24 years of his life in the service
of our Lord by writing down what He dictated to him through the inner word. He heard the words very clearly in the region of his heart and wrote them faithfully down.

This total work consists of 25 books of 100 chapters each, of which Book 17, 18, 19 and 20 have been translated. Much more godly truth than what we can find in the New Testament. An enormous valuable spiritual treasure. It is up to each individual to discover and proof the many teachings that Jesus revealed to His disciples.

Revelations that were not intended to reveal to the world at that time but which are now revealed in a very clear way to us.

Here one of the 2500 chapters....book 18 chapter 99

99. The coming judgments

Thus, let everyone be full of meekness and humility. By that you will give each other the greatest and most true human honor, and live and have dealings with each other in peace and quietness.
[2] However, thirst for honor and pride will awaken resentment, offence, contempt, grudge, anger and finally vengeance, war and its evil consequences. The one who is proud and is thirsty for honor is also always full of self-interest and greed, and the sad conseqquence for the fact that he only wants to acquire everything for himself to increase his worldly honor, is that hundreds and thousands of people around him have nothing and must live in the greatest poverty and need, as it was the case during the time of Noah, and will be the case even more during the last time of the new paganism.
[3] But this evil and complete hellish condition among the people will be the judgment that they will cause themselves. The enormous number of poor and oppressed people will finally rise against their extremely proud oppressors and will make a short work with them, and this will be a second deluge by the fire of the finally too badly and too heavily oppressed poor people.
[4] But during that time, also a natural fire will destroy many places, for because of a too highly inflated pursuit of earthly gain during that time, the people will penetrate like malicious worms into the depths of the Earth, will search therein all kinds of treasures and will also find them. However, once they will have reached the mighty layers of buried ancient forests of the Earth and will use them for the glowing and melting of metals and still for many other things, then also, the latest judgment which they will prepare for themselves, will be at the door.
[5] Yet, the people who will then live in the great cities of the kings and the mighty of the Earth of that time will have to suffer the most.
[6] Therefore, always stay meek and humble, and by that in true neighborly love, then no judgment will be called over you, because where during that time the people will live according to My order, there will be no last judgment. I have told you this now beforehand with the purpose that you will also tell and proclaim it to the people, so that finally no one can bring forward the excuse that he had not been warned for the danger.”
[7] All of them said: “Lord and Master, with Your help, we truly will not lack the zeal for the good and true cause. But there are many people on the Earth, which is big and vast, and we will not be able to come to every place, and so, the evil will continue to be rampant between that which is good and true, and we probably will not be able to limit it completely.”
[8] I said: “You certainly will not be accountable for that, just like every truly good person in My name. For it is sufficient that the truth is proclaimed to the people. If they will live and act according to it, is completely their concern. Whoever will live and act according to it, will not come into the judgment, but will receive eternal life and be blessed.”

Author:  Tweaked [ Sat Jun 06, 2009 7:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The coming judgements

Just rhetoric written down by yet another MAN.

Author:  Timbit [ Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The coming judgements

Instructions from the Church of Timbit

Let not yourself be dragged into preaching toward others. Your view is not shared by all, and preaching is just plain rude.

Let yourself live a life free from quoting scripture; take the dog for a walk, buy a bike, get a job.

Do not put yourself forth as religious and absolutely right simply because you think you are.

Realize that what you know, has nothing to do with anything to anybody else.

Direct some of that preaching energy into thinking beyond yourself. Get over yourself already.

Think outside the box (preachings), and see if YOU can't learn something about spirituality.

Your words only mask an underlying need for control. Nobody likes that. That's what preaching is all about. Why do you do it.

Have a life outside your need to convert, inform, and preach. Share thoughts and feelings not based on others' words.

Who are you, unregistered user. Why do you choose this path. Can you say anything that is not related to preaching?

Author:  david barclay [ Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The coming judgements

I have an idea, something for the preacher to do...that is actually do, as in to do.

Get off your ass and do something for someone besides yourself, get a heart and soul.

Feel something......feel someone else's pain, feel someone else's joy.

Get in touch with your own feelings and when you do you might just realize that this world is not exactly peachy boo cool and the only thing you can do to make it better is become the change you want to see in the world.....which is something Ghandi said.

He said; "Be the change you want to see in the world"......how else is it going to change, eh?

Author:  Guest [ Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The coming judgements

Jesus said
He who as My disciple, who can not completely deny the world,
will not be strong in the kingdom of God, because to serve God
and the world is difficult or actually not possible at all.
Only when someone has become strong in the kingdom of God,
he can also serve everyone in a usefull and true manner.

So I try to become strong in the kingdom of God.

I am retired and today we had our little grandson 1.5 years old......that took a rather lot of energy today from us.

May be I become some day useful for you too


Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The coming judgements

We don't have ANY IDEA what Jesus really said... We know he wanted us to change our ways, but we have no idea which ones, and to what. Preaching what others SAY he said doesn't make many new believers... it merely justifies what church-whipped people who FEAR God's wrath, think they have to believe.

I was raised in that crap. I didn't believe it then, and I still don't.

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The coming judgements

Ditto from this corner of the world.


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