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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:56 pm 

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Spirituality is the foundation apon which everything right and good is built apon, without it life would be a search for something to fill thay hole in your soul, and I know we have all tried to fill it with money, toys, sex, and for me it was drugs and it worked for a small amount of time until you begin to realise that that is not the answer either.
A friend of mine who studies budhism explained it to me this way; The Self Is An Awsesome Entity. In short, there are nine aspects as ones whole self is to be in awe of ones self. In this larger contextthe self is much bigger and greater than most of us can concieve. We know the self is alive, so it grows.To have an understanding of the self as a growing entity is to know the self as energy and potential. A tiny acorn has the potential has the potential to become a mighty oak tree.
How can you be happy with you if you don't know you? And like all other forms of life we have a purpose in life.
To myself it all comes down to the spiritual self, the more we grow spiritually the more we understand who and what we are and our prpose in life, itn rally is that simple, I think many people try and complicate things thus making it so hard on themselves they begin to lose faith because they lose their spirituality. Once I begin to lose my spiritual values , begin to lose myself and i begin to have a breakdown in my moral compass and its all downhill from there. So I have learned to be vigilant in the signs of a moral beakdown and it becomes second nature to me. Thank you again for the insights and the confidence. You have the ability to help people who cannot see the forest through the trees, its a rare gift, you too are lucky to understand things, not many do. Goodbye for now, bloodbrred

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:03 pm 

Joined: Sun May 02, 2010 7:33 pm
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I used to rent a cottage in a place called Plum Island near Newburyport, Mass. It's a one way road out to not quite an island but it is surrounded by the ocean on three sides and there is a lighthouse at one end.
It has cottages which are owned mostley by wealthy people who live in another part of the country and who spend a month or 2 vacationing there in the summer, so from memorial day to labor day they are taken by the owners but come september they go back to wherever they came from and they want to rent the cottages out so someone is there in the winter so noone breaks in or the pipes do not freweze in the winter, so I used to rent one every sept. till may and the rent was like nothing 2 hundred a month to live on the beach because they needed someone there or else people would break into them and steal everything so the owners and yourself both made out good.
anyway my cottage was fairly small but comfortable, if i went out my sliding glass doors I would be right on the beach with my toes in the sand. Granted during the dead of winter it snowed every night and the wind felt like it was going to blow the place down but i would build a fire in the fireplace and look out at the violent waters and waves crashing down but I was fairly safe unless a hurricane came but once in awile a good noreaster would blow in and the wind and snow was unbelievable the place would actually shake.
My bedroom was in a loft, I had a spiral staircase and it ended in a crawlspace big enough for a bed, it was actually really cool.
O.K. now here comes some strange stuff, the cottage as I learned had once been blown out to sea and the person living there died, the place was rebuilt and that happened over 50 years ago. One night it was quiet and I would always hear noises because of the wind and such but this time it was different i heard footsteps on the staircase, it was metal so it was a distinctive sound and at first I thought it was this girl i dated on and off and she had a key so i thought it was her but when i looked down noone was on the stairs but the footsteps kept coming. o.k. mind you I can feel energy, I try and turn this off because I do not want anything to do with this so called ability and have taught myself to turn it off and i have gotten good ayt it however when something carrying a lot of energy especially negative energy i cannot turn it off actually it gets stronger very fast and i believe thats a defense mechanism by my body when it truly feels threatened so i am shaking i cannot help it and i can feel this thing trying to pull energy from me because whatever they are, humans spirits ghosts they all draw energy or try to because it makes them stronger and if they are a spirit its usually come with bad intentions because it only draws negative energy.
This has only happened to me once before and once whatever it was knew i could feel it trying to pull energy from me it fled and in all my life only once have i sensed a spirit or ghost because i think they know i can feel them so they stay away and i for one am glad i would not want to have to see spirits nope so this thing realises that it cannot draw from me and it must have made it mad because a plate broke and i felt it just leave. I was so scared and since then nothing has ever happened to me like that again
I onlt occasionally run into a person who posses the ability to drain energy from another and once they meet with resistance they stop so i am never really bothered by it any more
But i guess my point of all this was that living by the ocean and feeling so close to the sheer awsomeness of it was really humbling and spiritually it was such a great environment, I felt so in touch with some incredible power call it god call it whatever, but it was a power you could feel, feel it in your heart and soul and it was no molevelent power no fire and brimestone just love. so thats my story of living by the ocean. bloodbreed

PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:53 pm 
I just pick one chapter as an example how Jesus spoke ...then almost 2000 years ago. (There are 25 books ...each book contains 100 chapters)
New Revalation...J.Lorber The I person is Jesus

[7] I said: ‘Then let us all go to the top of your mountain and from there look at this environment that is very beautiful. Then a few things could happen there that can give us a lot of topics to think about and come to conversation.’
[8] When I expressed that wish, everybody agreed. We went on our way and we quickly arrived on the mountain, more precisely on the highest top.
[9] From there, we could soon see the big sea completely because it was a clear summer day. And we all were very pleased about this tremendous lovely sight.
[10] And Joseph himself said very emotionally: ‘Oh, if this Earth as a place of education for the children of God is already so beautiful that nothing more beautiful and lovely could be wished for, then how beautiful must be Heaven that is waiting for us after the death of this body and after the resurrection on the youngest day. Between this weary life in the body and that lovely resurrection there certainly must be a very long, lifeless dark night. But this is what I think: if someone has to stay a whole night awake, living in his body, this must seem very long to him. But if man continues to sleep the whole night long, in the morning it often will seem too short to him. And so I think that the long night will not seem too long for us at the day of the resurrection. Obviously the good God has arranged everything for the best, so that it will be for men’s happiness and greatest well being when they are keeping His commandments and have the fullest faith in Him.’
[11] Also our Greek agreed with the opinion of the old Joseph, but he still asked Me what I had to say on that.
[12] And I said: ‘Yes, yes, these are really nice and wise sounding words. It was a very good image, but the only thing that is wrong with it, is that it is not as true as it sounds and as it is so nicely and solemnly expressed. But now that I am with you, why are you not asking Me how it will be with the life of the soul after the death of the body? I surely will know it better than you. However I know nothing about an almost centuries-old night of death of the soul after the falling away of the body. The moment that the heavy body will fall off from you, you will be immediately in the resurrection and will continue to live and work eternally, that means, if in the eyes of God you will leave this world as a righteous person.
[13] However, if in the eyes of God you die as an unrighteous person, then surely a very long night between the death of your body and your true resurrection will follow. But it is not as if you will not be aware of it. The soul is indeed aware of it, and that will be a real and long lasting death of the soul. Because a death where the soul has no knowledge of, would not be a real death for him. However, the death of which he will be aware in the kingdom of the impure spirits, will be a great pain and torment for him. Look, this is how it will be. And now that you know that, next time you should think and speak more clearly and more according to the truth. And if you know nothing about it, you should ask Me, so that by your words you should not fall into all kinds of wrong ideas. Remember this well, all of you.’
[14] Then the Greek said: ‘Yes, this is how it is and so it also must be, and at no time can it be different. But now that we are enjoying such a lovely view – and apparently this is only seen by our living and feeling soul through the eyes of the body as if through a pair of windows of his temporary living walking house, which we call body – and the soul himself thinks about it and is fully enjoying this loveliness, the question arises if the soul will also be able to see and evaluate this world and its beauty after the falling away of the body, that means if he would be somewhere on the face of this Earth. What can You, godly young Man, give as clarification?’
[15] I said: ‘The soul of a complete and righteous person will not only be able to see this whole Earth thoroughly and entirely and be able to evaluate about everything very clearly and completely, but about endlessly much more, because this Earth is not alone in the endless space of creation. There are infinitely much more, and which are also much bigger, and there are also as many corresponding ones in the kingdom of the pure spirits.
[16] But man can only have a clear notion of it when he receives understanding from God’s Spirit in the heart of his soul and has proceeded to a wider view.
[17] In short, the complete soul can do everything, but the incomplete soul, who is spiritually blind, will not be able to see anything else than the empty and absurd products of his proud fantasy. But if another soul, also in the other life, without body, will examine himself and possibly will become better, by that he will turn to a clearer view into greater truth, but by a way that lasts longer and is much more difficult than here. And now you also know that which is most necessary. Believe that it is so and not otherwise and keep the commandments, then you will become complete in your soul.’
[18] Then the Greek said: ‘This I am now also believing, without any doubt, and I am convinced that it is so, but we Greeks are still lacking a correct and true picture of the shape and form of a soul. Could you perhaps also still tell us something about that?’
[19] I said: ‘Yes, of course. Whatever is good for you, I always like to do. Look, the soul has the same shape and form as his body, but much more complete. However, I am only talking here about a complete soul. He has everything what his body had, but of course and obviously for much different purposes. However, his spiritual body is not matter but pure substance.
[20] And the substance is like the light that comes from the sun, which with respect to matter seems to be completely nothing, and still it is the raw material of matter, without being one and the same, because all primitive matter is free and unbound. And so, now you also know this.
[21] And in order that you would be able to have a much clearer idea of it, I am pointing out to you that you remember apparitions of deceased people, who at certain times you have often seen and even spoken to. Did they look different than during their life?’
[22] The Greek said: ‘Yes, yes, only now I realize completely that in everything You have spoken the full truth. Very often I have had such apparitions, even talked to different deceased ones and was even instructed by them in many things, and I have never seen them differently than in a perfect human shape. Therefore, I thank you for this explanation.’
[23] Also Joseph and James gave the same witness, which the same James who is here as My disciple can confirm now.
[24] While the sun had gone down during My teaching, we all left happy and cheerful the beautiful height and went to the house of the Greek where already a well prepared evening meal was waiting for us, which we also then consumed with a good appetite. After that, we went immediately to rest, of which especially Joseph had great need.


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