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Author:  david barclay [ Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:18 am ]
Post subject:  Denial

Denial may be the greatest threat to the security of our planet.

How could the New World Order achieve their goals without denial on the part of the masses?

The simple answer is they could not.......denial is a prerequisite to a one world government.

So what are we in denial about?

Just about everything that really matters by the look of it, as we have been conditioned to reject anything suggesting an organized conspiracy intent on manipulating the outcome of world events, local events or personal events.

If you do some research on the origins and practices of the False Memory Organization you will find that it was started with seed money from the CIA.

Their main thrust is to deny the validity of adults or children remembering or reporting childhood abuse and or ritual abuse torture. And to date they have done a bang up job of it.

But denial is not limited to any one area as it encompasses almost every aspect of our modern existence.

You will notice that the really bad people in the world are always over there.

We have the war on terror, which is being fought against people situated half way around the world, about as far from home as one can get. This suggests that the threat of terror originates far from home, which keeps us from looking closer to home for the origins of terror.

We deny our governments involvement in instigating terror attacks on its own citizens, but seldom do we consider the simple fact that denial is a fear based response.

Denial is a product of fear. So in order to effectively generate denial there must first be a fear factor involved, because our natural instinct is to want to feel safe. And denial provides us with that sense of safety, even though it is a false sense of safety.

If we are in denial we are in trouble......serious trouble, because we have allowed fear to blind us to the reality that surrounds us. A reality which may very well be detrimental to our health and well being, the safety of our children and the well being of our elders.

Denial is far too important a topic to be overlooked.

Author:  Timbit [ Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Denial

Denial is a fear based response, and knowing that we all possess that 'quality' to some degree, also implies it is a survival tool as well.

As much as our survival depends upon knowing we are in denial, or choosing to be in denial, or kept in a state of denial by accident or on purpose, the other, perhaps more important aspect of a fear response, is to fight.

What keeps us in denial could be based on so many factors in addition to fear. Knowledge, reality, meaning, coping, interpretation, prejudice, religion, illness, emotional baggage, not to mention learned behaviours with negative consequences when fear is faced. Once burned, twice shy.

Perhaps denial is also a factor with some positive attributes as well. Not necessarily dumbing down a population at will in order to control as you imply, but more a state of measured apathy, willingly done, in order to maintain some form of personal resolve in order to fight if need be.

Maybe we dont' give enough credit to the strength of human character. If push came to shove, well......have you ever messed with a mother protecting her children?

In other words, if what you say is true, and we are in denial, eventually those that seek to take advantage of that very state, may very well themselves, be inviting the fight response when it becomes a survival tool, and is realized.


Author:  david barclay [ Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Denial

Thanks for that Tim, gives us a different angle to investigate.

During the years of WWII when Jews were being persecuted across most of Europe and elsewhere in the world, denial played a key roll in the organized evacuation of Jews to concentration camps where millions were slaughtered in an orderly manner.

How could this happen and how could they allow themselves, in such vast numbers, to be so methodically subdued into offering little or no resistance.

Denial played a key roll.......it can't be true, no one would do this to us, I refuse to believe such horrible lies.

But they were made to live in fear and that fear allowed them to deny the possibility that they were being evacuated not for their own safety but to be put to death.

The extreme nature of the Shoah allowed it to be denied in the minds of its victims right up until the moment they realized it was too late to run or fight.

Perhaps this is an extreme example, but extremes provide ample support for denial.

Taken beyond the range of anything normal, beyond the range of normal comprehension denial can be very effective in hiding a very real and present danger.

Denial allows the danger to appear unreal. Reality can appear as fiction, an unbelievable truth.

Things too horrible to consider are easily denied.

To suggest that denial might lead to anger and a willingness to fight is only valid in a very limited sense, as most would rather hold on to their denial. At least that is what history teaches us.

Why is this important today? Because the majority of the population accept denial as a normal state of mind. You only have to examine the evidence related to 9/11 to see how this works.

Denial allows the guilty to go free and innocent victims pay the piper.

How easily we accept the easy way out of danger.......to simply deny its existence.

Or as in the case of 9/11 a fictional perpetrator is invented to take the blame. A scapegoat is created to take the heat, which most willingly accept without question.

But, in a very general sense the majority choose denial. No fight, no resistance.

Of course we can plead ignorance......we don't know what the truth is until someone in authority tells us the truth. In which case you place your personal safety in the hands of someone other than yourself and deny responsibility for whatever might result.

Author:  Timbit [ Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Denial

On such a large scale as the holocaust, with millions of victims, it is a double edged sword. People elected him as their leader, and trusted what he had to say. No single person could have predicted what he had in mind for world domination, and the death and destruction he meticulously planned and carried out, in order to achieve his goals.

With tomorrrow being Remembrance Day, we would all be wise to reflect on the fact that this part of all our histories, could very well repeat itself. Massive armies in N. Korea, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., follow the same disregard for human life, in order to achieve power and control over millions of people. We will probably never know in our lifetime how many have been executed because they didn't fit with the plans of the leaders.

But, the world did respond to the victims of Hitler. Canada was one of many nations that did rise to the challenge to defeat Hitler. At some point, denial turned into fight, and history is what it is because of those facing their own fears, and choosing not to live in denial of what was going on. Had the world continued to live in a state of denial, God only knows how far Hitler would have gone.

And here we are in 2008 still fighting against oppressed nations' armies, such as in Afghanistan, and somehow the world has reversed the denial of what is going on there, by thinking that those trying to liberate populations of millions, are now the enemy. We deny the threat of radical Islamics, totalitarian regimes, and communist countries, who essentially operate under the same basic premise of domination and control of their people that Hitler did. But, on the other hand, we have somehow become sympathetic to those that torture, kill, mutilate, rape and plunder at will, and those fighting that control, are seen as the enemy.

So, I ask you, who is in denial now. As we contribute with our apathy and denial, the control only
only increases and spreads. There is no outrage for human rights abuses. We deny it. There is no demand for strong leadership to address corruption. We deny it. There is not even a demand to address the plight of millions upon millions who are executed and wiped out by tribal wars, we deny that too.

In our comfortable homes with three squares a day, and our 1.2 children and clean water coming out of our taps, we deny that reality even exists for good chunks of the worlds' populations, let alone attempt to understand and support those wishing to actually DO something about it.

So is it our leaders that provide fertile ground for us to feel safe and secure from facing our denial of the cold hard truths of this world? Or are they merely a reflection of all of us.


Author:  david barclay [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Denial

As always you make some excellent points Tim.

I started this thread with an intention to address a single word; denial, but I can see its much bigger than that.

Perhaps there is a lot more to it than one single word.

Maybe its a case of too many people who do have a comfortable life not caring about all those who do not and the have nots are many more than the have gots.

It's not for lack of resources, but a lack of resolve to do something about the situation.

But it has to start at home, we have to have our own house in order and we do not have our house in order, its a mess.

The CIA recently declassified another huge chunk of material related to human experimentation and in amongst that pile of paper was a letter suggesting they keep it all quiet for fear of the US government being embarrassed.......embarrassed? Good grief, I think they should be darn well ashamed of themselves.

But they only did it to protect us from the big bad Russians, but when you look at that one carefully you have to wonder if the cold war was not one big scam, which got carried away to the point of coming so close to taking a good chunk of the earth's geography and redistributing it in space.

For at least the last eight years we have GB playing global policeman and leading us all down the garden path. And if he thought he could get away with nuking Iran he would have done it.

Yes, Canada gave more perca-pita than any other country during WWII, but our leadership betrayed all those who gave their best by coveting the enemy and many of their methods in order to further their own distorted agenda.

Unfortunately you cannot erase history, but you can do something about today and tomorrow and that is the critical point......are we going to be part of the solution or are we going to continue to be part of the problem.

Denying the mistakes of yesterday creates a distorted view of what we might believe to be possible or impossible to achieve in the future. Each of us, if we do in fact believe in our own freedom and rights, should know (or have some foggy idea) exactly where we stand in terms of our national standards of ethics, justice and moral resolve whereby we might strive for a better world.

Political propaganda is not going to do the job, it takes honesty, compassion and a true sense of justice for all, without bigotry or prejudice against any man, woman or child.

No one is more entitled to life than any other. Life is sacred, all life is sacred without reservation or exception.

The big question I believe is this; Do we honour money (and all that money can buy) or do we honour life?

To deny the fact that people are starving to death, to deny that war destroys the lives or more innocent civilians than soldiers, to deny our world is in a dire state, to deny that the misery and suffering of the have nots provides and maintains our high on the hog standard of living, to deny that children are paying the price for our personal indulgences etc. etc. etc. and so on is wrong.

Denial is not a solution or an answer........but it does provide for a self serving purpose, it keeps us from facing our failure to stand and deliver at the risk of personal adversity and hardship.

I've said it before and I say it again.......Love is a dynamic force of strength that can change the world......Love is the answer....the antidote to hatred and all that hatred brings.

Author:  Timbit [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Denial

Do you think that Obama is intrinsically a different type of person? Do you think that he has a special gift that goes beyond a basic understanding of human nature, and knows that it does indeed take strong, honest character and leadership to change the world? Do you think that it is by accident that so many throughout the world have been rejoicing over the idea that peace can come to us all?

Do you think people are motivated to address denial, if they are led to believe in a cause of justice? Do you think that, given the tools, we can overcome and face our fear?

I am curious as to thoughts about this state of denial we have all been sucked into, and if the recent election of Obama may just break that bubble somewhat?


Author:  david barclay [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Denial

Obama yes, he is a different kind of person, no argument there.

But why is Bush acting like so much of a gentleman and offering so much cooperation? Bush is not a gentleman and he is normally uncooperative. So what gives?

My fear about Obama is that he is being set up to take the heat for things that have yet to surface. And of course this is pure speculation on my part.

But Obama becoming the president elect is not a singular event isolated from the stream of history which is unfolding before our very eyes. He is simply another part of the puzzle.

I trust my instincts and my instincts tell me something is wrong with the picture.

Just look at the two clowns the Republicans ran against him. Palin was insurance, to ensure that Obama would win and win he did. So you have to ask yourself how serious were they about winning this election? Or are they saving better candidates for a future election?

Sure it sounds a bit nuts, but time will tell just how nuts it really is.

The American economy is in a melt down mode, which is not an accident. And it is going to melt down. You can't fix the holes in the economy by printing more money because all that gets you is deeper into the hole.

The US dollar is supported by nothing more or less than confidence. If that confidence fades or fails, so will the value of American currency.

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