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13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart
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Author:  Tweaked [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart


Girl wins right to refuse heart

Father Andrew Jones supports his daughter's decision

A terminally ill girl has won the right to refuse treatment after a hospital ended its bid to force her to have a heart transplant.

Herefordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) dropped a High Court case after a child protection officer said Hannah Jones was adamant she did not want surgery.

Entire story at link.

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

There has to be much, much more to this story.

I can't believe a child of age 12 could make a decision on her own, and be mature enough to be considered an adult.

If one of mine, at age 12, had a chance at a normal life following a heart transplant, and they didn't want the surgery- they would have the surgery anyway.

Not withstanding the fact that his/her feelings wouldn't be taken into account, and measures would be taken appropriate for any parent dealing with such a situation with a child, but to allow the child to make the decision?

What is the world coming to.


Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

Twelve is the Age of Accountability, according to Biblical Doctrine.

This is a hard case to judge, because the child could be far more mature than her age, and we don't know how much medical treatment she's had to endure. Sometimes "children" are more in tune with reality than adults, because they haven't lived enough of Life to become jaded.

There was a case here in the States, about three years ago; a 15-year-old boy had undergone two unsuccessful rounds of chemo therapy for some kind of cancer, and he didn't want another round, which is what the State was recommending. He refused it, and his parents agreed with him, but the State said it was going to remove the child from his parents' custody and force him to take the third round, anyway, so they fled to Mexico. The U.S. Federal Court system somehow got involved, and the Mexican Authorities apprehended them and extradited them back to the U.S.

Eventually the 15-year-old won the right to make his own decision; he was granted emancipation because he demonstrated the maturity to control his own Destiny.

I realize twelve is quite a bit younger than 15, but at 12 years old I was wise far beyond my years, and I emancipated myself when I was 14, because my grandmother hadn't shown the ability to understand and make proper decisions in a post 1906 environment. (We're talking 1960, here!) I was allowed to choose my own clothes, cut my hair, socialize with other people my own age... the only thing I couldn't do was move out.

So perhaps this girl has had enough of medical treatments, has a loving relationship with her family, and all she is asking is to NOT be traumatized any further by more surgery and life-long medications. I just don't know...

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

Perhaps it does have something to do with religion in that family, I never thought of that.

I can see a fight not to go through a second heart transplant, but, for the parents to concede to the decision of a 12 year old is unfathomable to me.

At age 12, I'd consider letting my kid go to the mall with her friends for a few hours, or decide on math or biology for her highschool classes, or be tolerant of her premenstral mood swings, and developing independence.

But, I wouldn't let her drive the car, get a tatoo, date a 27 year old biker, or backpack through Mexico. Why would I allow her to decide whether she is going to live or die.

She's not an adult, that's why I'd make the call. Subsequent surgeries for a second transplant, or other serious illness, even at age 15 or 16 I'd certainly be more sympathetic to her wishes.

From what little the article tells us, all systems, including the parental ones, have let this little girl down.


Author:  david barclay [ Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

I don't think we have the whole story......but, I would give the surgery the nod if it was up to me.

Life is sacred and precious, you don't turn a chance at life down.

Obviously if she needs a new heart her life has not been all fun and games, and she may have no idea of what life might be like with a new heart.

Something or someone has to be coloring the picture or distorting the outcome of a successful surgery.

If there is a chance for a relatively normal life.......the no vote doesn't fly.

Author:  Timbit [ Fri Nov 14, 2008 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

I do hope that as time goes on they reconsider.

Very sad.


Author:  m3_shall [ Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

I wonder how long would the transplant heart would have survived, sometimes the body can reject them. She was brave to face death.

Author:  david barclay [ Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

With today's surgical techniques and medications rejection of the new heart is highly unlikely.

And it could have added many years to her young life.

Brave is not a word I would use here, it does not apply.

Anyone who takes the nearest exit is not brave, the brave ones keep fighting because they want to live and they want to survive no matter how grim things get or how slim the odds may appear to be.

Author:  m3_shall [ Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

I agree. But to have a healthy debate.... ;)

My nanna... she had to face death. She was dying.... there was no other option. I thought she was brave. She held on, but didn't shed a tear.... she had faith in Jesus. Well she kept saying that she did.

I suppose given an option, most people would take the rescue approach... and have the heart operation... and it would appear selfish for her not to do so. As she is choosing to leave ppl that love her sooo much. But why was her choice so wrong?

Author:  Timbit [ Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 13-Yr.-Old Chooses Death over New Heart

13 year olds are not mature enough, intellectually, to understand that they aren't yet ready to make adult decisions. Remember she was 12 when she made the decision not to have the heart transplant.

It would be iffy at that age even to allow her to be responsible to babysit. Or even be allowed to stay alone at home for a weekend alone if the parents went out of town. That she made a decision of such huge proportions as to live or die, as a child, is really out of whack here.

13 year olds have all the answers, as anyone with a young teen knows. Until they change their mind, which could be seconds after they were sure they were absolutely, without a doubt, right. They can appear to be older, physically, and behave as though they are, but can we trust them to go to a nightclub, drive a car, be responsible enough to choose to have a baby, hold down a job?

Had the parents not entertained the idea of allowing the decision to be made by a 13 year old, this would have not even made the headlines. It is unconscionable to me that they would assist in the death of their young child.

I really do think there is more to the story than what we know. God help us all if there isn't. If this was simply a matter of choosing to live vs. choosing to die, and the parents allow her to die, then they should be held criminally responsible. I would be seriously considering their capacity as to their understanding of what they are doing. Surely there must be a few screws either missing, or lost here.


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