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PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:30 pm 

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Fearless here, I think we are dealing with a whole new generation of kids today. Take for example, when I was growing up and we would race home from school to play ball or go fishing or ride dirt bikes and it didn't matter what time of year it was, our moms or dads had to literaly drag us inside at nite. The kids today seldom even go outside, where as we never were inside.
We had fights but we didn't shoot at each other.
I was no angel far from it, wore the leather jacket, had a peiced ear, drank beer at an early age smoked cigarettes too,but I still never crossed the line and tried to kill anyone or was out robbing people. I even started using hard drugs at an early age, but still I kept my morals that I was taught growing up by my mother and granparents who I was close to.
But the point I am making is we are dealing with a whole new breed of kids these days and I have seen it all pretty much and they scare me o.k. It only seems to get worse everyday and a lot of it is these kids were never taught good morals or just ignored them due to many factors, one being the intense peer pressure that is put on some of these kids, its either fit in or be ostricised, but I was a screw up but never lost sight of my morals as a human being. fearless

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:10 pm 
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You're right - today's kids are much different. Some of them are much smarter than we were, and some are being raised by people who weren't given much instruction when they were little... so parenting skills are lacking, and today's kids will be the 2nd or 3rd generation of amorality or just plain ignorance and instability.

The economy will also add to the devastation of the present generation.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:42 pm 

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coberst wrote:
Science of Morality, Anyone?

Where, in American culture, is the domain of knowledge that we would identify as morality studied and taught?

I suspect that if we do not quickly develop a science of morality that will make it possible for us to live together on this planet in a more harmonious manner our technology will help us to destroy the species and perhaps the planet soon.

It seems to me that we have given the subject matter of morality primarily over to religion. It also seems to me that if we ask the question ‘why do humans treat one another so terribly?’ we will find the answer in this moral aspect of human culture.

The ‘man of maxims’ “is the popular representative of the minds that are guided in their moral judgment solely by general rules, thinking that these will lead them to justice by a ready-made patent method, without the trouble of exerting patience, discrimination, impartiality—without any care to assure themselves whether they have the insight that comes from a hardly-earned estimate of temptation, or from a life vivid and intense enough to have created a wide fellow-feeling with all that is human.” George Eliot The Mill on the Floss

I agree to the point of saying that we have moral instincts, i.e. we have moral emotions. Without these moral emotions we could not function as social creatures. These moral emotions are an act of evolution. I would ague that the instinct for grooming that we see in monkeys is one example of this moral emotion.

We can no longer leave this important matter in the hands of the Sunday-school. Morality must become a top priority for scientific study.

Interesting question and post, and I agree totally with them, coberst. I also agree with Tweaked that folks with disfunctional consciences actually comprise an absolute minority of mankind, yet they have a humongous and very bad effect on our societies, the source of the most serious crimes.

Good news, morality does get scientific attention, from for instance Evolutionary Psychology. I can recommend Steven Pinker's work, especially if you are a strong/patient reader, linked here: The Blank Slate. And his ideas are nothing like Sunday school by the way.


PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:13 pm 

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I total agree that today's kids and not grown up well they lack social and civics sense

PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 8:32 pm 

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I cannot believe the depravity and lack of any kind of remorse or concience that exists in our world today. I have been watching these shoes on discovery channel and they are all about true cases ofeverything from serial ,illers to child murders etc. Actually I can't watch these shows anymore my girlfeind watches them all the time but I simply cannot deal with knowing all this stuff and the true extent of evil that exists in our world and what people are capable of.
Evil is so right in our faces and your right we could be living next to someone so messed up and not even know it. There is no morality in many people and it scares me and I have been places that would scare people to death but these people scare me more than anything.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:26 pm 

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Sometimes I think the media has a lot to answer for for making us aware of the horrors of life and then I realize that if it is to ever change even minutely we must at first learn of it's existance.
It is sickening what human beings are capable of. I'm guilty of wanting to bury my head in the sand so that I can't see what's going on.
I really do feel nauseated when I see or hear about these things and wonder what on earth could I do to stop it from happening. I've come to the conclusion that all I can do is not be like that myself and teach my children and grandchildren not to be like that and express my contempt for people who are like that and even if it is only in my own little family group I make sure everyone knows it will not be accepted or tollerated.
Hopefully if we all do that and all our own little groups get to band together then hopefully we can keep it away from our own doorsteps and be an example for others to live by.

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