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Ken Welch shares his analysis and predictions for the Human
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Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Nov 11, 2009 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Ken Welch shares his analysis and predictions for the Human


Ken Welch in Houston, TX
Nov. 5, 2009

After working with Reversed Speech on government officials for more than ten years I can tell you that there is indeed a long-running plan to dissolve the Federal government and remake the world into what you might call a global corporate feudalism. This plan is coming to its climax right now. Although the final moves have been postponed several times, all indications are that there can be no more delays, and a global killer pandemic is the first step in that plan.

You are getting a lot of scare stories from the media (and the Pentagon’s billion dollar Internet propaganda machine) about the Swine Flu. But the swine flu is a joke, and almost everyone knows it. The real pandemic is still seven to ten weeks away.

We’ve recently learned the secret behind the Swine Flu Vaccine that is being pushed so strongly on the public. While the vaccine may make you sick, its real purpose is to greatly increase the fast-kill mechanism of the pandemic still to come. Worse yet, the vaccine is being used to target specific groups of people who are simply not welcome in our brave new world. In the USA these include Blacks, American Indians, and Baby Boomers.

ENTIRE ARTICLE at the link.

NOTE: I can't say that I believe he's right... but, sadly, I can't say he's a lunatic, either.

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