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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:59 am 
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It sickens me that there are more cases of animal abuse, and people abuse, than there are GOOD stories in the news.

Oh, yes ... I know the GOOD news is there, somewhere, but few of us hear of it.

There are Random Acts of Kindness going on around us, every day -- but they pale in comparison to the cases of murder, sacrifice, and other forms of bloodshed. It's as if we're being CONDITIONED to believe that chaos is the NORM, and reasonably peaceful periods of time are practically non-existent and irrelevant.

But I find the way we abuse animals - creatures who are wild OR domestic - it makes me wonder:

Why do people still hunt for the thrill of killing something when they don't need to eat it, or use the hide, or sell the hide to survive a Winter?

Why do gangs require an initiate to go out and "kill someone -- ANYone..." to be jumped into the fold?

Why do we have internet hunting -- where for a fee you can sit at home in your underwear and use your cursor to pinpoint the animal you want to kill... and with a click of your mouse, VOILA! It's dead ... and YOU scored 500 points! The animal is still dead...

Why do we bring an endangered species back -- only to open up hunting season on them again -- to keep their population under control?

Why aren't OUR populations being controled -- by US? Why are we being brainwashed to believe that euthanasia and abortion are such sins ... that stem cell research is such an abomination ... and yet when we get too many people we seem to have to send a lot of them off to war to be blown up or sent home with maimings and PTSD? And the rest who are never found? Dust to dust? or Earth to ship?

Many of these missing people we keep hearing about is what our government is DOING to us -- by bad food, bad drugs, bad healthcare; chemtrails, flu shots, and bad decisions. Are we being "sacrificed" for the sake of an Aliens-Earth Treaty that we can't prove yet, as well? And is it really a sacrifice? Are those of us who disappear up "happier" than when they were down here fighting to survive each and every day with the rest of us?

Is it nurture or nature that requires some people to take pride in a bull fight, a cock fight, a dog/hog match, or a pit bull ring? And does it mean they value life so little, they see no difference between another humans\'s and some animal they've bred to control, to watch win or die?

Once in a while there's a pinch of justice: READ ON!

07-19) 14:18 PDT Ventura, Calif. (AP) --

An arrest was made Thursday in the vicious attack on Bob, a 42-pound pet tortoise who was slashed and stabbed after being stolen from the home of an autistic boy.

Police said the attacker tried to cut Bob out of his shell. His hind legs were badly cut, his neck was slashed and his shell was punctured with a sharp object. The animal also was thrown against a wall, police said.

Jose "Tony" Mosqueda, 18, of Ventura, was booked at the county jail for investigation of cruelty to animals and grand theft.

It is believed he acted alone, police said.

"It's a good feeling. It's kind of neat," Sgt. Jack Richards said. "It just really pulled at some heartstrings and it's good to have someone in custody."

Witnesses to the torture provided information that helped lead to the arrest, Richards said.

Two rewards totaling $3,500 had been offered for help with an arrest and missing tortoise fliers were posted throughout the area, but Richards said he didn't know if that contributed to the arrest.

The 25-year-old African spurred tortoise belongs to Dorothy and Bill Sullivan and is a special friend to their 6-year-old autistic son, who rarely spoke to people but chattered to the animal.

The tortoise was snatched from their yard on July 7, brutalized and dumped in brush behind an apartment complex.

An anonymous caller told the family where to find Bob.
Police declined to discuss a motive, but Richards said it didn't appear the attacker wanted to eat Bob.

The tortoise was being treated at Turtle Dreams, a Montecito rehabilitation center. He remained in guarded condition and was being fed through a tube in his neck.
"He's getting more relaxed and coming out of his shell" more often, said Jeanie Vaughan, the center's owner. "If he continues without any infection, I think he's going to be fine."

Police advised the Sullivans of the arrest. "They were just very thankful. They're looking forward to their tortoise coming back to full health," Detective Sgt. Rick Murray said.

"She's very excited, Dorothy is," Richards said. "She's asking what she can bring me and the detectives — candy, cookies."

Bob's plight made headlines across the country and prompted a flood of calls from people wanting to help.

"I'm still getting 25 calls a day from people all over the nation: New Jersey, Montana, Arizona. I can name almost every state," Richards said.

Another sicko bites the dust.


Once in a while we get some GOOD news... Three CHEERS for the tortoise.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

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