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a turkish patriot problem
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Author:  orangekea [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:23 pm ]
Post subject:  a turkish patriot problem

A Dutch Patriot battery, protecting Adana, on the Turkish-Syrian border from January 26, is the first of six anti-missile systems provided by NATO.

Dutch media show the Dutch intelligence agencies and police catching on, from the inside out. If you missed it, The Netherlands is assisting Turkey, a NATO partner, by manning a number of our Patriot batteries, ground-to-air missile defense, at the Turkish border with Syria. In case sumtin gets lobbed over from that Syrian revolutionary confusion.

Now just last Friday, Feb 1, a group called DHKP/C, short for Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Partisi/Cephesi translated as the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front carried out the suicide attack at the Ankara U.S Embassy. Turkish intelligence indicate that the order came from, of all places, The Netherlands, my country. It seems we have a few dozen of these extremist Marxist/Leftist haters of western style Democracies over here, and they've gone full active. High time for the Dutch, Americans and all westerners living in or travelling to Turkey to pay attention.

"Get the hell out with your bases, your missiles and your Patriots, this is our Fatherland" summarizes their mission statement, which implies a threat made to the lives of American and Dutch military personnel, and civilians.

Seen in this light, the murder of US tourist Sarai Sierra, mother of two young boys, reportedly stabbed in the abdomen and struck in the head, might be considered for more than some aberrant act of street robbery or violence against women. Mrs. Sierra was walking Istanbul taking photos (to be published on Instagram) of the city and its inhabitants in January, at a time when the Dutch installed their Patriot missile defense system on Turkish border land. Nobody may have realized that right then the DHKP/C took this as a provocation and OCCUPATION of Turkey, their 'puppet' government as usual collaborating with the West. This revolutionary group went to war, meaning traditionally terrorism and assassinations. Sarai Sierra, innocently taking her pics of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in their warlike mindset, easily could have been mistaken for a western spy and disposed of accordingly.


Sarai Sierra innocently walked beautiful Istanbul, shooting her pictures, just as the DHKP/C went to war against westerners.

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