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Mr Obama, be very careful!
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Author:  dad [ Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Mr Obama, be very careful!

Please don't shake hands to those who are not recognized and not elected by citizens! This is the way of that person arriving to the White House (Renzi)! He never was elected by citizens, but forced elections with a criminal president (now dismissed). I feel to suggest to Mr Obama to be very careful and every time after a meeting of that kind, be sure to have the 2 hands again... 'cause they are specialized in robberies and he could have a very bad surprise. This puppet, if moved in your country, would totally destroy the democracy, as is doing in Italy. He moves only in relation to banks and political corruption, and own interests, just as other before him did and finally have been dismissed. A person able to steal money from disabled peoples, and send that money in foundations of his property, how do you call him in your country? Would you keep him at Government? Surely not, but here he is doing what he wants, and not respecting our Constitution, so he is a criminal accepted by other criminals. Italian government is made, in large part, by criminals, for this we suggest to all to be careful and reminding that every thing they will decide wil be between them and the subject they had to do with, surely not with the population 'cause we don't recognize them and the false arrogated power that they use.

Author:  dad [ Thu May 28, 2015 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mr Obama, be very careful!

And the today's news are saying what I said time ago, also if only in "soccer language". Are you happy with this other corruption made also in sport? This only a stair of what we are rejecting as not wanted, but they still pretending be in law. What do you call a person who get power in a nation without be elected by peoples? It was long ago that happened for the first time and toke all world to war... now they are repeating the story...
As I wrote be careful to those you shake hands, especially if coming from my country. So you will destroy the criminal soccer forgetting that it comes from politicians?
It will be a "nothing done". I can't believe that you support a criminal policy!


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