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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:32 am 

Joined: Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:37 am
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The poorer people need education and medical aid and food.

They don't ask for new cars, t.v's, ipods, mobile phones, internets, new hair do's, beer.....

Just basic needs.... that we take for granted and in most richer countries over indulge.... look at our waistlines for example.

I am no more than a grain of sand

PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:11 am 
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What drives me absolutly over the edge is the waste in this country. Billions of tons of food a week. Wasted. Yes we take everything for granted and deserve NOTHING.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 5:44 pm 
The NWO has complete power over all media, banks, and most of the heads of all major govts. There mission is world control...they have brainwashed you into thinking one big nice govt to help everyone with there nice big army... Please. These people WANT to eliminate 70 to 80 % of the population to extend the resources on earth for their use. They will get the "Amero" currency established in the N America's after the final collapse of our dollar. And the cows will go along with it because its " good for the country" ... Bull! Its all about control.They need to get all the currencies the same so they can control the worth of the dollar and raise and lower its value to suits its needs.
Look Up Eugenics and you'll see 3 presidents openly supported it b4 Hitler went to far and ruined it for them, there population control is now sold as Planned Parenthood. They want to stop the"poor" and "inferior races" from overpopulating the planet. I believe there gonna use Pres Obama to incite the Afican Americans into a riot then start the round up to FEMA concentration camps which there over 500 of in the us at last count. I think theyll assasinate him planting a white supremecist type and cause a race riot, then marshal law is called for , thus giving FEMA COMPLETE control of the govt. Then the terror begins.
Did you Know
In 2007 a bill was signed allowing for the first time since the 1800's that the Military can be used vs. the American public for emergency reasons?
That it is ILLEGAL to hoard more than 2 weeks of food, and that during a FEMA take over you could be jailed and have your food taken by FORCE for the govt?
That Supposedly (unconfirmed) that 1000's of steel box cars are being made, they contain 135 sets of shackles welded inside?
the Huge amount of 3 man caskets being held in the midwest for FEMA Emergency?
That there's a bill , that makes it illegal to protest vs. the govt. making it an act of terror, which they can immediately arrest you?
Check out "FEMA's new toy" video? What is this thing going to be used for? its supposed to be a MUle and carry stuff, but its payload is only 200 to 300 pounds? helicoptors or wheeled tr4ansport would be much more useful, But they would make nice search drones if armed with heatseeking tech, and guns.
Pretty much i'm saying, sure the rothchilds family alone with their 500 trillion dollar family worth could fix the whole worlds problems them selves... But you have to see that they are the people who make the problems for their own private needs. They and other rich elite's fund both sides of a war to kill each other then take parts of the plunders after wards. They control the copyrights to the very seeds that feed the World, making some seeds tolerant to only certain condtions thus owning that type of produce. They make it so to own a house or a car, you have to pay 2 to 3 times what the original cost was, thus making them twice as rich every time anyone buys anything! Even if half the world united today and revolted against these few Elites ( tri lateral commision, Council foreign Relations, Bilderburg) they would have armys soldiers at their command, they would retreat into bunkers so far that it would take nukes to breach into them. we are powerless against them. except we can at least Know what to look for
Their new ploy is the second hippy movement The greenies. One world love, one army-no more wars...global warming is a great ploy for there funding into their new power of choice, even though we have had to straight years of colder weather. and have never even beaten the all time heat record set... about a decade ago? Its all fear and that's their power. that in ignorance of them even really being.
wake up its happening, look around the world is fighting, its starving, its breaking apart a lil more everyday. and most of the cows keep looking at the ground, chewing their grass.
read up on who is involved in the NWO and what his agenda is. The Bush family, the Clinton family, The Rothchild's family, the Rockafeller family, Chenney, Almost all Media sources are their mouth piece of propaganda. The Roths Own Reuters, and AP... all media gets its info from these sources? SO if they want YOU to think one way they right an article and submit it as fact. then all the media rewrite the source and feed it to us as fact! THINK FOR YOURSELF AND THE FACTS COMEOUT!

Believe me i'm a level headed family man, who never in my live thought i would say this but.

The End of life as we now it might be coming. if not from this NWO maybe some other Catastrophe that's is making these elites take action now more than ever. Search the web for FEMA camps, Food shortage, NWO, Oil reserves shortage, and what might be the silly but maybe scary Niburu. Could be nothing...but most people in germany thought Hitlers was a pretty ok guy... till the doors starting getting kicked in and people taken into the night. It has Happened before, and is happening somewhere in the world right now. DO you think it could never happem here? Ask the japanese that were rounded up during WW2 if they tought it was coming?

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