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Author:  david barclay [ Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr. Judy Woods - website for Conspiracy Buffs

It has occurred to me that there was something else involved in 9/11.

The impossible demonstration of the two planes slicing through concrete and steel could have been accomplished by way of holographs.

Taking into account there was a major military exercise in progress at the time I am suggesting that this was a multilevel event. The testing of a holographic system causing people on the ground to believe planes actually hit the towers.

Now take this one step further and imagine a flock of UFOs coming into view by way of the same process and you have a UFO attack. Run for cover and hide the cow.

At the same time a weapons test was being conducted whereby steel and concrete buildings are turned to dust...not rubble but dust, most of which either evaporated or blew away, while the engines from cars and fire engines vanished into thin air.

I would say these tests were very successful.

Not one flight recorder was recovered and not one body of the alleged passengers and crew. And on top of this not one of the titanium jet engines or parts thereof.

Holographic planes and saucers......shock and stun um and they wont know what happened.

Author:  david barclay [ Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr. Judy Woods - website for Conspiracy Buffs

So now we know, through a process of conjecture, why it was necessary for the buildings to be completely destroyed and rendered into dust.....this was a way of covering up the phantom planes which were actually 3D holographic images projected onto a clear blue background.

They knew before they started that there would be no titanium engine parts at the scene of the crime if they were holographic images, so they get around that problem by making sure there is nothing much left of the buildings either.

Keep in mind that what we saw on television...planes slicing through concrete and steel, was and is impossible to duplicate or even explain, never mind the nose of the plane coming out the other side of the building and suddenly retreating back inside.

No actual passenger planes were involved at the four crime scenes, the real planes were redirected and disposed of in a timely fashion.

No wonder there has not been any real official investigation...it can't be done without exposing the true nature of the attack...plain and simple it was a false flag exercise.

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