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Phil Schneider vs. the New World Order
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Author:  Tweaked [ Sat Sep 22, 2007 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Timbit] Phil Schneider vs. the New World Order

All the more reason why - if we're the ones who have broken the treaties - we're on the [u]receiving end[/u] of wrath.

I don't for a minute beieve the tunnel break-through was an accident; do you?

Allegedly the original treaty was brokered prior to the 1947 Roswell incidents, which, BTW, the Aliens took (the Roswell incidents) as a hostile act, whether it really was, or just an accident because we were experimenting with microwaves and had no idea what we were doing. Again...

SO many researchers have pointed at when things began going wrong with the relationship our government had ... and it seems to go to the Eisenhour years ... and HE was the original broker and the one who decided WE weren't mature enough as a society to handle being exposed to aliens. So he met with them and said to give us another 20 years.

Considering we broke EVERY SINGLE TREATY we ever signed with the Native Americans, and we're pretty much doing the same with anything we've signed since WWII with other countries, we don't have a good track record for being trustworthy.

I think They have just become weary of waiting for our government to decide we're "grown-up enough" to handle this... and THAT'S why they keep appearing to so many of us common folk.

Now whether those train cars are for Them or US is anyone's guess. I would suspect they are willing to use them for ALL of us (alien and human) who don't agree with the status quo as dictated by the great White Father in Washington. (Maybe that's when all of our latent superpowers inbred to us via alien contacts in the past will come to the forefront, and we will all just up and fly away together, leaving Washington to stew in it's own juices -- a very bitter broth! Now wouldn't THAT be quite a synopsis for a different spin on the Rapture?!)

Author:  Timbit [ Sun Sep 23, 2007 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Tweaked] Phil Schneider vs. the New World Order

No, I don't believe the tunnel was a surprise. I have to learn to copy things to an external hard drive. Just like the moon flower video clip, my 'saved to favourites' link on another interview about the battle itself is no longer valid.

I agree that it is more probable than not there were treaties signed during the presidential periods of both Eisenhower and Johnson, but then, with subsequent Presidents, I wonder just how privy they were to the alien/military agendas inner workings. I really don't think any in more modern history have that kind of clearance.

Some things I've read suggested that at that time in history, many world leaders were onboard with these top-secret negotiations. Funding and development of the underground military bases was shared, so treaties between all parties may have been compromised in many different ways, for as many reasons. I wonder just who has any say in the continued development of these bases, and for what purpose. Black Ops has a budget estimated at over a trillion dollars every other year. I wonder if it is true that underground bases are still being built at the rate of two per year in the US alone.

We can only guess at who knows what. Apparently 'Mr.X' of the famed UTube broadcasts has come clean about Area 51 and his knowledge of secret tunnels and military. He admitted the hoax; most of his information could be found elsewhere on the net anyway, but it was just another dead end in the never-ending road of disinformation.

Right from the top, all the way down. What a maze of deception.


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