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(Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968
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Author:  Tweaked [ Fri Oct 23, 2009 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968


PHOTO at link.

Photographic Evidence proves 1968 Russian UFO crash?

Ronald Nussbeck

On November 29, 1968 the newspaper Sverdlovsk reported, "Berezovsky Dreams" with the account of Flying Lightning Balls, one of which crashed near Berezovsky. This Opinion article reveals never before seen images of a UFO Crashed Disk. I would like to thank Ron Stewart for the many long hours of research and development of the images, without people like Ron this would never make the light of day.

The Soviet Defense Ministry wrote in March 1969, Order No. 481 addressed to the Commander of the Air Defense Forces in the Sverdlosvsk Military Region Lieutenant General A.G. Ponomarenko. He was ordered to assist in every way the local KGB authorities in the operation "Sverdlovsk Midget" (small aliens), signed by the Deputy Commander in Chief of the USSR Air Defense Forces, Colonel General S.D. Lebedey, Seal stated, General Staff of the USSR Defense Ministry.

In a second letter from November 3, 1969 on the KGB letterhead addressed to Deputy Chief of the Scientific Research Department KGB USSR, Colonel Grigoriev. The letter stated that on March 5, 1969 information was received about discovery of the unidentified object wreckage, 3 meter high and 5 meter in diameter with remains of small unknown human like creature, Operation called "Sverdlovsk Midget".

Ron S. Stewart using APEP (Advanced Photographic Extraction Process), a Microscopic Digital Imaging system (http://www.ufoimaging.com). APEP uses X-Ray, Thermo, Infrared and high magnification along with increased DPI (dots per inch) to extract images. The articles photos reveal the Russian's may have in there possession a crashed Disk from another planet.

Author:  Timbit [ Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

I've read of this one before, there is even a black and white video. It looks pretty convincing.

The only thing that bothers me is the angle of the craft that has crashed.

With the trees directly behind it, it would have come from that direction, yet, there is not enough room between the trees and the craft to believe that it crashed into the ground at that angle.


Author:  Tweaked [ Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

Some time in the past couple of months the History Channel (I believe...) was showing a documentary on UFOs, and there was a reel of old film included in the piece. It was only about 35 seconds long, but I'm certain it was of THIS incident; the uniforms were the same, the trees were the same, and the disc was at the same angle. The people were walking around, trying to figure from what angle it could have come in to imbed itself like that. There was no sound, but just watching their faces and reading their body language, you could see they were trying to figure the trajectory.

Author:  Caper [ Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

I don't quite know what to make of this one, Tweaked. The footage looks real and the soldiers look genuine but Tim's got a good point about the angle of the craft. The angle of the crashed craft just doesn't make sense to me.

At that angle i would expect at least some downed trees in the direction the object came from.

From it's position It almost looks like it fell or flew straight down into the ground.

I'm kinda on the fence on this one..most of it seems genuine, it's just the odd angle of the craft and lack of disturbance around it that make me question it.

Peace, Caper.

Author:  slohand4455 [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 2:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

I looked at this film several times over the past and I'm still not sure.

The trees Caper mention was a mystery for sure. Are we seeing the whole craft or just half of it?

If we are seeing half a ship, then it may have slammed into the ground in that field, broke into, then one half slid into the woods and came to rest against the trees. If so, where are pictures of the other half?

If what we are seeing is the whole ship,half of which is buried in the ground, then where is the damage? If the ship hit the frozen ground hard enough to bury half of it , looks to me like the ship would have shattered like Roswell.

stop and smell the roses

Author:  Tweaked [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

In the film clip I saw there was approximately 15 to 20 feet between the trees behind the saucer part we see. Enough room for several soldiers to walk together all the way around the segment we see sticking out of the ground. It was just a short clip--35 seconds, I believe--which means that the trees laying down, broken off 2 to 5 feet high, really were impacted by the saucer shaped vehicle coming down.

Author:  Timbit [ Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

We need the Russian's to open up their UFO files, and do some 'splainin'. :D

Author:  Tweaked [ Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

:mrgreen: Me thinks they've told all they're going to for a while ... until we become a one-world community because we know it's the right time to do it.

I know, I know... so many of us think it's a BAD idea. I used to think that way, too. But lately I've begun to wonder. Are we Americans? Are we Canadians? Are we Europeans? Are,we Asians? Are we Africans? Are we So. Americans? Or, are we really just one global world, and one Earth?

No, I'm not becoming Communist or Marxist; I'm broadening my perspective of who WE are, really. If we are going to be "granted a seat at the Galactic Table of Planets," don't we need to stop fighting each other, and unite? As much as I hated Ronald Reagan's politics, the one thing I do think he 'got right' was when he asked,"If we need to one day fight something outside our world, would we do it as one people, or as individuals?" (This was not in his famous speech; this was in something he said to the U.N., and I found it on Google, a few years ago.) I look at myself as a citizen on Earth, not just as American. If my brothers and sisters in Canada were being invaded, wouldn't I feel I need to help them? If so, then that makes me a North American. And if my friends in Brazil and Argentina and Chili were invaded, wouldn't I want to protect and fight for them? That makes me a Western Hemisphere-in. So... if the whole WORLD needed protection--whether we're Asian, Black, White or Brown--wouldn't I want to protect us all? If so, then wouldn't that make me a world resident? A Terran? (A Citizen of the Planet Earth??) I feel I'm an "Earther..."

Forgive me if this goes against your grain; your religion; or, whatever. But I love my
HOME; I love my STATE; I love my COUNTRY; but, most of all, I love this Earth onto/into which I have been born in this incarnation. It's my LAND, and YOUR land... And to preserve it in it's utmost form, I'd band together with all the people I like, and even the ones I doubt, to preserve it.

Author:  Timbit [ Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

YOu never fail to amaze me Tweaked.

I really admire that point of view. It would certainly flip the tables of the NWO theorists who suggest that the NWO has to be in charge, when in fact, what if the people's of the world were. Where NWO fans would be doing this for power and control, the earth's citizens would be onboard with a different theory, one world, one people.

Think of how it would put an end to hunger and disease, if we shared what we have globally, and actually erradicated them. Women wouldn't be having babies, only to see them die, as they have for decades now. Clean water, birth control, technology, so many things.

You would be up against some pretty powerful foes of this plan, including the Vatican, and other world religious leaders.

BUT, new ideas, new theories, and workable plans sure seem a good alternative to me.


Author:  slohand4455 [ Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: (Alleged) Photo of Russian crashed Flying Disc 1968

Tweaked the one thing that has gripped me for some time now is this politicaly proper names
cr--p they put on people in the U.S. and other countries.

Why do they say that people are native american or African-American or Italian American or Latin american or whatever? If you are a citizen of America, born or otherwise, why not just call them American. Why do they have to divide the people up? I don't care if their skin is white, brown, yellow or purple, to me they are still just plain Americans.
According to them I'd be German--Dutch---French-Martian-American

stop and smell the roses

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