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chris dorner rundown
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Author:  orangekea [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  chris dorner rundown

Geez, can you see it! The demonic radiation seems to be coming off this (police released?) image of Chris Dorner in waves!

Curious media story put out with half a Hannibal, half a Bourne Identity vibe to it, former Los Angeles police officer and decorated Navy Lieutenant Christoffer Jordan Dorner, who left the Navy February 1st 2013, is reported to have murdered a young couple om Feb 3, Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence (Quan is daughter to a former lawyer of Dorner), then in an apparent continued "shooting spree" shot three LAPD officers in a ambush type situation on Wednesday February 6, one of whom died from his injuries.

Police believe a Facebook 'manifesto' by Dorner is authentic, here's an excerpt of his alleged statements:

"I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty. ISR is my strength and your weakness. You will now live the life of the prey. Your RD’s and homes away from work will be my AO and battle space."

There's something curious, strange or unreal (like a movie plot) about Dorner's flight from justice, and the massive manhunt launched to take him down. Maybe it's just the details lacking concerning the circumstances and evidence of his guilt in three killings and two police officers injured. Instead we get his published confession, clearly stated intent of killing police personnel, plus his impressive combat proficiency, showing the urgency of mobilizing all available police plus a SWAT team against him.

Lieutenant C.J. Dorner in happier naval days: note the absence of demonic radiance!

This last week the police moved to protect their own, the perceived threat posed by Chris Dorner enough for officers to open fire on two vehicles closely matching the description of the dangerous fugitive's car, resulting in injuries and hospitalization of two innocent civilians.


Perhaps this is all straightforward stuff: LAPD culture, including a 'blue line' where his complaints against fellow officers for alleged excessive violence toward a mentally ill suspect as will as racist remarks kinda marked him as unreliable, causing a sense of frustration, and finally outrage in Dorner, culminating in the terrible violence he is accused of today.

OR, LET'S....

Looking at some of the first reports and images of Chris Dorner he MUST be guilty of murdering a cop and innocenct civilians, depicted with demon light shining off him, evil and mad, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, dr. Hannibal Lecter material fersure! But a sober word of warning may be in order here. Dorner's actual police and military background seems to belie the image of unstable belligerent ex-cop and naval officer. His recently ended Navy career spanned years 2002 to 2013, including a Bahrain deployment, during which service he received eight awards/decorations among which: the Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Rifle Marksman Ribbon and Pistol Expert Medal. And although his conflict with his Los Angeles police collegues seems real enough, the salient element is that his version of the CAUSE of this devolving disagreement may be plausible. He really witnessed a partner kick a schizophrenic suspect repeatedly in the chest. He really sat in a police van with collegues referring to black fellow citizens as 'niggers'. And he spoke up.


Perhaps this guy in truth is a bad nut, about to get his comuppance. But the deep black option in situations like these is that a basically good and decent policeman and naval officer could say a few words wrong too many, discover embarrassing stuff too, about truly dangerous and corrupt people at the top of the pyramid. In the hypothetical case this is just what happened to Christoffer Dorner, the media story put out globally, accompanied by a falsified facebook 'Manifesto', and a rush to run and put down this self-avowed cop killer, including frantic firing on innocent civilians, could be their way of shutting him up forever. Sometimes the most convincing of stories are lies...


Chris Dorner's manhunt required mobilizing all available police plus a SWAT team to run him down.

Author:  Tweaked [ Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: chris dorner rundown

Please do not try to turn this case into a conspiracy theory. I live here in L.A. and have been married to a cop in years past. This person may have been fired unreasonably, but that's not license to kill the daughter of the man who unsuccessfully tried to defend him. There are some people who want to blame their failures on everyone else... without taking to heart that their own imperfections and personal failures may indeed be of their own making. Yes, one day this will be a movie - it has all the elements of a screenplay - but when revenge is visited upon innocent family members and Law Enforcement who never knew him, then it's simply that this man was caught up in his own self-importance without being able to see his own imperfections. He is a killer, and needs to be stopped.

Author:  orangekea [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: chris dorner rundown

Story update here.

Latest is that Christopher Dorner is presumed dead, burned in the Big Bear cabin besieged by police, including game wardens. A charred body recovered from the ruins is now being checked against DNA information from Dorner. During the final chase and confrontations he is reported to have shot two more deputies, one of whom now has died from his gunshot injuries.

Hey, Tweaked, I've taken careful note of your request, and refrained from taking my arguments further than what Opening Post already contained. To explain my position: I'm of a conservative outlook myself, and I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the police and the dangers they face daily, to keep our societies and its citizens safe!

Nevertheless, in the Dorner case, a manhunt was announced (mentioning the 'cop killer' term, indicating the likely outcome), aimed at a Citizen, Naval Officer and former Police Officer, BEFORE the evidence of his complicity/guilt in the initial murders (Monica Quan, Keith Lawrence) was reasonably set out before the public. Facebook declarations do not count imo, anyone can falsify those.

So I came out critically questioning the story, as reported in the media, and sparsely fed by US authorities. Goes to Right to Life: we all have it, including Christopher Dorner, until proven forfeited.


Author:  Tweaked [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: chris dorner rundown

There are questions which will never be appropriately answered, such as,: did someone from the Police Department deliberately sabotage his career in the military when he was being considered for that last promotion, after which he was abruptly dismissed from the military? If so, then we can guess that's when he snapped.

Most police and other Law Enforcement Officers are decent people (often make super-lousy spouses, as well!), but The Brotherhood of Blue (and all other uniformed Law Enforcement members both in the same area, and from cities across the country) does exist - I saw it first-hand before, and most assuredly after I filed for divorce...

Another question is, did Dorner have two wallets? I heard they found one in the area where he attempted to steal an older gentleman's boat; now we're told a wallet with his drivers license in it was (conveniently) found amongst the charred rubble of the cabin in which he died...

The sheriff refused to answer a reporter's question - "Was Dorner given a chance to surrender?" along with a question regarding what we all heard through the news media when someone in control said only three corners of the cabin were in flames, and to "light up that last corner with the burners... burn it down." It sounds to me that (even though Dorner was hell-bent of revenge) they never intended to give him a chance to surrender, which he probably wouldn't have done, anyway. But in a way, that's also an act of revenge when, they weren't even positive it was Dorner, or that he was in there alone.

The whole case is very, very sad... for the Officers who lost their lives, their families and friends, for the Officers who have been harmed and their families & friends, and for this entire Nation.

But it is a sad ending for someone who may have tried to right a wrong he saw his training officer commit, and for someone who perhaps had made an honest attempt to turn his life around in the military, and was once again throttled out of a good career by whomever gave him a poor judgement report. I'd like to know if the military contacted the LAPD for a reference before allowing Dorner his promotion to a higher rank. But I don't suppose the LAPD's re-investigation will ever think of that leg of investigation.

What Dorner ended up doing was entirely wrong; killing for revenge is never the correct response. He needed to pay for those crimes. But if we ever learn the truth about what set him off on his rampage, it may show more people how actions can impact another's chance to succeed in the correct ways. This is why we need to weigh what we say and how we say it, and think before we act when we're angry. This is why venting on the internet can be so destructive. I wish our younger generations would fathom that... but as we did when we were their ages, we had to learn from consequences, as will they.

Some things never change, huh?!

Author:  orangekea [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: chris dorner rundown

Thanks Tweaked, for your informative, fair and empathic response, thinking of both sides in this tragic confrontation. I suspect your access to info is somewhat better than my own, especially since US and LAPD police culture is unknown to me personally, except for what we get in documentaries and CNN.

I too noticed the appearance of evasive answering by a sheriff yesterday. Could be that he was lying. Could be that he was just media shy, who ever gets to prepare for such a situation!

My final thought. I expect it as almost inavoidable that some within the black community will demand title and verse on the altercation involving the homeless mentally ill suspect (Gettler), training officer Teresa Evans and Chris Dorner himself. I think revenge murders are inexcusable, as Dorner allegedly committed. Yet if indeed he was railroaded, dishonored by being falsely labeled a liar and fired for that, it explains why he was mad as hell.


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