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PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:34 am 

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I have been considering the RFID chip, and all of its intended purposes of late. Dannion Brinkley is a world famous prophet and clairvoyant. He was struck by lightening and was dead for more than 20 minutes, the longest in recorded history. During his journey on the other side, he was shown a multitude of visions, of which, since 1975, have come to manifest in our collective destiny, among these was mass insertion of RFID CHIPS into every human being in the so called civilized world. He has spent more the time since coming back to life (and dying two more times!) travelling and speaking, lecturing and teaching, as well as providing a profound new level of copassionate hospice care, on a global scale.

The RFID chip is itself, a device that is made of genetic materials manipulated to be accepted by human beings of all variety, so that it is not rejected by the body. It is capable of relaying our medical records, bank and credit data, physical location, as well as the general state of emotions and feelings, and whether we are feeling sad, angry, calm, or violent and rebellious. The very purpose of this chip, is best stated by Rockefeller. When he told a friend that amazing things were going to happen, and to "watch, we will be going to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and getting the resources there, then building bases from which to launch further strategies. People will be looking for people in caves, its going to be wild!". He told this to a friend, who later shared the information with others, and terminated the friendship with Rockefeller, when he said of the RFID CHIP when his friend asked "but why? what is thr purpose? you already have it all! what more could you possibly want? and why hurt people to get it?" .... Rockefeller replies "Because we want every person to have a chip, we will have all of their data, and know where they are at all times, and if they get in the way, we can just turn them off."

This and much more at.... http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com. The movie is totally free, but be prepared for a few shockers.

The Rockefellers. The Vanderbilts. The Morgans. The Carlysle Groups of the world, are the small handful of people that have been orchestrating such events on our planet, for a very long time now. This power is utterly corrupt, and I think we all know what happense when absolute power and greed are the intentions of such individuals.... (the Happy Hitlers of the world!). These international bankers and warmongers, have been crafting economy for a long time. They decide whether or not we have a strong currency, and whether or not there is war. They call the shots with international banks, and even created the great depression in order to further their grip of domination on the planet.

The CHIP; most people say that they would never allow it! NEVER! And with such groups as the christians, who are made aware of the "mark of the beast" and many aware individuals, it seems that such implantation would be rather impossible right?


But if there were, lets say, a biological attack on the USA... and people flocked to get a now commercial VACCINATION to protect them.... what if the shot contained the microchip??
It could well be far easier than most people think to pull one over on humans. And this, is part of my intention..... to support the freewill and evolution of individuals through informing them, and supporting their advancement. Those who refused vaccination, would be quarantined, and denied all freedoms and services. They would be called TERRORISTS, as they are now capable of spreading illness indirectly, and infecting the rest of the population. This would create massive fears within the social complex, and destabilize us to the extent of easy conquering.

The RFID CHIP would be for a few ultimate purposes. One would be to ensure that we are totally controlled and monitored, so that if we get into too much rebelious trouble, we could just be terminated by the poison that these chips break down into, when dissolved remotely. Also, to allay the enormous strain that the coming generation of elderly pose to the medical system. (the current trend in medical field is an enormous LACK of DOCTORS... for every 5 filled positions, there are 8 more left open and empty.)

With the REAL ID act that our pawn of a president forced into congress and senate, (which contains RFID CHIP) we are to begin being forced to carry these cards, each and every one, by the middle to end of this year, 2008. We are also ALREADY CARRYING RFID CHIPS like this, in the way of our new and improved US PASSPORTS. The new passports contain these chips.
You may be asking yourself what the chips in these things, have to do with OUR BEING CHIPPED?
Well, its very simple. When these are finally diseminated to all individuals, and it shouldnt take too long, as there are almost 11million US passports being issued a day right now!!.... But once these are issued as preliminary forms of mandatory federal ID, they will soon begin to act as our bank, credit, medical, educational, and all other, digital document proofs. This is to ease people into getting used to using things in this technological way, that have been resisting the system for soooo long already. This way, by the time the RFID chip is inserted either forcefully, or willingly-forcefully, we shall already be used to using them in this way.

I grieve in telling this story. I agonize over whether or not to speak it. I must speak it, because I feel its reality impending, and see the signs of it. I first became aware of this chip issue, back in 1996, and have been researching and watching it gain momentu since. However, I must say, that I never saw so much paving of the way for it, as I have under the bush administration in the last 8 years.

So I tell people to consider the options. We do not HAVE to accept this as our future. And we do not have to participate in it. We CAN choose to live off the grid, and in one of the many THOUSANDS of communities that are self sufficient, world wide. We do not have to live in boxes, that we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to BORROW from our CHILDREN!! Yes, most of us do not have our homes paid off these days, and end up passing this burden to our chidren. I say we can live in amazingly simple and cost EFFECTIVE, inexpensive, yes I said INEXPENSIVE self sufficient homes. There are a multitude of types already available. One of my favorites, is.... http://www.earthship.net . We are being sold a flat earth future. And I say to you my friends, WE CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY!

We are a global family, and unity is an option for us.

Lets get this topic into the WIDE OPEN, and explore it in depth and detail. It is TIME.



PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 9:32 am 

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Well, if that does happen and I have to get a shot,I will dig out the chip and insert it into a rat then set it free. That ought to mess em up for a while. :lol:

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:46 am 
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Just as some animals are extremely allergic to the chips, so will be people. Some animals have developed tumors - in rare instances, the tumors have turned cancerous. The rate of infections from chips in animals is quite high, although we don't hear a lot about them. There's no reason to think that the same will not happen to humans. We need to reject this idea for as long as we all can... but bear in mind that as the entire world trudges on towards a cashless society, we may not be able to stave the chips off for more than one more generation. If the time comes when people cannot purchase food or medicines without an I.D. chip, most people will cave in and get one, just for the survival of their families. It's so sad that the more technology we develop, the closer we become to being enslaved by those who will use it for control of others. Welcome to 1984... a little late, but remember: We were warned.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:34 am 

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