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Alex Jones Beats the Mormon Drum - Mountain Meadows Massacre
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Author:  Tweaked [ Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Alex Jones Beats the Mormon Drum - Mountain Meadows Mass

Martin, PLEASE get off the Alex Jones crusade... People on this forum have been around long enough to make up their own minds. We all know who he is. At one time Alex was a coveted researcher. But after his near-death experience (IF he truly had one...) he's become a racist, idiot radical curse upon the airways. He loves to INCITE people to buy and store guns... buy and store food... think that there is a government jack-booted thug lurking around every corner and every doorway... and we must all be afraid.

Funny, when George W. Bush was President and taking us into two wars that put our country into bankruptcy, and then never cared about finding Bin Laden, Alex wasn't saying anything; but when the half-white President was elected and came in (as the Democrats ALWAYS do!) to clean up the GOP mess, suddenly it was time to BEWARE of TERROR CAMPS, and TAKING AWAY OUR GUNS... and all the other bullcrap!! He's just a racist, relying on getting Americans to be afraid of their shadows and especially a half-white President who isn't really an American.

Please stop muddling-up our forum with these rants.

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