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PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 6:35 am 
Our research has shown that every matter is irradiating its specific bar code according to which it’s identifiable at greater distances. I have displayed some such examples at http://www.miroslavprovod.com, especially in the part “diagrams”. Similar examples could also be found in nature when a drop of blood attracts some species of sharks from up to 1.5 kilometres distance. It’s not possible to speculate about any mixing ratios within kilometres cubed of water, the sharks are immediately directed towards the blood by its bar code. There are more similar examples to be found in nature, I describe some in relation to tsunamis.

The horrible tragedy at the university in Virginia has inspired me to the use of the bar code in the war against terrorism. It would be possible to eliminate terrorism, crazy shooters, bank robbers and similar unwanted elements with the help of the bar codes. In reality it will be in use in a way that there will be well placed detectors that will recognize places, where some forbidden substances like bullets, explosives, drugs and alcohol are located. With the experience of calculating and analyzing bar codes of water streams, high voltage power lines and some metals it seems real to me to calculate the barcodes of other substances in this way. However, all this is out of my possibilities, I don’t have the necessary equipment nor can I realize the creation of complicated software. Moreover, further research has to be done only by teams of specialists.

I have no doubt that results of further research will be used not only in the war against terrorism but also towards other purposes. Should some institution be interested in further research, I’m available.


Miroslav Provod


PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2007 8:05 pm 
What do you mean by the term bar code?
To my nderstanding a bar code is a series of straight lines on packaging to identify and give other informationabout a certain product.....These are standardised and used by virtually all the retailers and wholesalers in North America.....
Are you saying that the system applies tyo everything in nature??!
Or is it some deeper meaning you are placing on the term?
Explanations would be helpfull here in tryng to understand your drift.........
thnx bergle

BAR CODE-!!!!!!!!! !! !!!
the exclamation marks representing the straight lines of differing thicknesses ...

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