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PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:07 pm 

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Over the last three days there has been an unprecedented amount of helicopter activity in my area. I cannot say whether these choppers are of the "black" variety or not, but the level of activity is unlike anything I've seen since moving into my current house eight years ago. Two evenings ago I was sitting on my porch enjoying the birdsong when I heard a chopper approaching at a high rate of speed. It was so loud and coming so fast that I ran out into my driveway to take a look. A few seconds later a very low flying helicopter passed directly over my house, heading south towards the James River. It was screaming by at full throttle. The pine trees around my house stand about 60-70 feet tall and I can safely say this this helicopter was no more than twice that high up. I only saw its underbelly, so I can't say much about its type. It was not a large chopper, but it did have a large instrument or camera pod on the right side of its fuselage.

As I say, it was flying very low and very fast, north to south. There's nothing much of interest in my neighborhood. Last year I did have a UFO sighting near the nuclear power plant across the river, so I naturally have to wonder if there's something going on down that way again. That is direction the chopper was heading. At the speed he was traveling it would have only taken him a few minutes to get there.

The only other time I've seen so much helicopter activity around here is when the POTUS visits Williamsburg. But that is very different. I recognize the Marine helicopters and they always fly in pairs.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:53 pm 
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I'll add this to your post as well.

From http://www.theworldlink.com/articles/20 ... 833318.txt

Mysterious choppers swoop in for lunch

Black helicopters have long been fodder for conspiracy theories and nervous curiosity. An Internet search for the phrase yields millions of references, many of them linked to the militia movement, the New World Order and even the legendary Area 51 of UFO lore.

But folks at Southwest Oregon Regional Airport say black helicopters spotted flying there this week were nothing ominous.

Don Richcreek, an operations agent for the airport, said two U.S. Navy H-60 helicopters stopped at the airport. He thinks they were conducting maneuvers and stopped for fuel, though he wasn't sure.

"They never tell us," Richcreek said.

Ryan Eberlein, a customer service representative for Coos Aviation, said the helicopters parked at the business, and naval personnel borrowed the company's courtesy car to go find lunch.

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