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Stop shooting
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Author:  Tweaked [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [AG] Stop shooting

I think when our elected leaders get into a governmental position for the first time, most of them do it for the RIGHT reason--they hope to get in a position where they can make a difference and help change the world into a better place. THEN they get elected, and find out how "the Good Ol' Boys" have a strangle-hold on all the things that NEED changing, and these newly elected do-gooders either DON'T go along with the program (and therefore never make the friends they need to actually DO something positive so they become frustrated and don't run for re-election), or, they realize they must have to sell a portion of their soul(s) in order to get the backing to make a difference in even just a small way...

Our governments seem to run on two things: GREED, and BULLETS. If someone has something we want because it will generate money for the large corporations and put a +Sign next to their name(s), or if someone has something that can be developed for a military defense system, they have to be for it--or everyone else on the Hill is against them, and they get stone-walled, no matter how much good any of their future suggestions might be for the general populations.

I'm told that UFO research clearly shows that back in the 1950s we actually DID stop shooting at the alien ships... but only because in less than two years we had more commercial and domestic plane crashes and ultimate loss of life than at any other time in the history of air travel. Linda Moulton-Howe presented her research on this at a MUFON-LA meeting in 2005. Now, it seems, the present government has begun shooting again, and is also threatening to shoot--NOT just at aliens who could probably wipe us all out if they ever feel we've become a huge enough threat, but our current leaders are poised to change the world via sabre-rattling and the use of military force against ANY of us who voice disagreement! And THAT, my friends, is what happens when most of the people in the powerful positions have never been in a REAL war; their perceptions of leadership are severely lacking in hands-on common sense, and they are bloated with the self-egotized "GOD Syndrome".

Not very long ago I read something SO UGLY on another website, I've never logged into it again--the persons were discussing how best to determine if the aliens should be considered friend or foe. The general consensus was: If they believe in OUR God, then we can convert them to Christianity. But if they DON'T or WON'T believe in Jesus, and fail to realize that Jesus is the only true way to Heaven, then they are FOES, and it is up to the our religious christian soldiers to annihilate them, because Christianity is the Heart and Soul of all civilization--regardless from which world we come.

Now I don't know how the rest of you feel, but I don't think one must be religious to be a good person, to accomplish wonderful things that benefit all life, and have good leadership capabilities.

So, yes... I agree we should stop shooting at them--but we should also stop threatening everyone else who doesn't want to do what the U.S. government says is the proper way to live. Admittedly, we Americans DO have some good ideals, and when other countries see them work from actual application, that's one thing; but when we just want to be the largest bully on the planet, and wield our power in a negative manner so as to control every other country's decisions, that's trying to shape them all in OUR image. And if that' s NOT a sure sign of self-egotized GOD-Syndrome, then maybe I'm not as well informed and educated as I'd like to believe.

I feel that the countries who are developing Nuclear weapons right now are doing it (not nearly so much) because they hope to rule the World, but because they are afraid of our present administration's Cowboy Ethics. I don't think nuclear energy or weapons capabilities are in the best interest of ANY country, but I can certainly put myself in the shoes of other world leaders long enough to shake in my boots at the way our own leaders are trying to intimidate all the others to either "join us and do as we say... or you're against us, and you'll suffer the consequences."

Unless some alien nation is ready to take over and assume total responsibility for our entire world (either by force--in order to show us there just might be a better way to live, or by simply doing away with the present human occupation of this planet so they can let the planet heal, and then be re-populated with a more respectful, less-egotistical bred of civilization), it's no wonder they choose to remain on the fringe and try not to interfere, except for minor interactions with a few people who don't think greed and bullets are the answers to everything.

Also, IF some of the research that show some of the alien contacts are aiding us in developing technology which will be used to make more sophisticated weaponry, this just goes to show that there are aliens who are as corrupt and ignorant as all of those here who want to use that kind of technology!

Think about it for a minute: Every time some new technology is developed, one part of the human race wants to use it to better our situation, and the militant faction looks for applications that will allow it to spy on all of us, and/or take us out if we don't comply with their determination of what is right. When the original telephone was invented, does anyone think for a second that Alexander Graham Bell could envision a time wherein it could be used to detonate bombs? When the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane for a few seconds at Kitty Hawk, do you think they ever envisioned planes that would bomb entire cities, or satellites in orbit that can pinpoint an exact region, send back the information to someone on the ground who then presses a button and annihilates a convoy?

In sum, people, I smell smoke. ROME is burning... and when the flames get high enough, we will all be the victims of a few who are taking themselves far too seriously, and jeopardizing the health, welfare, and future of all of us.

Until we can live in peace amongst ourselves, we should never try to populate some other planet. We won't solve our own problems by moving out into Space--we will simply take our prejudices, our hostilities, our religious-differences AND OUR NEED TO MAKE WAR right along with us. Now... can someone please tell me what good THAT will do for our problems here, and for our Universe, except to contaminate and corrupt yet more regions wherein mankind has not yet been able to pollute and disrupt?

Personally, my dream has always been to retire and spend my golden years on the Moon or some place else, from where I can watch the Earth rise in the morning sunlight. But, admittedly, by what I'm reading and seeing and hearing first-hand, now that I'm 60, I don't belong "out there," and neither to the rest of us, until we evolve into respect and tolerance within ourselves that is not subject to corruption by any means. Sadly, just because we don't belong out there with our frailties and ignorances, doesn't mean we will not go... It just means that when we do, we'll probably be fighting the same battles somewhere else.

Author:  bergle [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Barbie] Stop shooting

Perhaps that is the real crux of the whole thing barb,we are violent and that can not be tolerated in galactic citizens,who will have the technology at thier fingertips to obliterate planets if they so desire to do.We definately can not be trusted with the next level of scientific knowledge in case we use it for evil.
And we cant be turned loose into a peacefull universe with the preoccupation with WAR.They may be even in a quandry as to obliterate us before we spread and cant be erased!

Author:  Tweaked [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [bertvere] Stop shooting

I'm beginning to wonder if WE are what all the chemtrails are about. A Remote Viewer said the only phrase that came to mind (when he remote-viewed a chemtrail, 4 or 5 years back) was "terra-forming." So while it's true that SOME GROUP is seeding our atmosphere with SOME thing other than water condensation, we'll already be changed before we know who and why.

Author:  bergle [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Barbie] Stop shooting

These chem trals are here in Canada too.Whatever they may be they do not bode well on the state of our ignorance.
I wonder if you have evr run across hearsay about the Nazis and flouridation of our water??
In brief,the story goes like this.
The Germans(nazis) did some research into flouride as a sedative-hypnotic in the late thirties.The gist of it is they planned to flouridate the water supplies of conquored countries to keep the populace subdued.Now i think the push for universal flouridation could have aught to do with keeping us somnambulent rather than strengthening our childrens teeth.
This is just a blurb i picked up on the net a year or two ago.and i havent refound the site there to follow up.
I have heard this come back to me from other sources though and am beginning to suspect it may be all too true.....
Our only hope is getting people to wake up and it is getting harder and harder to find ordinary people that have open minds to even discuss these things.
In the Christian circles i travel this is extremely so much so, that i hardly speak up to them any more.the worst of it is that when you do find somebody willing to listen at least,the rest seem to gang up on them to bring them back into line with current doctrine.They seem increasingly dis interested in world affairs or even the welfare of their offspring.....
I actually have an ongoing discussion with a fellow who asks me what is so important about UFOs even if they are real.How would investigation of the things relate to us anyways?How would contact with aliens give God glory?What would it mean to our every day lives?
as if these questions arent self answering to any but the deadest heads.......

Author:  Tweaked [ Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [bertvere] Stop shooting

I don't know how true it is, not being a world traveler, but I have read that all countries who are a member of NATO and/or the U.N. now have chemtrails, and no one is willing to answer any questions about them.

I have not read anything about Nazis and fluoridation, but I grew up in a town in the midwest that had fluoridated water. It certainly didn't help prevent any of MY cavities... And we country/town kids certainly raised a lot of hell as we grew up.

My personal opinion of why some religious people are either disinterested or do not wish to discuss UFOs, politics, and many other important subjects is because their dogmas have convinced them that God is in charge of everything, and it's not for them to question why ... Many believe these are "the End Times" and no matter what we think or do, nothing will change what is to come. It's all in God's hands.

The religions that look upon worldly policies and UFOs as evil... well, don't get me started.

But if I remember my history books correctly, as far back as before the birth of Christ, people have thought they were in the End Times, yet we're still here.

When I see the ships overhead, I'll flag one down.

(Actually, I have a copper medallion given to me by someone who believes he is a walk-in. He told me, many years ago, to keep it with me because the symbol on it identifies me, and the composite of the copper and alloys signals where I am. I don't know that this is true, but I don't know that it isn't.)

I have never been able to reconcile how believing in UFOs, population control, and working together to make lives better for all of us--no matter from which parallel universe, reality, or planet we come--should in any way conflict with anyone who finds peace in believing in God. (That is, unless the dogma tries to say that God put life on just one, itsy-bitsy planet, and therefore we must believe that we all came from Adam and Eve who committed a sin and got evicted from the Garden of Eden, in order to be truly a Child of God.)

I think we're each given a soul at birth, and the soul is our piece of the puzzle of spirituality. We are all just a tiny fragment of the whole picture, and whether we're human, animal, plant, mammal, part of the pollination process, or the tides, we're equally important to each other, and to whatever Force created the pieces of the puzzle. Energy... Synergy... we all need all else to survive.

Author:  Xeno [ Thu May 10, 2007 3:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Tweaked] Stop shooting

We already fought with them if this video isn't a hoax it's called battle of Los Angeles were a UFO was fired at by hundreds of antiaircraft guns good thing they didn't fire back and they just disappeared.[shocked]

Author:  Timbit [ Wed May 16, 2007 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [bergle] Stop shooting

Interesting about the flouride. When my kids were little, the town we were in tested our well-water, and there was naturally occuring flouride, but not in high enough doses to satisfy the inspector. When I was told that my kids MUST have flouride, I did a little research and found that there were suspected associations with natural brain development, causing possibly learning disabilities. On the other hand, there was nothing I could find to justify flouride at all. Then the schools started to administer a flouride rinse in little cups to young children once a month. As far as I know that practise still continues, but at least it's mostly topical as opposed to actual injestion with suppliments. I had to send a written letter to the board of education to have my children exempted from the flouride treatments. At about that same time there was also concern about aspartaime being added to an assortment of gums, drinks, pop etc. Research then showed the same thing about the effects on the developing brain, and there was not a lot I could find on the benefits of replacing natural sugar. Both the flouride and aspartame debates comes around every now and then. To this day I have no confidence that either substance does the human body any good.

Author:  bergle [ Thu May 17, 2007 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Timbit] Stop shooting

The Naziz were into the flouride before the war even....they already were putting it in the eastern fronts water....
it is a sedative like effect that it has on the populace.....

Author:  Axo [ Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stop shooting

Hello everyone, i am Axo, Starseed Indigo from Pleiades, i tell you only one thing, the ascension of Mother Earth (from third to fifth dimension) will happen regardless the circonstances applied to you, dear brothers and sisters from Earth. Don't be fearful, we come to bring awareness and awakening.
With Love/Light, Axo. Source Creator (you call God) send US to help YOU. So it is.

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