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 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 8:17 am 

notes for those still seeking Plateau.

You need not empty your mind, as a matter of fact, bring it, with all the garbage and baggage you have packed it with.

Plateau is not hard to reach.

You decide when you go, and if you want to stay.

Deciding to Love inspite of all odds, has it's own merit.
Accepting the understanding of your decision is what achieves Plateau.

Plateau does not see color, race, skill, or means as a reason to enter or not.
Sadly enough a tragic situation can cause many to Plateau at one time.

I remember the California earthquake...6.1 I believe it was.

We were having a birthday party, and we were starting to dance, when the apartment started dancing as well, and it really got down.

Apartments were not made to boogie, and we sat stunned on the floor afterwards.

It seemed like it had danced for an eternity.
The party cries of OH GOD! Oh My GOD! had begun to die down and the wimpering began.

I was in my same chair, though the chair had had the presence of mind to move on it's own, closer to the now open apartment door.

I was saying a prayer silently, but wondering was there still a world outside to pray for.

We all began to stir, gingerly moving for the open door, birthday cake dusty, and uneaten, ice cream melting in the afternoon summer heat, dripping from the tipped over container on the table, onto the once immaculate lineoleum of the kitchen floor.

Stepping outside, was like stepping into a dream.

In the middle of a busy Oakland city afternoon, was dead silence.

Only the occasional scream, or the sound buildings settling, and still falling glass breaking loudly in the quiet as it hit the ground.
The air was filled with a thin haze of soft biege dust.

I took a quick look up to the sky, no heralding angels with trumpets....hmmm, not the end of the world?
What had just happened?

Easing out one by one, like maximum sized munchkins after Dorothy's tornadoe, we didn't sing 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead', because apparently the house had fallen on US.

Crooked buildings, broken windows, stopped cars, buses, and traffic lights out.
Nothing was moving.

There was nothing we could do about closing the door, and it looked like the building was going to close in on itself any minute anyway, so we grabbed our purses, and joined the burgeoning throngs filling the street.

My apartment was 15 blocks away.
We walked it all the time, but we had the option to catch a bus if we wished.
No wishes were coming true at the minute as we trekked, three strong along the crowded littered streets.

Cars, debri, and confused people were everywhere.
The GOOD, were banding together trying to console any and all who needed it.

The BAD, were laughing at the plight of the people, while listening to more detail of what had just happened on a single battery operated radio which they were already fighting over since all electricity was off.

The UGLY shopkeepers knew there was no electricity, and no water, but they went into action, boarding up their stores, and selling melting ice cream...50c bars, for 10.00 dollars each.
A small 50c bottle of soda or water, for 15.00 each.
No one was allowed inside the totally wrecked stores.

When a thirsty old man paid the correct price for his water and started to walk away, the UGLY shop keeper attacked him, demanding the rest of his money, which in turn sparked up the BAD crowd, who stormed the store enmasse and took all they wanted and trashed the rest.

We wanted to be off the streets before dark.

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 9:19 am 

...closer to my neighborhood, was a ray of hope.
People stood outside of their apartments, they had suffered little if any damage, and they had their radio outside, blaring for all to hear.

They offered snacks and drinks to all who stopped to listen to the broadcasts, free of charge.

It was a very hot sweltering afternoon.

They were letting folks in to use their rest rooms.
A murmur went down the block and reached us approaching it.
The Bay Bridge had collasped.
My friends clutched me. I clutched myself...I once told them I had had an impossible dream a few years back, a part of the Bay Bridge had collasped...
It was all they could do to keep me from falling.
We moved on.

In the midst of chaos, Plateau was happening everywhere.

People helping people they had lived next to for years and had NEVER even spoken to, to say Good Morning or otherwise, were now working together helping board up windows and doors, against the negative element of the night.

Children whose parents were detained elsewhere, or even worse, never coming home...were being looked after.

It was not a matter of whose child are you? It was, Here have something to eat, or drink, stay with us until you find out where your folks are, or until someone you know comes home.

People were Plateauing all over and they didn't know it.
I knew, and cried.

Plateau can be reached any time you step outside yourself, and reach for a piece of the sky.
You share Plateau when you hand your piece of the sky to others.

You don't worry if you have enough, Plateau sky is limitless.
The more you give...the more you have to give...hoard it, and it seems to disappear.

Apply that philosophy to anything shareable.

Time, Money, A moment, Love, Shelter, Friendship, A compliment, A song...

Plateau does not center in a person.
Plateau centers a person.
People in Plateau learn confidence, that all things change.
People in Plateau learn acceptance.
They promote forgiveness, kindness, and humor.

...A friend once gave me his story. It was all he had to give, and he entrusted it to me.
Had he given me a million dollars instead, the worth of his shared story is still priceless in Plateau.

The value of things valued, lessen, and the valuelessness of some increases.

The treasures of Plateau are the open acts and admissions of Love and kindness.
Every kindness bestowed on me...remains with me.
No good thing is wasted in Plateau.
True Friends are, forever friends there.

There is no need for small talk, or talk at all.
Enter and be greeted with a smile.
Touch and be touched in return.
Sit in the warmth of a Splendid SunSet, that never sets.

Sit shoulder to shoulder, head to head, and cast flowers of negativity into the Winds of Change, for they are the only things that need changing.

...and at the end of a long good-bye, say hello, all over again.

YOUR PLATEAU will be as expansive, or minute as YOU make it.
I'd like to make it with you.

I will not be returning to update this thread.

It is what it is.

Comment here if you wish, it may help others.
If you have questions for me, PM me for as long as I remain on this site.

I never meant to cause any, any sorrow or pain, Please forgive me if I did.

I forever wish you my Love, I will always...
Wish you Heaven.


 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:16 pm 
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Taykn, you have such a beautiful way of putting simple words together in such a way that really makes me stop and think.

It is a talent that is truly appreciated and admired. Your last posts had me walking down those streets with you, and seeing the good in people that comes from tragedy that you may never otherwise had thought was there. It is a place as you describe, that I believe is a much kinder, gentler place. Maybe we underestimate that natural generosity we all have, but don't know it's there until a tragedy brings it out of the closet.

I hope that you are okay Takyn. I'm not sure what or who the latter part of your post means, but I don't see that you have offended anyone here in any way. And too, I hope you will maybe reconsider adding to your thread, there is much we can learn about your perspective on life. Not to mention your other posts on your encounters. I'm always hoping for the next story. It is sort of like my secret chocolate stash- well worth waiting for and very enjoyable!!

Take care of yourself Takn, hope to read more from you soon.


I have absolutely nothing clever to say......but I'm workin' on it.

 Post subject: Re: [Timbit] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2007 9:30 am 

...the parties who that last note is address to, knows who they are, no worries.

Timbit, sweetheart, thank you for your incouragement, and your PM, should I ever NEED to use it...thank you for the permission to do so.

Yeah, you're right again as usual....I just need some moments to get over myself and some things...How can I be a writer if I don't write? Right!?

Secret choclate stash, huh Tim?
Cream centers, or Nutz?
Coming up soon!


 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2007 12:18 pm 

You have offended no one. You have only ever given hope and support to others.

You have explored the depths of your feelings and wrenched them out to put them into impossible words. To share them. To bare your pain. And your love.

Such things you do are brave and noble and original, not offensive. YOU COULDN'T OFFEND US. HONESTY is not offensive. (If we think it so, then the problem is ours, not yours!)

This time of year can bring our emotions to unmanageable levels. Stress can bear down on us like a rucksack full of stones. We come to the end of the year with thoughts of the year gone, and the year to come.

But Iit is a time of forgiving, making sure we don't drag out this year's negativity into ther coming year.

So I say to you Taykn. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for all the guidance and help and direction you have given us. That you have given ME.!

You took me to a place which allowed me to confront a bad memory. I did that and now that bad memory has been exorcised.

Now Don't go! Stay here and keep being who you are. Do it for US ALL because if you go, if you go then this forum - and the world will be an emptier place.

So get well soon. Take some time out to recharge your unique powerhouse batteries.

Then come back. Please. I hope you overcome what you are goin through and return here in the New Year refreshed and strong!!! For all your friends.

You have not offended, or given pain. You have only educated us. Taught us. Showered wisdom and tolerance and understanding on us. Given of yourself, never asking for a thing in return. Opened your heart. Brought light and smiles.

I wholeheartedly agree with Timbit. You are part of the strength here.

Dear, dear friend.

Let all good things flow to you and bear you up now.

Please know what friends you have. Please take heart.

We can all begin again with fresh eyes and ears and minds soon. Let's move on, look forward to the coming year. Positively.

I echo what you said in your post about winds of change. Friend wind knows.

So Taykn, don't go.

Your Humble and staunch friend

Go West

 Post subject: Re: [Whitedog] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, 2007 1:35 pm 
West...[blush] thank you.

 Post subject: Re: PLATEAU
PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:13 am 
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Holidays are over now. Back to business...

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

 Post subject: Re: PLATEAU
PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 7:39 am 

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I hope you wont take offence to what I have to say, but it seems a lot of people are looking for something or trying to reach a point in their lives, like plateau, and are having a bit of difficulty with it.

The timing isn't right or the flow isn't there..........you make the moment what it is every second of your life. No one else can make it right or wrong.

Standing at the center of the universe looking out into space you can see forever and never know you're there.
Yet you've been there from the start and you'll be there in the end
All it takes is an open mind and the desire to make it true
No one to answer, no one to ask, no messages to send
Nowhere left to travel and no one left to find, it's entirely up to you

Many people spend their whole life searching for the moment and the moment never comes
If they could only see each and every moment is the one, nothing right or wrong
But they insist it must be special and perfect when it comes
Everyone one is special while no perfect moment comes
Like the beating of a drum or the beating of a heart
You can count on being together or count on being apart
If love is the answer it matters not which way
Just to be alive and living each and every day

 Post subject: Re: PLATEAU
PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:58 am 

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David I agree with you 100%, reaching a plateau or pinnacle in whatever agenda you wish to reach it, it's not something that can be forced or waited apon because your right, you could already be there and not even know it. I cannot explain it as elaquently as you did but ut hit home with me.
It seems like so much effort is put apon arriving there that we really could have been there and not even realised it.
I ESPECIALLY LIKED THE ANALOGY OF LOVE, WE COULD SPEND A LIFETIME LOOKINMG FOR THE PERFECT LOVE WHEN WE ALREADY HAD IT. Sometimes I get too close to what I am looking for and cannot see the forest through the trees, I think that is what you were trying to say, if not then correct me.
Me being a musician and lousy poet but yet some songs I write that I think are terrible, others tell me they are great, but I guess my l;ack opf self esteem keeps me striving for that one song that will put me on the map and for all I know I may have had it already, maybe more than once but was afraidf to put iy out there except to a few friennds.
Just wanted to say I agree with you and its not that I think anyone elses stuff is wrong, i just relate to you better thank you all for this yopic, it has given me renewed purpose. bloodbreed

 Post subject: Re: PLATEAU
PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:41 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:59 am
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Being a musician and writing your own songs is no small thing, not everyone can do that and very few are really good at it. So give yourself a break and realize you have a talent and a gift which connects in a very special way to the world around you.

The more you share or give the more you gain, it's a natural law of the universe.

It's your path to follow and only you know the way.

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