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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2007 3:35 am 
Here we go into the vast caverns of speculations and flights of fancy but lately ive been getting the distinct impression that something is not right with our sun.
Before you start with the gut laughs consider these facts...
The earth,Mars,saturn,and jupiter have checked in with signs of global warming....
yes all of them.
next the suns output is reasonably constant and the results of extra sunlight can be discounted.....
The idea that strikes me a worth consideration is the electrical nature of our solar system.
The vast potentials that could be built within individual planets....
The way to make an electricaal potential is quite simply to wave a copper rod in a magnetic field.
The core of the earth is a huge nickle iron molten mass.Theres yer magnet.
Theres also the other magnetic fields of other spaytial bodies to consider...
The result sums up to huge potentials .......
What if warming was a product of electro magnetic changes deep within the celestial bodies?
Though the planets recieve no more sunshine, they may be exchnging vast magnetic thus electric potentials some how,either by accellerated magnetic field increase or decrease....?
Could we have missed the global warming boat because it was too damn big to see?

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