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Questionable Science
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Author:  Timbit [ Sat Mar 29, 2008 9:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

Yes, I clearly remember that. I think that on some forums there is more access by members and moderators than is necessary, or required. We had a post here not long ago about a new UFO community that was looking for Moderators, and that bothered me. We presume that the moderators are chosen for reasons other than they are a warm body who wants to moderate.

That that person got your entire name is a mystery, and even more curious is that the two websites are no longer operating. Maybe they have cropped up again with a new name, with the same modus operandi, and shut down when people are onto them (like you were).


Author:  david barclay [ Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

Give the ladies a break.......yes I agree.........a few cards short of a deck, no you don't need that in your life.

Okay, so much for the folks who went off their meds, but the spy game matters not what we call ourselves....they already know where to find us and they would find us if they wanted to. It's not a contest any of us could win, despite the fact no one knows where Bin is hiding.

But, the thing is they do know where he is........just don't want to find him right now, he might come in handy at a later date. His value might be greater down the road.

Questionable science.........does that include state of the art communications?

Out here on the coast we have a navy base, which is the communications center for the west.......so they know, for example, who I phone........hello what's this, David's talking to the police again.......better have someone give him a call and throw him a bit of a scare.

And they record all of it........and if they push another button they have a print out of the conversation........amazing! Oh yes, I am impressed, very much so....dazzled in fact.

So what's questionable about that..........what's questionable is the fact that we allow it to continue........month after month, year after year.......privacy? What privacy?

Our privacy might be protected from someone with a real job or no job, but not from the what's for lunch bunch. Or if you like codes.......the WLB.

Author:  guest [ Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

We feel safer from the casual thief if we have an alarm and locks on our doors and windows at home, but we will not stop the profesional thief from getting anything they want. If you have something they want....it`ll be gone before you know it. Some even con you into letting them into your house so by-passing the need to "break in".
Its all the same on the internet, internet firewalls, antivirus software, anti spyware,made up names for websites, we all feel safer that no-one can get at us and steal our information or wipe out our memory just for fun.....but profesionals can.
How many of you have an easy to remember password for internet use...usually something to do with family..birthdates..ages. How long would it take a profesional to guess that password if they know who you are.
Your not really safe from them ....only from the casual theives.
We think of someone who creates virus`s as a geek in a dark room plotting destruction HD`s over the world and cackling to himself....but I know a bloke who was paid by an antivirus software company to come up with a virus so they would have the anti-virus for it and show how good they were in stopping another threat....£10 please

Author:  Tweaked [ Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

As far as passwords go, mine have been professionally assessed, and they are 99% safe. But, as you say, NOTHING is perfect. My new iMac has the best and most often updated firewalls, but recently I spoke with someone who bought one just about the same time as I did ... and even with the updates regularly installed, someone wrote a program for iMacs that ruined his computer. True... he was deliberately targeted by someone PAID to do it. I'm not a high-profile target, so it's unlikely that anyone but my own government bodies would target me. But believing in that really doesn't make me feel a whole lot safer. Passwords and locks keep ordinary good people and uninformed renegades out ... as you said, it doesn't do a damn thing for the professionals who don't care who they hurt when they want something you have, or the conscienceless crooks who are being well paid to do a job that's just a job to them.

Author:  david barclay [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

I get the impression that we accept our government spying on us.....sort of like it's just part of the background noise.

Why is that OK? Do we feel there is nothing we can do........we're helpless?

We do vote don't we........so what's the deal.......its OK to spy on us if you do this and this for us now........are we playing their game of corruption?

It would seem that we are OK with corruption.......comes with the position or something.

If politicians are afraid to speak up, what kind of a government do we have?

The victimization of innocent civilian citizens is not OK.....but it's not you, it's somebody else, so it is OK......as long as it's not you. But when it's your turn.....who is going to come to your defense...who is going to stand with you against big government?

It's a long and twisted tale of turn a deaf ear to the noise.....after a while you don't hear it anymore.........what noise, I don't hear any noise.

Author:  Tweaked [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

Aside from RISING UP against our governments, what can we do, David? I'm too old, and not healthy enough to lead an army. Perhaps YOU are healthier than I am, but what other obligations do you have that take precedence? I have a partner and 14 animals who would die if I were healthy enough to desert them and go to war against a powerful Administration such as ours. Wars are for the young. Our kids shouldn't be dying in Iraq... If they need to die for the sake of FREEDOM, it should be OURS. They shouldn't have been brainwashed by 9-11 and religious idealogy... they should be dying to PROTECT this country's Constitution. And YOUR country's Constitution. They should be given the Truth--not some out-dated rhetoric that was false to begin with, and absurd 5 years later. And yet we hear the Religious Right willing to have more children to sacrifice their babies, should this war go on long enough. Christian Soldiers? (How does one SPIT in hyperspace??!?)

Author:  david barclay [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

I do not advocate violence......but if enough people started banging their cups and plates on the table it just might get some one's attention........we do have representation and we should demand accountability or they are out on their ear.

I guess it means we get involved..........no you don't have to leave home and abandon your loved ones, but even a few voices can end up becoming a thundering roar.

I too have obligations and live on virtually an impossible amount, hell, maybe I should be a financial advisor.....I am a full time care giver, 24/7 and I don't even want to think about what not being here would mean. But I am involved in the fight........stop the bleeding and start the healing.

We don't need spies listening to our private lives........we are not terrorists. They spy on us because they are afraid we might do them harm by speaking the truth. Do you realize how dangerous the truth has become?..........this is nuts, completely stark raving nuts. The truth threatens the integrity of our country? What integrity?

Author:  Tweaked [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

YOU said it, David. OUR countries!

Author:  david barclay [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

Yes Tweaked and that includes the Brits as well.....OUR COUNTRIES.....all of us.

Author:  Tweaked [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Questionable Science

You know ... I think the reason Obama's (now retired) pastor, Rev. Wright, riled so many people was because he dared to say things that are more truth than prejudice. Or maybe they are one in the same... Especially the part about the chickens coming home to roost. We (The U.S. and it's allies) have meddled in world politics, orchestrated regime downfalls, manipulated foreign economies. We have caused the assassinations of people our govenment couldn't control. And whether a god has anything to do with retribution or not ... the very Laws of Cause and Affect dictate to a sensible person that eventually the chickens DO come home to roost. We (IMHO) appear to be reaping what has been sown over many long decades of political manipulation. And while the average Jane & Joe have had little to do with the decision-making that's been such a negative force throughout the world, we are compliant because we have all been too deign to see those things for what they really have been, and put a stop to them when the truth has come out, a little at a time.

McNamara's book about Viet Nam is a good example. Military people like my brother were pissed as Hell at him for writing that book. They didn't want to see those deceitful, hurtful things written down in black & white for everyone to know! Republicans, especially, like my brother, are GOOD at applauding scandalous truths when it works in the favor of the GOP ... but when it casts a poor light on them, they call it lies, twisted facts, anything they can to try to dispute the reality. They can dish it out but don't want to have it come back to bite them.

Politics are sort of like climate change ... something prevails for a great length of time, and then suddenly it begins to change and we're running after it, trying to slow it down or stop it, and it's already too far out of control to manipulate. It really doesn't matter who or what created the change in retrospect. It's how we survive the aftermath that matters in the long run. And whether or not we put in stop-gaps to prevent those things from happening again in the future.

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