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 Post subject: Re: Swine flu
PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 5:13 am 

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This is raising some eyebrows with scientists and doctors because this appears to be a new type of virus.......which means what exactly?

A new virus comes from where? Rather timely I feel in light all that is going on.

Not trying to start a freak out session, but I am becoming increasingly suspicious as the years roll by.

This is attacking apparently healthy adults, and not young children and old timers as is the norm.

 Post subject: Re: Swine flu
PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:33 am 
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As I told in other thread, there are informatic viruses able to change their conditions of life adapting to the last place. They are called polymorphics. They lose the last capacity they assumed, for taking the new one. As the last flu that came from Asia, to here, during the travel it changed, assuming particular of these palces and adapting itself to the new condition; this allows it to survive.

I think that the only possible way to give you some more protection is the sodium hypochlorite, the same used for washing cloths. When you have to wear that protective mask, try to humidify it with some sodium hypoclorite, or better if you can find the exact one to the chemist. This should be a stronger filter against the possible virus traying to go inside nose or mouth. But be very careful 'cause sodium hypochlorite is a burning substance and could burn your skin too; vapors can be dangerous if if inhaled for a long time, so keep it only on a 50% of the total surface of the mask. It willl be good for cleaning houses and many other objects (those used to eat), but after rinse them very well. Here we have a medical product called Amuchina and is used in those occasions. You can try to aks about this, but if they don't have it or don't know it, surely is 'cause they something with a different name, but similar protection.

This is attacking apparently healthy adults, and not young children and old timers as is the norm.
For now... but let it spread around and you'll see if it will not attack also youngs...better stay away from those things...;)

Since corrupt peoples unite together to form a strong, honest peoples must do the same " (Count Leo N. Tolstoy)

 Post subject: Re: Swine flu
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 10:08 am 
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Joined: Sun May 25, 2008 12:56 pm
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Last new about this virus, is talking about an accident in a laboratory... But to me many days ago arrived a document saying that it was made not for accident, but for business and there is a place on internet where is possible to buy it (and also many other viruses)... I translate it for you via Google, to let you see something. Terms are medical and difficult for me...

Sale viruses on the Internet. With just 500 euro
Francesco Ruggeri
Published on: 01/05/09

To find a swine influenza virus does not have to wait
the arrival of the epidemic. Simply order online or exclusively
via fax, a vial of the related strain of type A and subtype H1N1, in
supermarket dell'Atcc infectious microorganisms. World leader
for the distribution of biological material, better known as American
type culture collection. At a price of 598 euros, the time of 5 days
shipment, even an individual can find a weapon in his hand
capable of infecting the entire planet, with instructions for
Without personal contact, or by prior supervision of governments and
third party auditors. By signing a simple release form that swears that the
sample, purchased by credit card on the internet, will be used
professional or research. The bank includes organic dell'Atcc
tens of thousands of pathogens, bacilli, bacteria, cell lines, cultures,
hybrids, toxic substances, and over 2,000 viruses, including the most lethal for
man. Some bottles of swine cholera, botulism and anthrax targati ATCC
were found even at the University of Baghdad, after the fall of
regime. The seat of the central repository is a Manassas, Virginia. But a
5000 fialette stock is available (for orders fast) of the 7 locations
European affiliates of the distributor. One of which is in Italy:
province of Milan, Sesto S. Giovanni via Venezia 23.
swine influenza
Incredible. It's the thought that you can not drive out writing
this article. Precisely because the story has strong implications, it would be
However, unnecessary space waste in comments. The facts speak for themselves. Before
to set the purchase order, looking through the catalog list of ATCC
Animal viruses. Under "Swine flu, swine influenza, are given
five products, each marked by a symbol. The officers and Vr-333
Vr-99 correspond to a "Influenzavirus type A, Serotype H1N1, isolated
a pig in the state dell'Iowa. The organization that now serves as the host
by carrier, is a chicken embryo of 10 days, at which temperature
incubation of 33.5 degrees resist up to 2 calendar days.
The influenza virus initialed Vr-897, strain A / New Jersey/8/76, "is
even the parent of all the historical outbreaks of swine: what
manifested itself in 1976 nell'istallazione military in Fort Dix, New Jersey,
claiming victims among the soldiers. Vr825 and Vr1520 are influences
human which are shown as "cross reactive with the swine influenza
H1N1. " Among the virus at the base of the swine respiratory syndrome ", there
Featured are at least 11 (Vr 2332, 2384, 2385, 2386, 2428 etc), next
other between 8 porcine enterovirus and rotavirus. The exhibitors of the agents
contagious are also not the Swinepox virus (smallpox of pigs), the
Erysipelas bacteria pigs, and countless varieties of influences veal
feline, canine, equine, avian (dell'anatra influenza A, Vr1331). In order not to
talk of strains of deadly viruses and toxins, which are available through a
second twin storage managed by ATCC (http://www.beiresources.org). Names
often evoke exotic doomsday scenarios. Each with its code
purchase. Since the plague bacterium (Yersinia pestis) and tuberculosis
all'encefalite from Dengue fever to West Nile. Then Sin Nombre,
Hantaan, Lumbo, Trivittatus, S. Angelo, Inkoo, Tahyna, apple, and Trocara
Yellow fever. Or Polio, Smallpox, Papillomavirus, Staffilococco aureus.
And the neurotoxins of anthrax, botulism, ricin,
We try to start the order of swine Vr-333. Unit Cost
598 euro. Clarifies how the page "How to order" on the site
http://www.lgcstandars-atcc.org, the procedure can be performed only by
the "shopping cart" or an electronic fax number. To precede a shopping
registration card, instructions for payment by check to the United
Kingdom Bank of Surrey, through Money transfer agent, or
immediately with Visa or Mastercard.
compliance with the rules
A pie in the notes' page we feel that 'it to the
responsibility for compliance with local rules on products ATCC, not
intended for use in humans. The same law in the Material Transfer
Customer agreement and acceptance of responsibility form 62
downloadable online: "The buyer is solely responsible for compliance with
laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations, foreign, domestic, federal,
state. While the filing of Manassas is looked at sight, to those who book
fever virus to "biosafety levels" communicates what
follows: ATCC products are sent on the condition that you are the only
responsible for their proper storage, handling and use. ATCC
is not responsible for damage or injury resulting from use of materials. 'Fa
charged to the recipient's responsibility to ensure that appropriate
containment for the laboratory where they perform the manipulations. The
reference to a basic understanding of biosecurity is to guide the site of the Center
for disease control. To activate the order can only fill a
"Short form" (application form).
With a description in general terms how the goods will be used "
true in the space of three lines. In the module are asked to tick the type of
organization or entity requesting a list from ultra vague that
the universe embraces the world, "University / Education, Hospital / Clinic,
Research / Foundation, Manufacturing, Food / Agriculture, Nonprofit,
Biotechnology / Life Sciences, Government, Attorney, Industry, Pharmaceuticals,
Cosmetics, Environment, Diagnostic Laboratory or contract,
Distributor, Other (specify). Beyond the threshold of the appeal to ridicule
provide the summary of the client, and work in his
laboratory, on the letterhead. " A stamp
falsicabile with a trivial scanner and access internet. ATCC is committed to
A check of the "basic" and formal accreditation. What could be
done in five days, or no serious. Moreover contactless de
visu, and thousands of miles away, it would be a little 'difficult. The module
completed should be sent to the local representative for Italy to the fax
02-24126831. Self with a signature at the bottom of their level of
biosafety (1, 2, 3). The requirement of a minimum curriculum of the end
applies only to products of level 3, for example swine fever.
For any communication channels remain the mail and fax.
Originally the American culture collection was designed as a "body
neutral non-profit organization free from conflicts of interest. " By
mission to democratize the tools of research, in order to
make it accessible to scientists from the developing countries, or outside the lap of the great
universities. Proto technology company in 1925, to acquire
microorganisms and then redistribute it had a meaning, but now the potential
risks outweigh the benefits. Terrorism aside, a virus
accidentally escaped to do some research yourself (to the delight of
big drug), thanks to globalization takes a few weeks
infect the planet. The ATCC, beyond the product provides for the junta
instructions and aids to manipulate. Bioscience trainee is
The text addressed the question "Need help growing your culture?" need
help to develop your culture? And so with the appropriate technical bulletins
that teach how to revive and manage a viral or cryopreserved
perform microanalysis.
sent home
Comfortably at home are also shipped reagents, membranes,
nucleotides, pharmacopoeia, vectors and kits. In one word you need. The timing
no profit of idealism is gone. 41% of 17,000 buyers is
private (and 25% non-American). It is the same ATCC to admit that "
biotechnology is characterized by a much more commercial than
in the past. " Terms such as licensing, benchmarking and customer satisfaction
have become daily bread. Normal if it were a
soap factory. But here are selling the virus.
A few days ago, scientists from Fort Detrick in Maryland, former place of
search for the suspected n.1 envelopes all'antrace, have denounced the
disappearance of 3 specimens of equine influenza virus. The hypothesis of a
organic fallout, more or less involuntary, it is now relegated to
plot of a serial kind of cult of the Survivors. Neither the current
conspiracy theorists will be missed and that the influence of the pigs
Mexican is in fact a chimera, derived from porcine, avian and human.
Equally similar to a joke as a kind of a crossing from

If it is true...it is orrible!
The end of document reports links of those who wrote it (with number of cell phone)

Since corrupt peoples unite together to form a strong, honest peoples must do the same " (Count Leo N. Tolstoy)

 Post subject: Re: Swine flu
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 11:41 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:59 am
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Location: Canada
This is mind boggling......horrible? It's a bloody nightmare.

All it takes is one demented individual to cause a disaster and 9 times out of 10 no one would suspect the person involved to be demented until after the fact.

It reminds me of the school teacher who had once worked at a nuclear research lab and thought to steal a small tab of enriched uranium...not something a balanced person would do.

He played with it as if it were a toy of some kind and wanted his students to share his interest.

He openly admitted to his students from where and how he illegally obtained his sample and emphasized the danger of being in close proximity to this material.

He was thrilled to show them how it glowed in the dark, but when questioned by his students about his own safety he responded by saying it did not matter as he had already fried himself.

Soon thereafter he died.......but to this day few people want to believe this seemingly normal and well liked teacher capable of such a thing.

One small detail remains unresolved though....where did this dangerous sample end up, in the garbage maybe?

 Post subject: Re: Swine flu
PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2009 12:22 pm 
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Joined: Sun May 25, 2008 12:56 pm
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You're right, David. Probably that little piece is gone to garbage, as those kind of persons do usually. They don't understand the danger and also if they will die, 'cause their brain is not "normal".

It seems as they are underposed to some kind of allucination... like "I'm a bird and I can fly"...but was lsd...

Now, about the document I've posted, I think the only good way is let peoples know about it. It doesn't matter where they are doing those experiments, it matters only thet they must not selling it on internet, they don't have to sell it aìin any way!

At present time there is a kind of alarm launched by WHO and thewy are saying something near the document, but not exactly like it; they said it was a probable accident... what accident if they create it?

We are again checking all about the document (I will let you know more nextly) to have better informations.

Since corrupt peoples unite together to form a strong, honest peoples must do the same " (Count Leo N. Tolstoy)

 Post subject: Re: Swine flu
PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:50 am 

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[url=https://www.google.com/]click to go[/url]


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