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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:04 am 

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Good Laugh wrote:
Fair enough.
Here is a quote from the book.
"With this background, one can understand why conventional EM systems and
circuits do not develop COP>1.0 or self-powering, even though all the
energy collected and used in every electrical power system comes from the
vacuum and not from the shaft energy input to the generator, chemical
energy dissipated in a battery, wind energy collected by a windmill (that
just "feeds" the shaft of the generator), or from the water power dissipated
in a hydro turbine (the hydro turbine also only turns the shaft of the
generator, which does not actually furnish the power to the external power
line connected to it)."

This is the top paragraph of page xix.

So, in other words, I should be able to disconnect the driving force from my generator's input shaft and still get power out. Interesting theory. Hence previous sarcasm.
I will dig up some more gems like this soon.

If you could actually wrap your mind around what Tom is saying you might realize that there is in fact an underlying force of energy without which not much would happen if anything at all.

He did not suggest you could disconnect the driving force from your generator's input shaft and still get power out.

What he was suggesting was an original source of the power out, such as the underlying force of energy supporting and sustaining the dynamic structure of our planet.

Without a differential in the underlying force of energy there would be no electrical power.

You call the man a delusional paranoid, which are pretty strong words for someone who has not had the displeasure of such an ordeal.

I think you are bit too quick to judge Tom. Yes Tom does get dramatic at times, but put yourself in his shoes for a few seconds. I think you might sound a bit dramatic yourself if put in a similar situation.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:13 pm 
Wrapping my mind around a delusional mind is pointless.
Melodrama and paranoia are strong characteristics of delusional people.
Delusional people do not think clearly. This lack of clear thinking prevails on all levels.
You obviously follow Tom Bearden much like weak minded people follow cult leaders.
Have you even read his book?

Let me give you a quick run down on the books format.
Speculation followed by:
Quote real Physicist's a couple of times to try to add credibility.
Make up a bunch of technical terms backed up by gibberish.
Repeat gibberish a few more times.
Now, degenerate into a paranoid delusional world of "They are out to kill me".
Expand that to almost 1000 pages.

I can see why PWE gave up on you. He was absolutely right in his last posting.
The same kind of tunnel vision that is prevalent in cult followers is apparent in you.
My advice to you, don't drink the coolade.

If you look around a bit, you can probably find a small child that has enough physics background to explain why Bearden is wrong. I certainly won't bother with you.

I can see why clean energy technology is not being developed and produced when the world is divided between money worshipping big business and people hooked on pseudoscience.
I want to expose these kinds of people for what they are so real technology can move forward.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:17 pm 
Here are some more examples of the level of clarity of thought coming from Professor Paranoia.
This goes on from pages 211 to 214.

b. Involving the unsuspecting inventor in drug charges by
planting drugs on his property surreptitiously, then
secretly notifying the drug enforcement officials who
suddenly raid the premises and discover the narcotics,
resulting in the inventor going to jail since he has been
caught "red-handed".
c. Threatening the inventor's life and the lives of his family,
to frighten him away from what he is doing.
d. Arranging a fatal accident for the inventor, such as a fatal
auto accident, a fall from a high place, or drowning.

Again, sole keeper of the free energy key, and professional assassin.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:22 pm 
Again, I think this one speaks for itself.

A variation is the use of a
"throwaway" assassin, a fellow who has been deeply
conditioned by very harsh methods, to deeply involve his
autonomic nervous system. He can be spotted by the
"glaring eyes" effect of autonomic nervous system
involvement. This fellow is only marginally functional in
real life, and requires a handler. He also must "fixate" for
some minutes (usually from 20 to 30) on the target, by
staring at him for a period. Then — say, the next day —
while the target is at lunch in a public restaurant, the
throwaway walks in, walks straight to the target, and
empties a pistol in him at point blank range. He remains
there until the police arrive and arrest him. He is immune
even to torture; nothing can be gotten out of him, even by
electrical shocks on his genitals.
Page 212

Wow! That's what I call mind control.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:39 pm 
There seems to be no end to the paranoid delusions with this guy.

"5.9 Suppression of Free Energy Systems Has Been
This is only one of many cases we know of where such suppression of
overunity systems and inventors has been accomplished. Others are not so
benign. Marinov was killed with a longitudinal EM wave shooter in
Europe, and his body was thrown off a building to make it appear a
suicide. The police allowed the body to lie on the pavement for a
protracted time (it was emitting longitudinal EM waves from the timecharging
action of the strike). When finally moved, the pavement glowed
in that area that had been underneath the body. Only one weapon on earth
will kill a person in that manner, and that is a longitudinal EM wave
Glowing Pavement. Sounds like something out of "Repoman"

Being a man, I am grateful no private parts were traumatized in this episode.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:49 pm 
It continues.

"Almost any serious overunity researcher, who succeeds, will have had
confrontations with assassination attempts, suppression attempts, threats,
deliberate legal entanglements, etc. The present author is no exception. It
is sad that one of the prerequisites for serious scientific work in this area is
often a legal gun permit (for both the inventor and his wife) and either
legally carrying a hidden weapon or never being very far from a weapon
when working at home. As an old soldier, of course, one just shrugs and
accepts it, and gets on with the job to the best of one's ability, albeit
remaining very watchful and always on guard."
Page 289

As an ex-military man myself, I truly hope this delusional architecture manifested itself years after this guy was leading professional soldiers. (Shudders)

I wonder if I should tape a Glock under my desk when I do my income tax.......

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:20 pm 

"As a single example, the former Soviet
Union clandestinely brought in nuclear weapons into the U.S., and
Spetznaz teams to detonate them on order. Such weapons (and teams) are
already in large U.S. cities and population centers. The reader is referred to
Lunev's book,197 for details about how the nuclear weapons were

Anyone! What's the number for 911?!!!
I need to tell the President that the coalition forces are in the wrong countries!!!!!!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 5:04 pm 
For those that understand english.

"This now surfaces the real problem: Our electrical engineering process has to be doing something “diabolical” that deliberately forces each and every EM energy system to destroy its source dipolarity faster than it powers its load. Otherwise, no further physical input of mechanical shaft energy to the generator would be necessary, once we had initially forced the generator to form its own internal source dipole {}. Instead, the EM energy would flow freely and forever from the sustained dipole, without ever another “cranking” of the generator shaft."

This quote is from Tom Beardens web page.

Rapid and Decisive Solution of the World Energy Crisis
and Global Warming

© T. E. Bearden Dec. 2007
Slightly updated Feb. 2008

"without ever another “cranking” of the generator shaft."

Blatantly incorrect statement.
Again, he claims the driving force applied to the input shaft of a generator is not needed for the continued generation of power.

"Our electrical engineering process has to be doing something “diabolical”

Again, conspiracy of the Electrical Engineers to keep free energy from the masses.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 5:42 pm 
This is also referenced from the last source.

"Indeed, working, experimentally tested, independently replicated, and proven Bedini battery charging systems that involve negative energy are available now and are already in very limited production and marketing."

No references found with regards to:
1. What company is producing the devices and do they have a web page, phone number, address.
2. Reference to what UL or other Safety Standard Associations have approved the sale of such devices to the public. This approval is standard to the industry.

"At least a dozen other Bedini systems such as self-powering permanent magnet motors are also in successful but early bench prototype form, requiring only the funding for the further development engineering work and then dramatic production and marketing. "

"At least a dozen other....."
If you are not sure of the exact figure, pull one out of the Vacuum.

If there are working prototypes, let the scientific community analyze them, just like every other discovery in the scientific fields.
If you are worried about theft, get a patent.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:23 pm 
Judging from some of the reactions that my comments generate on other discussion groups, I need to make something perfectly clear. I am not trying to convert the OU community.
The OUC is a lost cause in my opinion. I am not looking to confuse the OU followers with the facts.
Their minds are made up.

I am reaching out to intelligent people that may have little or no technical or scientific ability, but are still capable of critical thinking.
These people see the big mistake we are making by continuing to depend predominately on nonrenewable resources. This is the one regularly spoken concept in the OUC that I do agree with.
I want to reduce the resources and money wasted on the pursuit of OU claims that will lead to absolutely nothing. PWE seems to be on the right track. I wouldn't mind joining forces.

Sane, well balanced individuals do not make the kind of statements that I have quoted in previous posts.
I ask you, if you were boarding a public transit bus and you heard the driver going on about people being killed by death rays and poison dipped ice darts, would you suddenly have a strong desire to walk? I know I would.

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