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PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 6:30 pm 
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Dream -Tenderness
The setting for the dream is a restaurant, on a knoll, in the middle of a park. The restaurant is a star-shaped building. The outside walls are all glass from ceiling to floor. (When I first read this past statement I wanted to change it to read “from floor to ceiling” but I thought better of it, for there appears to be meaning in saying “from ceiling to floor.”) (also “star shapes often occur in my dreams and conscience activity, when they show up it shocks me.)
I walked up to the entrance of this restaurant which, was all glass too. There was a large golden pull handle on the door. I reached for it but a doorman who I didn’t see at first reached for the door ahead of me. He was dressed in a white casual suit of silky material and wore sandals but no socks. He wore white gloves. I thought he didn’t want me to touch the golden pull handle with my bare hand. (Thus far there seemed to be a certain purity to all of this. As we progress you will see more of this feature.)
When I entered the lobby, there were more service people there. They too were dressed in white. Inside, the lay-out was circular with the food area in the center. The corridor walls around the food area were walnut color paneling with a few mirrors.
One of the people (wait staff) invited me to one of the dining rooms. All of the walls and doors leading into the dining rooms were also glass with gold hardware. I stepped in. To my far left in the corner next to the window, over-looking the park, were six young women all dressed in coarsely woven tan suits made of a silky material,( perhaps Linen). They wore high heels and no stockings. The high heels were made of a dark brown shiny material, like plastic. They were talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. There was soft music in the background. The booth-like seats along the wall were made of two different materials. The back was like the dress material the women were wearing but more coarse and a shade darker. The seats were of Ostrich skin leather, very soft and off white. The chairs were chrome with the same back material as the booth back. The table had a glass top. There was no table cloth; there were place mats made of woven bamboo instead. They were all eating chicken soup with a very small sheath of grain floating in it. They had dark pumpernickel bread, sliced thin with very thin slices of roasted pork and chicken along with smoked salmon and steamed lobster. There was a tooth paste like tube of some dressing. There were small cups of tea. There was one vacant place setting at both this table and the one on the right. I wasn't invited but I understood that I could choose either place setting.
In my far right by the same window was another table set for three. There were two women there. There was another table beside me to my right, which would be the back corner of the room. No one was sitting there. To my direct left stood a very large wash stand (floor to ceiling). It was about eight feet long. On both ends there were cabinets for towels. In the center was a large basin (gray granite bowl) and coming up from the base behind the washbowl was a chrome pipe that went high above the bowl and bent over to point straight down on the center of the bowl. The water was running all the time. This I could hear.
I rinsed my hands and went to the cabinet for a towel. When I opened the door (a mirror door that you opened by reaching under the mirror to a finger groove), there were towels inside all rolled to display the pattern. The towels had a bright yellow border all the way around them; the center art was like a “Monet” called, “Autumn Leaves”. The way the towels were rolled and stacked one could see a complete and yet different picture in itself. It was so beautiful I didn’t want to touch them. The first shelf had hand towels, while the second and third shelves held bath towels.
Another feature of the cabinet was the sides. The first shelf had translucent panels that glowed a soft peach color. The bottoms of shelves number two and three had the same glowing panels. The wood was oak sanded to a shine and oiled. It was so smooth that I stood there rubbing my face on the wood,
I saw a book on the middle shelf standing against the sidewall of the cabinet. It was an album. I took it out. It was a tight fit, but I was careful not to damage it. It was about eight inches square and covered in soft white leather about an inch thick. Inside there was one picture per page, each five inches square, more or less, and matted in Ostrich leather. All of the pictures had the same general format and content with only changes in color and title. The background was a woven fiberglass material, the same in each picture. Coming in from the top left corner, a quarter of the way down, was a group of rich orange marigold flower petals. From the right bottom corner was a sheath of small grain, maybe rice--it was dark brown. The sheath was tied in a bundle that reached up a little over half way. On the fiberglass background were six chunks of color like shavings from a crayon, each a different shade of brown. Across the bottom was a word. In this picture the word was “TENDERNESS” written in a Roman font but stretched to be taller and in all caps. The color of the type was a chestnut brown with a thin, red drop shadow.
The second picture had all the same elements. The marigold was yellow. The sheath of grain was green. The chunks of color were shades of green. The word, using the same type and drop shadow, was “QUIET”.
In the picture on the third page the marigold petals were white. The sheath was yellow; the specks were shades of orange to yellow. The word was “SOFT”.
It was at this point that I realized that I had long hair, dirty blond in color. As I stood there I looked out the window. There were concrete walkways leading through the park to this restaurant. I remember them from having come that way, but these walkways could not be seen from inside because of the elevated bed outside the window. In this bed was brown clay dirt, shadows from an over-hanging tree, a large round rock to the right, and moving about the center a strutting male peacock displaying all his beauty, in shades of blue, with rich indigo and iridescent greens.
I wondered if every dining room had a similar view, so I turned to go see. The man with the white gloves opened the door for me. I walked a little way to the next room and looked from the corridor. The view was different. Instead of a peacock there was a Forsythia bush in full bloom, brilliant yellow in full sun, another big round rock, and shadows on the right as opposed to the left in the first window. This indicates that the tree producing the shadows was between the first and second window.
I walked on to the next room where the view was an overhanging yellow/green leafed Japanese maple tree; it was hanging almost like and awning. The sun was shining through the leaves casting a golden light on everything. There embedded in the clay was a mirror, like a pond, in which you could see the dark blue sky and the bright green leaves above.
All of this endless beauty was more than I could stand. I needed to leave and get back to the concrete walks that lead me here. I was crying. The man opened the door for me and said, “Come back again, please.”
I turned, as though I didn't hear him, but I had. He was gone and the door was closed. I saw my reflection in the door, I was a woman. (For your information bebop is a man)

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2009 6:37 pm 
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Beautiful description, Bebop; and, it's nice to have you back posting, again.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 4:47 pm 

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Read your post twice, awsome.

First section in my mind your speaking of a type of, how do I put this, a crop circle design.

Learning of the feelings that people get within these crop circles explains a few pieces of the dream, but I am unabel to piece together some of the other parts of the dream.

The lines, star describe a univeral meaning, which if I'm correct is of "Peace" but this is only my theory, which I ave thousands of.


I will read your post again, since I am intrigued by this one very much, will get back to you on further theories.


PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:17 am 

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Excellent post!!!keep up the spirit!!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:10 am 

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I respect this article for the all-around scrutinized content and superb wording.It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog for more details?

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