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 Post subject: Re: OUR DREAMS
PostPosted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:58 pm 

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Jeff, I am not sure if we travel to another dimension or if we just open up another place in our minds. We know so very little about our brains and we use such a small amount of our brains, its all unchartered territory so we don't know whats happening with the parts we have yet to access and maybe, just maybe during r.e.m. sleep{ thats when we dream, during that stage of sleep} we then access or for a better way of putting it we are allowed into that part of our brain and I say this because almost all of our dreams contain information from our waking world and its somehow incorperated into our dreams with other images, scenes, thoughts that I believe come from our sub concious.
Our sub concious mind, and this is just a theory, is somehow connected to all our thoughts, our so called imagination and I believe that since the brain works on all electrical impulses,energy, maybe thats how spirits can communicate with us while we dream, the use our brains energy to manifest themselves.
Our emotions, thoughts, feelings, are all connected to our brain somehow and I think sometimes they play a part in what we dream about. I have spent a lot of time and enegy studying the nature of dreams, why we dream what we do and I have found out some interesting things. If you fall asleep listening to the t.v. or radio, then its likely you will dream about whatever they are talking about on the radio or tv, not always but more often than not. also, if something has been troubling you for a long time, I mean to the extent where its effecting your waking life then it will have an effect on what you dream about and it doesn't always appear to have a connection to whats troubling you but in a certain way it will have a connection just maybe not an obvious one, and lastly having the same dream over and over means that something is effecting you and the dream is trying to say something to you but dreams are funny because rarely do they mean what you think, dreams speak in symbols, things that we see in dreams are often symbolic in nature not literal meanings of what we see, for example, many people dream of either their teeth or hair falling out and that doesn't mean your going to lose your hair or teeth, it means some thing else entirely and I am sorry but I forget what its supposed to mean, I read a book and it was written by a psychic who interpeted dreams and that dream is a commen one but I forget what she said the meaning of it was. I have dreampt about losing teeth many times myself thats why I tend to believe her. Everything else I wrote in the begining of this post is just a theory of mine, I could be way off base but its what I tend to believe so take it for what its worth, its just something else to think about. Good luck Jeff with interpeting your dreams. As caper said, dreams are wonderful things that can take us magical places, let us do things we cannot do in life, let us fall in love with someone we always liked but could never have, yeah dreams are cool, nightmares are scary but if you realise them while your dreaming that they cannot harm you then you can sometimes overcome that fear and dreams are different than premonitions. Premonitions are seeing events that have yet to happen. How can we tell the difference? I believe we will automatically know the difference when it happens. bloodbreed

 Post subject: Re: OUR DREAMS
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:11 pm 

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My mother passed in March of this year and I have had many dreams of her since that day, and believe that some of them can be of memories, but I am uncertain of the ones where she is talking to me about the different things that have not yet taken place, mostly in the area of my investigations, which is under jeff's investigations, and they have to do with me locating different portals and actually pyramids.
Oh, by the way I am back in the forum for a while, with an updated computer and high speed internet, and will hopefully be on-line with a new web-page here in the near future that will talk about all the journies and findings of the Northern Woods of Maine.
I will keep all of you updated on how things are going.
I am looking at a theory of mine at the moment that works around the idea of the dreams having two seperate meanings.
One perhaps of our past happenings and the second one having to do with future happenings which intail the traveling to other worlds with the use of the mind.
If we were to use 100 percent of our brains I wonder what would actually happen to us, and what locations we could travel to.
I do believe that while we are in a dream state, that we do use more of our brain, than we do when we are awake, which may acount for some really amazing out of this world theories and ideas.


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