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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:13 pm 

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I was just re reading what I wrote in a topic about dreams and Dave and others really validate what I do believe in and thats that life is but a short part of a long journey. I honestley think that out time on earth is but a small part of our overall existance. I cannot believe that we are just born once and blessed with a soul and then only live but a speck of time and its over.
I do not just say that either because I myself have a terminal illness and I am hoping that this is not all there is, I have always thought that we are reborn or move on to somewhere else to continue our journey. Thats also another reason I think our dreams are not just part of our subconcious, I think they are somehow connected to another reality even thogh there are bits from our waking life that we dream about, maybe that other reality is not much differnt from our waking reality.
I am not saying that this is all true, I am merely putting a theory out there for discussion, and the more I think on it the more it makes sense to me although there are many parts I have no explination for but science has many things it knows as fact but cannot fully explain why.
Plus this whole ancient aliens thing has really made me think that we have been visited for thousands of years now. This is what I am talking about, how can we explain why 7,500 years ago primitive peoples drew and carved into solid stone pictures of a race of people that looked nothing like them but found it so important to document these beings and almost all of the ancient stone carvings and structures have to do with constellations, precise configurations of constellations. How is this possible when we know that they could not have any idea of the exactness of what they were doing had no knowledge of exact right angles but yet built massive rock formations in precise coordination with certain parts of the galaxie.Its all fact but no one has an explanation.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:29 am 
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I'm with you Joey, I don't believe that our conscious time here on earth, is all there is.

I know that you have had experiences personally, as have I, that back up the fact that there are places we have reached, seen, and experienced, that prove there is more. Much, much more.

The understanding of that part of our existence (that we cannot experience- yet) is only fleeting, but, enough substance to know that whatever is on the other side, is all part and parcel of what is on this side.

Until I had the experiences with the time slips, and a lifetime of confusion over them, only to have more experiences decades later, did I realize that these were not separate, random experiences, but they are all connected. Different time lines, dimensions, I don't know the exact origin, I only know that they are real.

It is too bad that we have not yet gained the skill, as a species, to tap into the side that we happen to be on in this moment in time.


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