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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:32 am 
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Personally, I really believe Lloyd needs to get the correct nswers to his project, no matter where that information leads or doesn't lead.

PLEASE read his e-mail to me below, and if you can help raise money to assist him, do your best. I am donating allowance money I could use for other things; if any of you can do the same, please do it.

And if you haven't read his book, please go to Amazon and buy it before you decide.


(From Lloyd Pye)

Your position on this mailing list puts YOU at the frontline in a battle
playing out between two thousand of US and tens of thousands of THEM. WE
want to see the Starchild case resolved definitively, conclusively. THEY
want it swept away and "disappeared" like a political opponent in a
third-world banana republic. WE are engaged in a SERIOUS battle, so WE must
take our responsibility SERIOUSLY.

I've managed this effort for 10+ years, asking for a lot of help in the
first few years but nothing serious since late 2002, when I received
financing for the Starchild's DNA testing with primers. Now I finally have
to ask each of you to spend less than $20 and to donate a couple hours of
your time. That seems like a fair trade-off, doesn't it? I simply can't get
us over the final hurdle without your help because THEY are now working
against me.

I don't know who it is, exactly, but I know what they've done. Last year
at this exact time, you will recall, I had a deal in place to pay for the
final DNA test and to film a documentary about it. First, the BBC in
England, then several other TV networks in Europe and America signed on,
only to later drop off. Each of them would be excited at first and all
systems seemed "go," then something would happen to scotch the deal at
every place we tried. I kept blaming the failing economy....but now I think
I might have underestimated the situation.

In June a major miracle occurred. The Daily Mail, England's largest
newspaper (3 million sold and read by 6 million every day) asked to do a
major two-page spread on the Starchild while I was there lecturing. This
was as big as home runs get, so I was elated! But then, on the scheduled
day for publication, the fully researched, fully written, ready-to-print
story was suddenly SPIKED! Out of nowhere!!! Someone forced it to be pulled
at the last second with NO explanation to me or to the writer. Just POOF!
Gone! And to this day I still have not heard a word of explanation or
apology from the Daily Mail. So it's clear someone got to them. But WHO?

I don't know, really, and being specific isn't necessary. Let me just
repeat that the game has turned SERIOUS now, and we have to play our side
of it accordingly. I can tell you that I think the reason THEY let me get
this far with the Starchild is that they never once believed I could pull
it off. They knew I had NO WAY to produce the Starchild's genome to compare
it to a normal human. In 1999, when I started, that wasn't even a glimmer
on anyone's horizon. Now it's a reality and they KNOW what can be done with
the 454 Life Science technology. Now my job is to make YOU understand what
WE, working together, can do with the new power we have.

I don't have room in this email to cover all the ground you need to
understand, but I can give you the best shortcut possible to the absolute
HEART of it. I have specifically compiled the TOTALITY OF EVIDENCE into the
new eBook about it, "Starchild Skull Essentials." I wrote it SPECIFICALLY
so all of YOU could have EVERYTHING OF IMPORTANCE bundled together in a
tight little package that any of you can absorb in one go. It takes about
an hour to read it and when you finish you will be a fully functional
advocate for it. You will be able to explain to anyone why the Starchild
really IS a human-alien hybrid, and why all we need is ONE MORE DNA TEST to
prove that beyond anything any skeptic can say to contest it. If you will
help me move things to that point, WE WILL WIN THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL. I
guarantee that, absolutely.

The HELP I need is that once you read it, then you MUST contact your
friends and acquaintances who might be open to something as earthshaking as
the Starchild could be. You MUST spread the word about it to the UFO-alien
based blogs that you frequent. You MUST spread the word on Facebook and
Twitter. I CAN'T possibly cover all those bases alone. YOU are the
shocktroops in this battle for ultimate TRUTH. With your sustained and
coordinated HELP, this incredible event can happen. We will ultimately find
the "Deep Pockets" out there that we have to locate to fund what needs to
be done. But when we DO that, we actually can PROVE beyond doubt that the
Starchild is what I keep saying it is. That is the purpose of the new
eBook, to be a WEAPON in the hands of all of us, a FORCE that will allow us

PLEASE go to [http://www.starchildproject.com/starchild_ebook.htm]
http://www.starchildproject.com/starchild_ebook.htm and get it if you possibly
can. READ IT! I know an hour of your time is precious, but please FIND
IT.....MAKE IT.....STEAL IT. You have to be able to understand and discuss
the reasons the Starchild is so special. If you aren't just holding a place
on this mailing list, if you actually CARE about the outcome of this
ten-year battle, then help me WIN IT NOW! We CAN do that and we WILL do it,
but only working together, working as one, pulling the oars in the same

I'm not good at pep talks, obviously, but I don't know how else to say
these things to you except straight out and direct. I need your help, I
want your help, and I'm asking for your help. It doesn't seem to me like a
great deal to ask of any of you individually, yet collectively we can knock
this thing smack dab into the history books. I urge you as strongly as I
can to help me make that happen. THE TIME IS NOW....LET'S DO IT!!!!

Lloyd Pye



This message was sent by: Starchild Project, 28 Main Street, Panama City Beach, FL 32413

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:09 pm 

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Dear Moderator, I'm posting this information in regards to the only post I could find about this subject online, that hasn't been turned off.

First off, I wanted to say that it's obvious that Pye had a love for his work. I'm a science major myself. He was a heck of a smart person too. It's obvious that we live in a world where people are incredulous to such things, and thus, keeps us ignorant. It's bad enough most of us are taught that such things don't exist, while the staggering amount of claims, obviously say differently.

Pye died without really getting to see the full picture, and I'm under the suspicion that many higher forces were trying to squash his claims. I think the big picture most people are oblivious to, is the fact that once the government admits to such things, they are also admitting that they are not in control, and even more scary, can't protect us. Unfortunately, that's the reality of it.

Pye would most likely never gain acceptance regarding this subject, and it just kills me, to see all the disinformation online, slamming him, calling him a pseudo scientist, and many other demeaning things. But as we know, often times, the truth does surface, and in this case it did. It is odd however that it appears to have been held back until his passing.

Just a few short months after his death, the UK announces the approval of three parent babies. It's legit. So I would seriously like to see all the haters come out now. The EXACT very process that pye explain was used, in the swapping of the MTDNA of the star child. So the only two options regarding this issue now, is either A. He was correct all this time, or B. He predicted the future.

The people that originally mapped out the genome, know things, they aren't letting the public know. It's not that they have to either. Business is business, and on the other hand, if the government steps in, and says, "YOU Will NOT disclose tampering of our human genetics to the public" Well, there you go.

Maybe one day I will share the FULL picture of how all this is related to our REAL origins, however it's not short, and certainly not sweet.

Laci Green from DNEWS, was mocking my work, that reveals many things about humans, and our origins, and in part, contained Pyes claims. Laci, tried to make me look like a fool, and by taking several aspects of what I have pieced together, ended up getting promoted from DNEWS, and now has her own MTV channel. What she may not have realized, is that she also proved Pye right in the process, which is most excellent.


PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:12 pm 

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This forum is a revelation, I love to read on these topics!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:29 am 

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It is astoundingly exquisitely created an article. I genuinely like this post so keep offering it to me. I am to a great degree thankful to you.

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