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 Post subject: Philosophy Of Love
PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:31 pm 
[size 4]Any books that seriously elaborate on the subject, will generally make the same descriptions of francmasonry and will invariably arrive to the conclusion that it controls everything. What they intend to do, what is this “New World Order” for which they have already staged two world wars and have planned the third, the date when it will break out (let’s hope not) is unknown and has been delayed, it is not exactly sure.
What matters is if we like what the world looks like now, because it is their work for centuries, if not milleniums. In any case, they are responsible for the Renaissance, the protestant Reform, founding the U.S., the first masonic state, etc.
It’s all been based on the materialistic conception and the annihilation of conscience and free spirit, so as, under pretexts like “liberty, equality and fraternity”, like the ones of the French Revolution (which had a single non-mason as a leader, Robespierre, L’Incorruptible) a consumer’s society was created (socialist one was invented by them also, in order to scare the Western states in a Union of cultural eradication which they would have never accepted otherwise – well, the leaders could have easily been blackmailed, but – the population needs explanations, offered by the clergymen, after that the thinkers, and finally in the schools governed by their notions, which destroy children, filling their heads with all sort of stupid garbage, making them perfect tools in their System).
Our modern day society, based on the personal desire to a more and more greater material wellbeing, in a fearce struggle and blind rapidity, God knows what for, the spirit doesn’t exist, we’re “happy” this way, we have terapies included in our shampoos to forget about our vicious circle – house-car-work-holiday, the indifference surrounding us, we breathe polluted air, our lungs seem to work only on noxious emanations, for the holy oil we nonchalantly kill children, to get them away from Saddam Hussein’s terror, good thing the soldiers who are trained to kill, have Mc Donald’s there, so they won’t forget their washing powder culture, we teached those there to steal, we raise the children in terror and with a weapon in their hands, the U.S., the country with the biggest debts, as all Western countries have to Swiss bankers, their rotten financial system having been built exactly by them, destroy nature, good thing we have shopping malls, destroy the ecosystem, good thing we have industry, the deepening of differences between depraved luxury and hunger in Africa and Asia, constantly promoted for hatred and despise between the East and the West, so the East would want to succumb to their standards of inculture and unhappiness…
If you only care about yourself, if you don’t care about the Earth’s destiny, your Home, did you forget? If you don’t care about children dying, about nature dying, about your spirit, not just your intellect, placidly consumed behind a desk… You’re a mason. You’re part of the global conspiracy and you don’t mind. You don’t care about freedom for yourself and for everybody.

Francmasonry can’t change the Universal spiritual laws, which in all have in our superior councience. In the end, it’s an unimportant organization, as far as the Univers is concerned. The Earth and every planet of our Solar System will continue it’s evolution, and in the sixth postatlantean period matter will have a subtler constituency and clairvoyant organs will begin to develop spontaneously, actually, in conformity with evolution.

Humans should live in harmony and know that they are actually brothers, but the way that our so called society looks now, you shouldn’t have anything in common with it, with or without isolating yourself from it.
We have the right to do good or evil, we have individuality, we can act out of Love and for the common purpose, or out of selfishness and indifference. But I don’t know whom doing evil… helps. It’s one thing being anti-moralist, and another to be against morality. Wanting to be pitied is a sign of weakness, but feeling pity isn’t. You can’t eliminate Compassion, Schopenhauer also says it, and what is common to any human being’s nature (that even before Rudolf Steiner differentiated between human’s inferior and superior nature) can’t be eliminated, and so it is pointless to try to reduce it. Complete elimination of Compassion produces a miscreant, as for balance, that is only the excuse of those who aren’t capable of being more. In regard to succumbing to instincts and passions, that produces an animal, not at all a Superhuman. It’s right that Nietzsche can be fascinating, he himself only based his conceptions on esthetic impressions, (sympathies and antipathies) but you must take into consideration that, amongst the things that determined him to question the necessity of truth, was his almost total lack of sense for the objective truth, sense which some persons obviously have. Also the need for his optimism in his last period of work was his illness, which could have only advanced on the ground of pessimism. That, not excluding, of course, his Dyonisian nature.
I’m not saying that we should live an ascetic life, away from “worldly pleasures”, but we should realize, remember that we are Children and that we should be innocent and bohemian. We should realize that we can’t go through life indifferent towards the suffering of others, the indifference being the one that actually caused the suffering…
That everybody has the right to evolve also materialistically (but they should take into consideration that they are doing it inside the System) and intellectually, as long as they are concerned about this, I won’t contest and any spiritual evolution shouldn’t take up concentrated efforts, in the sense that you shouldn’t act otherwise than what you feel, but your sincere aspiration for perfection (which isn’t selfish, in it’s supreme form it implies total self-renunciation – there has existed a Solar Hero, which was named Jesus Christ, whose ideals were the same as mankind’s) will eventually lead to the elimination of your inferior nature. By acting against your true nature, you have the same essence and potential as God , you spiritually chain yourself… Throughout your reincarnations…
“Be the change you want for the world”
Love is eternal and primordial! We worn born from it, it flows within us, we must share it! It’s so beautiful to be filled with Love for everything alive! With spiritualized Love we truly fulfill our human potential and our mission on the Earth! Let’s try to live in harmony with the Universe! Let’s live in Anarchy and Love ![size 4]
*About the human evolution, the magnificent description made by Rudolf Steiner in “From the Akasha Chronic” and “Occult Science”, must be mentioned, as well as the studies about extraterrestrials also made by people with clairvoyant capabilities, so as the Manu wisemen from the atlantean period were probably aliens, and not materialised spiritual enteties, although they could be, in any case the aliens, (especially the Annunaki, the supreme god in oriental cultures, which have succeeded the atlantean period, we being the arian rase, was Anu) were superior to humans metaphysically and technically and set the grounds for human accomplishments, until the humans expressed their wish for leading their own lives. [size 4]
*About balance, that would presume a stagnation of the Universe, which actually is in continuous movement, it follows an evolution, and at every reincarnation, the “eternal return” of the planet includes what has been realized in previous reincarnations, in the other “Days of Brahman “ ,which are followed by “Nights of Brahman “ or Pralaya, in which the planet doesn’t exist objectively, it exists only in the spiritual world, without representation in the physical one. [font "Courier New"]


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