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PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 10:22 pm 
Is time travel possible ? Unknown.
If humans became advanced enough in
the future to time travel, would they ?
If there is a single time line then I
doubt they would mess with it. They would
only mess with the time line if they were
facing extinction.They may even be reluctant
then. A species on the verge of self extinction
would not have a positive effect on the universe.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 11:21 pm 
Steve, sorry but your story does not stand up by itself. Don't take it as a personal attack, but it's ridiculous...

PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2004 8:55 pm 
nothing is ridiculous! i saw a ghost once, (it wasent real bet i was scared.) time traval is possiball in a way.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 7:05 pm 
I don't know if it's possible to build a Time Machine per se, but when I had my first out-of-body incident (the year the very first Superman Movie was released--it wasn't in theaters yet, but the ads were all over the TV at the time...1979, perhaps?)--and I fell forward out of myself into a vortex similar to the one depicted in the Stargate SG-1 TV series, now... The sensation was like riding a Tilt-o-Whirl at the Co. Fair, and I remember thinking (about the Superman TV movie ad): "I'll THINK a man can fly? Hell, I KNOW I can!"

Almost instantly I found myself standing on a boardwalk, surrounded by jungle and all the sounds of the jungle, in front of a large bldg. I THOUGHT I was astral-traveling, and that I could poke my head thru the door to see what was inside. Nearly knocked myself out cold! When I recovered from hitting the material door with my physical head, I opened the huge door and stepped inside. It was an NCO club with a 1939 calendar hanging on the wall, and lots of old US war gear which I later identified (later on) as having been post-WWI infantry stuff. There was a long, wooden bar with one lone man (in his 30s) wiping it down at the far end. Old tables and chairs were scattered throughout the floor, and there was a small stage-type area on the other side of the large room. I was shaken because if I was really there, physically, I wasn't sure how to get out. So as I looked all around, trying to gather my wits about me, I spied a huge glass container setting on a barrel, filled with those 3-colored coconut candies--the kind we can now only get from a catalog called The Vermont Country Store. The man at the far end of the bar wasn't paying any attention to me at all, so I lifted the lid on the giant candy jar and took a piece. The second I popped it into my mouth, he spun around and yelled, "Hey! You better be able to pay for that!" Well, at the time I was wearing a T-shirt from JPL that had something written on it about one of the recent Voyager missions and the year 1976, and a pair of quilted jeans with no pockets. As he walked towards me, I patted myself down and said, "Uh... sorry. No pockets. My money's in my other pants." He looked really ticked-off. He had auburn hair and it was longer than an inlisted man's, hair--parted straight down the middle. "YOUR money?!" he snapped. "YOU don't have any money darlin'... anything you make is MINE! You got it?" It occured to me that I he must think I'm some kind of prostitute. Then he looked at what I had on and yelled again. "WhattheHell kinda get-up izzat?" Then I realized he'd read the T-shirt and I didn't think he'd buy my Time-Traveling explanation, so I said, "Somebody gave it to me." "Well, gitcherass outta it, you hear me? Ain't gonna make no money dressed like that!" So I promised I would, and I opened the door and stepped back out onto the boardwalk. I looked up at a perfectly blue sky, framed by the jungle, and said, "I don't know how I got here, so you'd better get me out before he figures out I'm not coming back with any money." In an instant I was back in the vortex, and then suddenly I could feel sunshine on my face and I opened my eyes. I was back in my own bedroom, lying on my own bed. Believe me--home never looked as good before or since as it did right then! When I got up and looked in the mirror, I had a huge red mark on my forehead--presumeably from when I tried to put my head through the NCO Club door. It ended up turning black-and-blue and I got teased a lot over it before it went away.

So... whether or not we can actually build something that goes back and forth in Time? I don't know. But I believe I got there and back from here, simply by a fluke created during meditation. I became the "accidental tourist" in spades, and it was very unnerving. I didn't meditate again for a very l-o-n-g time!

Has anyone else ever had a similar experience?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 2:28 am 
[b][i][#40ffff]I wish time travel was possible because i would change so much about my past.[/#40ffff][/i][/b]
[b][i][#40ffff]I very much doubt that it would ever happen though and if by chance it could then i doubt anyone would be brave enough to go back in time for the simple fact they might effect the future in some bad way.[/#40ffff][/i][/b]
[b][i][#40ffff]It is not our place to change our future, things happen for a reason, who are we to mess with it, thats gods place....[/#40ffff][/i][/b]
Kizzie xxx

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 10:08 am 
This is not a personal attack, however, it is this kind of stupid madness that makes this type of work hard for the rest of us. Can you please restrain yourself from making this type of remark? Man thanks.

PS, I personally believe that tim travel is possible, however, will we ever get the means of doing it? That is open for debate. However, it is debate that seems to hold us all back, after all, our debates in the past have lead to many slow downs in technological advances. Instead of haveing talking shops, why don't we get on with these ideas and find a way of development for this type of technology?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:43 am 
Those who are wise become so, because they are willing to entertain the thought that they do not know everything that there is to know.

I am constantly amazed at people who think that because they have not heard about some phenomena that it can't exist. Berkeley would be delighted to know that he has so many adherents in this day and age.

There are simple truths about "knowledge" that most people need to know: one, it takes two to three years for a new technology to be covered in the main stream media and two, there are so many things that have happened that Americans don't know about and that have never been covered in the mass media that covering them would take eons. It is not just disrespectful to rag on someone simply because what they are talking about is not something familiar to everyone, it is also very knowledge-limiting.

Just yesterday, an MIT professor wrote that we will see time travel within a decade or sooner. Now, with respect to Leonardo visiting this time, there might be technical problems with that with the time travel approach currently being pursued. Who's to say that in the far distant future, time travel technology cannot be greatly improved?

If any of you are familiar with the story of John Titor who claimed to be from 2036, you know that a great number of the events that he predicted have come to pass. Among the things that he discussed was changed perspectives on the nature of time itself. He also discussed microsingularities that would create "black holes"/wormholes and permit time travel. One thing that he spent a great deal of time on was the issue of paradox. It is virtually impossible, according to Titor, to return to one's own time line and preclude one's own birth etc.

There are a couple of reasons for this: there are millions of parallel timelines each relating to slightly different choices being made. In 2036, according to Titor, no one could think of a way to make the destination regulation more precise. Another reason that one cannot return to one's own past is that the person returning is not the person being returned to---not physiologically or any other way. Think about it, every cold, every virus, every event in a person's daily metabolic process changes them to their core. That is why DNA degrades over time and aging sets in.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 1:24 am 
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Wouldn't it just be simpler and less expensive for us to develope "ourselves" instead of building a machine? If remote viewers can be steered to lattitude/longitude coordinates and see what is being done there, as well as see other remote viewers looking at them from across a room, then all we have to do is "BELIEVE" we can do it ... and pursue the mind training that makes it possible.

The internet is man's replication of what used to be done with the mind... we've just not been able to find the records from our Past to prove it, yet. But this world has been around for millenia. Hundreds of advanced civilizations have come and gone before us.

Time travel might be duplicated via a machine, but I'd rather trust my mind to take me where I've never been, because at least I can control my own mind better than I can control a piece of equipment.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 5:35 am 
You are correct,of course Barb.The mind is only the cup of consciousness,and not consciousness itself at all.
Can the vessel then be the soul thats contained therein?
I think not.
Think of you ,your body, on the outside of your mind, making it mobile,feeding it.maipulating matter physically.Now see that you are not body nor mind, but the observer of body/mind.
It is in this vehicle your true consciousness resides.And it is this awareness that can make the journey to anywhen or where.
It remains to become common knowledge of what we really are before we will be in a position to do those things which our awareness is capable of accomplishing on its own.
A paradigm shift is required to bring into being the atmosphere which would allow this to occur naturally
my humble opinion.........

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