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 Post subject: The conspiracy
PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:51 am 

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It recently occurred to me that a good conspiracy is one that keeps people in the dark concerning something someone or a group wish not be known or understood.

The lethal effects of the nuclear agenda for example, radiation which is invisible, odorless, tasteless and for the most part not understood by the majority of the people.

So the link between nuclear radiation and cancer can be easily denied, especially when it is next to impossible to show a direct link from the point of exposure to the time the cancer might first be diagnosed some ten to twenty years after the fact.

Now we have cell phones under similar circumstances, the effects are invisible, odorless, tasteless and not very well understood by most people.

So with billions of dollars at stake the cell phone industry assures everyone that there is no threat or hazard to their health...cell phones are perfectly safe.

And all those studies that show there to be a health risk are inconclusive, so pay no attention to those people because they are just blowing smoke in your face.

But speaking of smoke, second hand cigarette smoke will kill you, it causes cancer and many other horrible forms of illness.......you can see it, you can smell it and you can taste it.

Now there is something we can get people worked up about and something we can blame a whole lot of other things on.....there is nothing more disgusting or vile than a smoker.

Smokers are worse than serial killers and mass murderers.......they blow smoke around, second hand smoke which is worse than anything else known to modern science.

Second hand smoke puts children at risk, kills grandmothers and grandfathers and is a threat to your cat and dog.

Nuclear power is green........its clean and healthy stuff, cows and chickens love it, children love it, so what's wrong with this guy who says its dangerous?

Cell phones are fun...mom can call the kids, even grandma has one, so what could be so bad about that?

How could a cool cell phone give someone cancer....what a joke.

And for something really cool, check out a microwave oven, you can heat your prepackaged dinners in it.......really fast.

Only thing is, which they do not tell you in the operators manual, it destroys most of the nutrition in the food, what nutrition it did have, which wasn't much to start with.

So the really nasty things are kept out there in the form of a conspiracy theory, which most people ignore.

Chemtrails are another good example.......it's just exhaust from the plane, any dummy knows that don't they?

So they laugh and use the word conspiracy, which immediately makes people think of some wing-nut who thinks the government might actually want to do them harm, can you imagine such a thing?

I bet there are a few more too.........like new energy....get out of here with that stuff.

You can't get more energy out than what you put in.........right?

What a dumbo, even kids in grade school know more than this guy.

And if someone came up with a sure fire cure for cancer they would be famous and make millions wouldn't they?

How many times do you have to find a sure fire cure before they call it a cure?

Finding a cure is where the big money is going, would you want to stop that flow of cash?

Yes millions die, but we get to keep our research positions, so what's more important?

 Post subject: Re: The conspiracy
PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:34 am 
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How true David.

The cancer one is really interesting. Considering an entire industry exists because the treatment makes more money than the cure has created an entire social net. We have thousands upon thousands of people raising money for the cure to end all sorts of cancers, yet the pills keep coming, and the cure is never found.

There is no pressure to because, while people believe that they are making a difference, all they are doing really is keeping the cycle of ignorance going by believing a cure is just around the corner, thus raising more and more money for 'research' that doesn't yet have a cure, after how many years?


I have absolutely nothing clever to say......but I'm workin' on it.

 Post subject: Re: The conspiracy
PostPosted: Sun Mar 22, 2009 9:57 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:59 am
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Right now all that money is being spent on studying the human genome.

In my mind that is a cute way to divert the money into eugenics research, while at the same time convincing people that this is cancer related research.

It's genetically determined so if we can unravel the genes we can tell you who is going to get it and who may not.......wouldn't that be helpful.

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