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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2010 7:07 pm 
Is it all the same?

Why should we ever choose.................the truth to erase
Affraid for Satan and his henchmen?.....Trust Gods Grace

This place on earth ........is our testing ground.
Like a sieve...............how are we to be found.

A disciple of Jesus.......................who walks in His steps.
Or are we followers of Satan,.....belonging to the depths.

We have it in our own hand.............is it all the same?
There is no other than ourself to put on ,.....the blame

We decide it..................... for our future state
Will it be Gods joy.................or Satans hate?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:15 am 
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This is such bullsh*t.

I have absolutely nothing clever to say......but I'm workin' on it.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:21 am 

Joined: Sun May 02, 2010 7:33 pm
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i just tried to reply and got halfway through it and it erased. i don't think that was a poem, i would like to put one up but most are about the seedy side of life and i am sure it would offend someone when all they are are the truth as i see it nothing more or less, maybe later, wanted to say hi, hi bloodbreed

PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:38 pm 
Dear mother Earth

O....dear dear............... Mother Earth
Why can't people see what you are worth ?

You are giving us.......... just what we need
Air... water, food , housing... all that indeed

Like Jesus once suffering and bleeding on the cross
You are now suffering and bleeding....o what a loss

But why are they causing you ......so much pain?
Without giving you respect .....all will be in vain

Because...................... you will get them loose
Your life will be longer .....that is what you choose

It is the greed for money that many have ............that is the fuel
It is the greed for millions that made and is still making them cruel

He.......... who suffered so much pain on the cross will come to rule
Letting only wise man having decide what is good for you.....no fool

Coming generations will give you honour........ in keeping your health
Finding inside themselfs........................ Gods richness and wealth.


PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:04 pm 
A ruinous house

A ruinous house is for our good Lord
The church today,……. to say it short

A ruin.....all is sagging and is rotten through and through
Everything is going down now....................it is really true

The roof is leak.................the rain is going inside
Living in there is no more blessing no more hide

Who wants to live in…….. such a hovel
Yes such a hous is ready for the shovel

Time thus for building up a brand new one
regrettig that?.............no there will be non

This new hous will be built with material so strong
No.................no this house will not become wrong

The strong material will be.... the heavenly virtues
They are replacing the old lies played so virtuoso

The heavenly virtues are wisdom and true love between
Lets create a world with total love... as never been seen

Because what does the word church truly means than ?
The real spiritual connection between God and man.


PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:06 pm 
The human being is close to the goal....
BD No. 6256 of 05/13/1955 taken from book 67 ( BD...is Bertha Dudde)

You humans are close to the goal.... Don't invalidate the success of your previous long life on earth by failing now and descending into the abyss again from which you worked your way up over an infinitely long time.... Don't let the final test of will become the cliff which destroys you.... Instead, diligently pursue your goal and you will be happy and free in a very short time. The significance of your life on earth as a human being is usually unknown to you.... you don't spend any thought on what happened to you before and what will happen afterwards.... nor are you aware of the fact that you have reached the final stage of your development where your free will must become active in order to reach the final goal: unification with God, which will result in beatitude and freedom. And, because you lack knowledge, there is a great risk that you won't make full use of your earthly life as a human being and that the last opportunity of attaining freedom for good will remain unused. In that case, the previous infinitely long path your soul had to take through the works of creation in a bound state will have been in vain.... Then the laboriously attained degree of maturity, which the embodiment as a human being resulted in, will be at risk, for you do not remain on the same level but descend again instead, and might even have to take the process through the creations once more, since so many blessings are at your disposal during earthly life that you will transgress against God again if you again reject the help He offers you.... And this signifies that you will fall all over again, which God in His greater than great love would like to prevent. For this reason He conveys His Word to you, the knowledge about His eternal plan of Salvation, about your beginning and your goal, about your task on earth.... It is not His will that you should fall back into the abyss again, but He will not curtail your free will.... He will certainly help you but He will not force you.... And therefore it is indeed possible, but not certain, that you will reach your goal, because your resolve is the decisive factor; and in order to strengthen your will, in order to turn it in the right direction, you are approached by God Himself in His Word.... He instructs you, He informs you of the significance of your life on earth and He tries to strengthen the sense of responsibility you have towards your soul.... He conveys the truth to you humans and every person can accept it if he is of good will.... if he seriously thinks about the reason for his existence, if he feels affiliated to a supremely perfect being and would like to establish the connection with this being.... The Word conveyed to earth by God Himself will make him happy, for he will recognise the truth, he will feel that God Himself is speaking to him and he will do what God demands of him, he will fulfil the will of God, and God will reveal Himself to him through His Word....

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:46 am 
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I'm not a believer in "God" the way we're taught in churches and religious organizations, but I have no problem with those who still buy into the churches' ideas of God.

I think god is an all encompassing force of positive energy - available to all of us - through meditation and open minds, but yes... the poetry is nice.

Here is My personal vision of what god is, and how this energy works:

                HOUSE FULL OF MANSIONS
                    By: Barbara L. Snowberger

           Energy, synergy, blend into consciousness.
           Flurries of particles merge and relate.
           Building momentum, a House full of Mansions,
           Filling the Void where Tomorrows await.

           A House full of Mansions; a Space of Dimensions.
           Each holds a Universe, all quite the same,
           And yet, slightly diff'rent. (perhaps out-of-sync a bit)
           Thus, when they touch, all is One, in reclaim.

           Inter-connected, the lives of all Beings.
           Ripples of Sound, Light, and Thought, all entwined;
           Inter-dependent, and each so resplendent.
           What alters the Lesser affects the Sublime.

           Prophets see glimpses, and each one interprets;
           Thoughts become solids as each heralds, "Truth!"
           A House full of Mansions; a Space of Dimensions,
           Inter-connected, but known not in sooth.

           We mimic with World Web, it’s science; connections.
           All are inclusive of Chaos and Grace.
           All begins Elsewhere and manifests now, here;
           Singular fathoms of mural encase.

           Truth as we know it is Truth as we see it...
           A House full of Mansions is never the same;
           And yet, it is present in Thought, Faith, and Science;
           Omnipotent Splendor, Imperfect Refrain.


Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

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