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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:39 am 
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wow this is amazing.
your story seem to be very convincing for me although I am not expert in this
I am such a good abductee that I wouldnt need any mind control tricks to black me out. within seconds of their sight I could just faint. I think I wouldn't be able to fight back like you did, I am not so brave

I've heard that they come to people which are interested in them so try asking them questions, be curious and they will definitely come.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:15 pm 

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We have a few things in common regarding the experience you've shared here. 16 years ago I began having trouble sleeping at night, this wasn't something that gradually happened over a set period of time, it more less occurred over night. Prior to my sleep disorder, I developed severe anxiety attacks.The frustrating part of it all was that at the time I had not gone through any sort of stress or disturbing events in my life to trigger these anxiety attacks, Doctors could not find a cause to the problem. Finding it somewhat hard to relate, vivid dreaming and feeling different from those around me is something I can relate to.

After two years of feeling like a walking train wreck, I managed to take control and the anxiety eventually disappeared but unfortunately the sleeping problem still remains at the moment. It wasn't until around 2003 that things started to make sense that I feel may explain my sudden anxiety and sleeping problems I had.

In the later part of 2003 on a particular night I found myself physically drained and tired yet I had not done very much that day to make my body feel drained like I had ran a 25 mile marathon for the first time. I went to bed very early that night, and I had a dream that felt very real, more so than any other dream I had ever had before. During this dream I remember coming out of a groggy sleep that felt similar to being doped up and woke up after coming straight out of a hospital surgery. As I awoken I noticed that I was laying on a table in a bright lit room, practically everything I was looking at in front of me was white in color and the room seemed very sterile, more so than any hospital. This wall I was looking at was also white except a small narrow portion of it was black in color, the entire wall had a curve to it like a half circled shape. The long black object on the wall looked like it could have either been a window looking out into space or it may have been a product that everyone can now buy on the market today, "36 inch flat screen Tv's" next to one another which ran the entire length of this curved wall.

While I was focusing on this wall in front of me, still somewhat confused and wondering what the hell was going on, I attempted to raise myself up but something took hold of my right arm. The more I fought to raise up the more I was pulled down. At this point I quickly became frustrated and my attention began to move further to the right side of the room. I seen this tall alien dressed in what looked like spandex material clothing, it stood about 6 feet from me just observing me. The tall one was holding a narrow pointed triangle shaped device in it's hand that looked like it was made of crystal and it had a bright glowing white color to it. I looked at this tall Alien for a brief moment, then I turned back even further to see what had a hold of my arm. Standing even closer to me was two very small Aliens approximately 4 feet tall, a few feet shorter in height than the tall one.

I immediately began to flip out in a state of rage fighting to pull my arm away in an attempt to jump off the table but I couldn't budge, one of the little Aliens told me with his mind, "Calm down, do not resist." I began to curse at them both while still struggling to get loose. The tall one put his hand out towards me as if it was trying to be helpful in calming me. The tall Alien took a few steps closer to me, and without hesitation I kicked him in the face with my right foot as hard as I could, this kick was the difference between life and death fueled by heavy dose of adrenaline. I felt my foot touch it's face and felt the bones in the facial structure give way.

I'm not exactly sure what happened after that, If blacked out or was knocked out. When I awoke again, my entire body was restrained, I could not move and I heard this thing above my head moving closer to my right ear. This thing moving closer had a drill noise coming from it, I started yelling with fear as it went deep into my ear, I could feel the pain and i'm not sure if it was a drill bit or a long needle. I felt it puncture threw and go inside the middle of my head. I began to fight against the restraints yelling louder than before. I blacked out again and the next thing I remember is being back in my own bed, as I awoke I heard something outside my window that sounded like it was running away but I couldn't move fast enough to get out of my bed in an attempt to capture a glimpse of what it was.

I stayed awake that whole night with this abduction fresh on my mind, the starting point of my sleeping disorder. My right ear ached a little but it went away the next day, I thought about my experience for several years after practically every day. I constantly wondered if I had killed that tall Alien or seriously injured it, and I thought about the crystal object it had trying figure out what it's purpose was used for. The years passed by quietly but here recently I believe they are starting to approach me again but are doing it very cautiously. Twice within this year I've awoken in a panic with a heavy weight on my back that holds me down and restrains my movement. I find it hard to breath when I'm in this situation and after a few minutes of struggling to move my body, the heavy weight lifts from my back, legs, and arms and everything is normal again.

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