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 Post subject: Korans Apocalypse
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:33 am 
The Dark Side and The Side of Light

The Cycle of Apocalypse

Rather than a scenario of either our own self victimization or guidance from an extraterrestrial species, there may be a third player wherein the planet itself takes the center stage and thereby changes the course of evolution in the only way it can be done, in a radical reinvention of itself.

Due to a lack of interest in these matters, the United States has the highest rate of illiteracy in this country, as previously noted, in the knowledge of traditional religious teachings while, on the other hand, this country has the highest percentile of membership in religious organizations.
As a consequence, few people realize just how tightly bound the Muslim and Christian religions actually are in terms of their essential messages, prophets, saints and messengers.

Most of us are very familiar with the highly cryptic Christian version of the Apocalypse, while very few people I have discussed this with have any idea that there is a Muslim version, which clarifies and adds depth to the former. This version is 1, 400 years old.
First some preliminary predictions.

The construction and habitation of skyscrapers in the desert.
The difficulty of maintaining a set of values
The contraction of time through various devices.
Scholars replaced by Ignorant Leaders
Torture will be widespread
People will be clothed but appear naked
Open sexual relations
Greetings reserved only for those you know.
Cutting of family ties
Bearing of false witness through the media.
The institutionalizing of spreading rumor, of others faults.
Six Events ( Proliferation of money, Respiratory diseases, Confusion that prevents positive action, confusion of ideology and a struggle of civilizations)
Religion becomes Strange. In other words, its purpose is reversed.
Truth will be rejected.
The rise of the Khawarji aka Muslim fundamentalists.
Innovations of religion
Constantinople will become a center of a conflict.
Sanctions on Iraq and Syria will occur
Fire from Hijaz The burning of oilfields.
Sham, Makka and Medina will become sanctuaries or safe havens.

For anyone interested in these uncannily accurate predictions and the other events not listed here, I highly recommend "The Approach of Armageddon?" by Shayk Muhammad Hisram Kabbani which provides a highly detailed Islamic perspective on this topic, which is far too lengthy to paraphrase here. Let us move to the origin of all civilization, prior to the Garden of Eden to the Alpha from our Omega...Atlantis.

"These members of the Akhaldan devoted themselves to the study of three brained beings of their planet which proceeded in them not in consequence of various functionings issuing from different qualities of impulses engendered owing to data already present in them, but from cosmic actions from outside and not depending on themselves..
And here it is impossible not to express regret and to repeat that to the most great misfortune of all terrestrial three brained beings of all later epochs, it was just then-when after incredible being labors by members of that great society the required tempo of work had already been established
with regard to discernment, conscious on their part and also with regard to their unconscious preparation for the welfare of their descendants-that is in the heat of it all, certain of them constated, as I have already told you, that something serious was to occur in the near future..."

GI Gurdjieff Beezlebubs Tales To His Grandson

As I write this, the magnetic poles as well as the quality of our charged atmosphere is weakening and the consensus of traditional science is that a reversal of the positioning of the Earths magnetic axis is imminent. We have explored other more human disturbances which correlate to the larger changes much like the Society of Akhaldan had documented prior to the destruction of Atlantis.

All of this brings us to the role of our extra terrestrials in the aftermath of such an event, much as in the historical records, such as they still remain, as distorted as they may be.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:30 pm 
I heard that it wasn't so much of a complete polar reversal, but of a [[[90 degree shift]]]. ie. parts of the equater will become north and south pole, the rotation (due to gravitational forces of this solar system) will cause the earth to then move counterclockwise (as now) but the new"equater" would encompass the current north and south poles. Thus, the poles are going to melt, one way or another. What this will due to our earth - only God knows![/left]

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:02 pm 
The western Nations and powers remain woefully ignorant and somewhat contemptous of the ancient knowledges and prophecies inherited by other cultures and religions.
Though religions have been used by the unscrupulous to enslave mankind from cradle to grave, nevertheless they do contain bodies of preserved and arcane knowledge .......
There is ample evidence of this and it is not a point ill concede.
Western culture is supremely suited to and perhaps exists because of a certain arrogance on the part of its major participants.....this has led to an unfortunate degree of ignorance on our part, and definately, a suppression of many valuable points of view that are foriegn to us.
Just where did you hear, and what did you hear was abpout to take place?
Please qualify your assertion as to source whenever possible....hearsay is not enough at times....specially in a discussion of this sort(though i too am guilty as charged on that score much....)
The predictions are so many and various that wed better qualify in order to avoid confusion(good luck on that too)as much as we can.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:10 am 
I agree with you Bergle - we've forgotten a lot of ancient knowledge (but I guess the ancients had as well) and the modern world is arrogant, although I think that's just a human condition. We think we've achieved a lot (and we have) but at what cost is that achievement? We think we can control things but we can't - that sense of control is just an illusion. Ancient man knew he couldn't control the elements or whatever, although he hoped if he called on the spirits or gods that it may give him an edge. These days we call on technology to do that but we think it will work. And when things go wrong we wring our hands and look for someone or something to blame, but it's our arrogance which is to blame, even if it didn't cause the problem it may have caused the outcome.

Sorry, gone into a bit of a rant.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:01 am 
So we are Hardwired to blind folly....is that yer point?
Mine too.....[crazy]
When we are stepping into the realm of the supernatural, it is very much a nessessary first step to shed all preconceptions....
Whether we attribute the prophecy of countless seers to a chemical imbalance (such as mouldy rye bread may produce on occaision)or to the inspiration of an all prevading presence of the guiding and creative force which some call the Holy spirit or the Spirit of God.....or perhaps some inherantly scientific explanation to do with human brain function and capabilities....the subconcious perception of the senses....whatever.....
We must surely at least give some credit where credit is due....far too many of the prophecies are handed down to us by supremely wise and rational men of no small intelligence.
It is not within the bounds of our endeavour to pass judgement upon their normality nor sanity.
I believe what is required is the coalation of all prophecy and the comparisons and parallels we can draw between them.

For all intents and purposes i fail to see any distinguishing factor between say the prophecy of daniel in the bible, and nickols-k on our forum.
From whatever wellspring that prophecy does burst forth into human consciousnes,
once presented it must be taken at face value till proven false............

Without leaving the origin of the prophecy behind we cannot compare the separate skiens........

That said, there is an amazing amount of like prophecies to be found among such dissimilar sets of holy belief as the book of revelations and the Hopi Indian knowledge and prohecy....That of the Mayans and other far flung and disconnected organisations and systems of belief.

It of my particular interest, that all the similarities be examined and compared,thus giving some kind of comprehensive picture as to what all mankinds seers believe that the future may hold for us.
Like remote viewing, prophecy is a human trait, and it must be similar in function to remote viewing.(remote viewing in time)as well as other paranormal abilities
Did you know or realise it is impossible to remote view past a certain point in time?That all remote viewers come up against a barrier where there is no further form or universe,just a grey wall of fog?
(the sorcerers of Don Juans school have a name for a similar feature of the astral world, and it has crosed my mind they may be speaking of the same thing from two differing points of view.....)Don juan slips between the crack between the worlds to do his astral journeys....
what do remote viewers do that is similar?
In either case, the point im trying to make IS CONTAINED IN THE PRECEEDING PARA...
Where id like to see this thread go is in the way of real comaprison of real prophecy...know any?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:13 am 
The Hopi of the four corners region of the USA....
Where the four corners of colorado nevada new mxico and arizona meet...
Have a body or knowledge and prophecy which they claim is handed down unto them from the beginning of men.
They are an extremely spiritual and peaceful people.
They claim possession of the origonal stone tablets(a parallel to the Mosaic ones)handed down by the all father to races of men.
A corner of one of the tablets is broken off and will be returned to them by the great white brother whom they expect to come and lead us all to peace and brotherly love,as well as heal the earth of her many wounds......
Their prophetic vision given long before the USA was in existance, gives an apt description of the wagons of settlers, the railroads comming, the telephone and telegraph,electricity, and finally the highways system.
It further states that men will go to the moon,(if they bring back any rocks from there,say the prophets,there will be great trouble over it.)
They also prophecy a house in the heavens will fall back to earth...(the russian space station?)
As well as the comming of a "Blue Star"which heralds the end of this world(the fourth)and the beginning of the fifth world.
Could this Blue Star be the recent comet which exploded flashing out many times brighter than any other star yet seen?
Prophecy is for contemplation....

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:18 pm 
That's interesting that the Koran says at the end times 'torture will be widespread'.

And that is the official policy for every guttersnipe with a gun, given that relative gain and the scarcity of money dictates it's worth.

Illiterate thugs picked up in dragnets. Anyone with a neighbor with a grievance can make a few bucks turning over someone to the American Torturers.

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