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 Post subject: PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 12:57 pm 


"Step aside and make a way 4 those who want 2 Go."

PLATEAU...is that place where things level off and One need go no higher, but begin to branch out.

How do you reach PLATEAU, and how do you know you are in it?

There is a sensing of peace, and open unconditionalness (invented word!)

1. PLATEAU is always approached with a sense of wariness in the newcomer.

It is not expected to be a familiar place to you initally.
Most people have to be told when they are there that, they ARE there!

2. One must be quiet initially, to get a sense of the vastness of PLATEAU.

One must direct one's thoughts or reflections inward.

3. If One is alone, self examination is emminent.
If One is with Another, open exploration is the best procedure.

4. The essence of what you are will be found out in PLATEAU...ie,

If you have no Light in YOU from which to draw illumination, quite possibly YOUR thought process and focus could be Dark, or simply, Empty.

5. PLATEAU at times cannot be described in words. You must be prepared to speak in manners other than audible.

It is a place reached in One's Spirit, and the Heart, with the help of the Mind.
It is taking the Wings of the Love within YOU, and soaring through YOUR Soul.

I took a friend to PLATEAU one night...

She said I was such a lofty person, she couldn't fly with me...

I stressed to her, "Look down, I am walking, YOU are already in the Air, but don't come down, enjoy your flight!"

To be aware IS to FLY.

We can speak of many things here in PLATEAU, and everything we wish to say, we really already know, but to say them? There IS that freedom to do so here.

"I love YOU", she said cautiously, "Help me to stay here."

I flew up beside her and stared into her eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked, turning her head, trying to avert her gaze.

"Loving you" I replied, continuing to stare, letting the intensity of the moment build of it's own accord.

She seemed puzzled. I explained,

"Let your heart feel what I am sending you.
Let your Soul hear what I do not say.
Let your mind go to this place that is being created expressly for YOU.
YOU already possess the power to stay here on your own."

She reached out for a reassuring touch as I quickly backed away...."NO HANDS!" I chided.
"Sometimes physicality can contaminate the sanctity of the moment...sometimes."

"It's all around YOU, feel it.
YOU can't contain it, so swim in it.
If YOU drown, YOU live...Go ahead, go under. Drown deep."

...We both did at that point, and coming up for air there was silence.

"I love YOU" she whispered, "I already know", I replied... "YOU have allowed yourself to open, NOW you can say anything, or ask any question...right Now."

We were in a place of connection, permission, and learning.

What we had done was simply begun to pay attention to each other, FOCUSED attention.

Each breath became a synchronized measure of song, at the same time more valued, because of the knowledge of the one drawing it.

PLATEAU can be likened to a heightened sense of awareness.
It used to be called a 'Natural High', but it was never examined further after entering the Realm of it.

In The Quiet, One can look at whatever issues are brought to the table, knowing all will be answered honestly.

After a while, One is not afraid to ask questions or make statements here.

Daydream IS a form of PLATEAU gotten to, albeit, accidentally.

Since One did not purposely go there, but arrived drifting, One can fall out of a Daydream rather abruptly and without choice.
One can remain in purposed PLATEAU until One wishes to return with whatever emotions One took in, or brought out with One, but generally with a more matured sense of understanding.

The only experience I know in PLATEAU is Love.
Since Love and Understanding ARE all I seek,
PLATEAU emphasizes that State of Mind.

That positive State of Mind that can also operate outside the limited confines of One's own head into a positive State of BEING.

All negative rules can be broken here.

The rule of thumb, the same laws governing a sense of Hate, can decide to operate permissively in Love, where the greater gain is to be achieved.

True PLATEAU cannot be reached totally without the Knowledge that GOD is LOVE, and any positive communication created between You and Another, or just Yourself, is thru His Goodness.


entering the depths of:
Another's Smile
Gifts given freely
Kisses without lust
A Look
A Sigh
A Scent
A Call
A Song
A Color
A Flower
A Thought
A Place
A Poem
A Remembrance......
So many things can bring One here.

YOU add some depths of YOUR own
and go.
If YOU know how to get there...
Take Another with YOU when you go.

PLATEAU is a real sense of Living in the LIGHT of LOVE!

(c) PLATEAU 2000 tayknmiazziz

"But when did I ever kiss YOU?" she asked. "Ever since we've met," he said matter-of-factly, "u've been kissing me with ur eyes".

taken from the Prince Novel '7'.

(c) '7' 1995 tayknmiazziz

"PLATEAU was written FOR Nettie, 'cause she asked me to, and FOR U because U didn't."

'take the time 2 no me, that's all i ask."



n the cool early hours of dawn, eye
contemplate just who u were, as opposed, 2 what u could have been, and eye sigh,
remembering...ur moment.

TayknmiAzziz (c) 2005

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 11:11 am 

I can't claim to fully understand what you have said here, but the sense I get is that the possibility exists in everyone to develop and build the love they have inside into something greater. Using awareness. Wanting their love to grow.

Am I right?

Remember that corny song? 'What the world needs now, is love sweet love, that's the only thing that there's much too little of..'

Well, corny or not, it is the truth.

You say PLATEAU emhasizes the state of mind. So I guess to get there you would have to empty out all negative thoughts. You can't take hate or greed to the Plateau, you can't take lust or jealousy there. You'd never arrive, just go crashing back down to the place you started out from.

I like the Plateau, though I've never been. It must be a beautiful destination.

It should be on every school curriculum. It should be taught to children, how to reach the PLATEAU.
Then gradually, maybe there would be hope. Maybe we'd evolve into something better than a race in love with war.

Kids are brought up in a material world and everyday they see all around them the world they will one day be expected to survive in. Television brings all the troubles of the world right into their homes.
Do they know they can find inner peace?
Does anyone?

Yet in our minds we have the very place to escape.
It cannot be easy getting to the PLATEAU. You'd have an awful lot of junk to clear out first. I know I would.
But I'd like to try.

Drugs are not the answer. Money doesn't bring you peace. Humans have great personal potential without recourse to anything much except some food and drink and love of course.

God made us complete, yet we live in pieces.
Our lives are all over the place and our brains are clogged with meaningless crap, blocking the PLATEAU.

You might think in a cynical moment that someone out there was intentionally flooding our lives with shallow diversions in order to pollute our possibilities, jam our radar.

It is not in the financial world's interest to have us there on our PLATEAUs, it might mean their profits would suffer! Poor things.We might stop needing so many material things! So they keep swamping us with commercials for new items we don't need.

I guess that's why people try to pray. They try to focus their thoughts for a while, but it's hard to do. Hard to break the conditioning.
It must take real concentration, belief, and a strong desire to reach PLATEAU.

I don't know if I have enough light in me. I hope I do. But I don't know. But I sure want to be on the side of the light ones. The bright ones.

Thank you for your beautiful and thought provoking message Takyn.

Go West

 Post subject: Re: [Go West] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:38 am 

oh...Go West, precious one!
You've been there, and don't even know it.

I know a place
Ain't nobody crying
Ain't nobody worried
Ain't no smiling faces..(the lying kind)
Power to the Races...
Somebody help Me?
I'll Tayk u There!
I'll Take U THERE!...

Eloquently, and Beautifully put Go West...
If you are ever more than a 'Guest' and get a real profile....PM me................
I'll take YOU there, eh?

take care of you!

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 9:09 am 

i was here...where were u?
i'll be back when i have more time...soon.

i'd like to see a few questions, quests, or achievements when i return.

or whatever you like.
i'm listening to the winds of change...are they blowing your way?

love you

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:04 pm 
...i do have something to say, people.
just waiting for the timing to be right...

How in the middle of LOVE, can there be such great Sadness?

How in the middle of FREEDOM, can there be such Possession?

How in the middle of HOW, can there be the question of Why?

To find I've made Sense of Nothing, should not surprise me, but it still does.

I was once told, by someone I consider a grizzled old scholar, that to serve the people one must remain a servant.

Certain happinesses are not to be yours if you are to make everyone happy.

I tried to hold on to a Dream, and when I awoke I found I was clutching The Wind...

Can you fathom I was sure I was traveling on The Right Path....but now I think I may have missed a turn, and have truely lost my way.

It's too hard to search in This Dark, in the middle of my Tears.
Best I wait right here until Daylight throws a better perspective on things...besides I really am tired.
Sheltering in the crevice of a rock all night has left me cold.

I spoke the language of Plateau...open, honest...it speaks to someone, I just let it be said.
I have no secrets. What I said is Heart talk.
Saying the things you never had words for runs the risk of the words you've used to say it, being inadequate...

Enough speculating...2 hrs left for my rest, and I won't find 'The Answer'...tonight.


 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:04 pm 

Yes, I was there. I am trying. But It is not easy synchronising. You didn't see me.

But it was in a dream.

My quest is flying. Not like an eagle, but more like a kind of butterfly. Up to the flat top of the plateau on silent wings.

Still need some help. Am I in the right place? That's my question.

Funny you should mention wind. I am learning its language. It knows everything.

Love U too.

Go West

 Post subject: Re: [Whitedog] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:32 pm 


you are in the right place...

speak, or not.

I will begin to speak soon...I will say things I don't want to say. I will speak what I don't want to hear.

As free as I am, I have allowed myself to be bound.
I am compromising and I am paying the price for it..

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 12:13 am 
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Taykn, if it's any consolation, compromise is just another fetter of being confined in a physical body. Try to remember that NOTHING is perfect until we're flying free with only the soul wafting in the winds of Time.

Til then, we're all here, together.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

 Post subject: Re: [Tweaked] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:42 am 

...you feel me Tweaked.
thank you.

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] PLATEAU
PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2007 12:09 pm 

timing is a major factor in life...
a moment too soon...a minute too late...
all determining factors.

The timing for what I want to say is off.
I feel the expressions in my gut, but the content is not flowing.

Please be a bit patient...the holiday season is no excuse, but it is distracting.

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