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Bibliography of Research in Natural Language Generation

A part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection, providing references for papers published through 1994. Searchable, browsable.

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"String Searching Algorithms" Book

String Searching Algorithms: exact / approximate string matching, edit distances, common sequences, longest repetitions.

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References on Zipf's Law

An academic bibliography on this relation between a word's frequency in a text and its place in a ranking of words by frequency. Includes some online texts.

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The Natural Language Software Registry

A "concise summary of the capabilities and sources of language processing software available to researchers. It comprises academic, commercial and proprietary software with theory, specifications and terms on which it can be acquired clearly indicated."

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Language Technologies Institute

A research program at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on machine translation and speech processing. Includes news, admissions procedures, staff profiles and current projects.

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Teaching materials for statistical NLP

Centered around Eugene Charniak's book "Statistical Language Learning", this page features a book review, some notes, sample solutions to exercises in the book, and a small corpus with which to experiment.

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Grammatical Inference

Repository of information on grammatical inference, automata induction, and language acquisition.

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Mingsee, Inc.

Develops systems which enable computers to analyse and "understand" text by using proprietary algorithms.

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Natural Language FAQs

Selected FAQ lists from Usenet groups related to natural language processing.

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CMU AI Repository - NLP area

Machine readable parts of NLP textbooks, NLP corpora and dictionaries, fonts, and software.

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Link Grammar

A formalism for the computational parsing of English. Includes parser with downloadable source code, English-to-German translator, documentation, bibliography.

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Mobile translation system for the translation of spontaneous speech in face-to-face situations.

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Crux Editions

Scientific publisher and consultant specializing in language technology.

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Corporation developing natural language technology solutions for global business. Includes corporate information, some online demos and catalog of services.

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Zi Corporation

Holding company with subsidiaries which develop and market Chinese character-based language applications.

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Australasian Language Technology Association

Information about language technology in Australia and New Zealand. Includes mailing lists, general information, and links to research and training in Australasia.

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Intellexer - natural language searching technologies

Intellexer allows developing knowledge management tools, document comparison software and document summarization software, custom built search engines and other intelligent software.

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