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White Light Investigations

We are a local team, based in the South East of England, with a knowledge of the local area. We came together with a mutual understanding of the paranormal, and an appetite for investigating the unknown. Four of the White Light Team members are Spiritual Sensitives and have had active, constructive paranormal experiences for a number of years. When going on investigations we always have a sceptical observer as we feel this creates a balance in our findings. The W hite Light Team will investigate, document and provide evidence of paranormal & supernatural phenomena. We welcome any requests to investigate residential properties or any other site which may have paranormal activity. We are a non-profit making organisation.

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The Paranormal DB

The paranormal DB where you can realy know the truth! Keep yourself informed easily on the latest paranormal stories that matters for you.

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Scary Videos

We all love a good scare, and if you love scary videos, you've come to the right place. Panic Attack Videos offers the best scary videos, pranks and funny bloopers on the web today.

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The Most Haunted Nightclub in the US

This site has video, facts, and first hand accounts about the most haunted nightclub in the United States. It also has a lot of other paranormal related information.

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Design of Destiny

Design of Destiny is an online resource dedicated to obsessively profiling of Controversial & Paranormal topics. By giving access to information, stimulating debate, and research info, we aim to promote the understanding on various controversial subjects and analyze their various impacts on people. Our database provides access to information addressing some of the mysterious and unexplained phenomena�s. Our Readers find multiple tools to make their way through the world of Paranormal & other related subjects.

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Paranormal and Spiritual Forum

A discussion forum on all things paranormal and spiritual.

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Supernatural Encounters

Supernatural Encounters is a free social network community for those interested in the supernatural and the paranormal. Create a personal profile and share your experiences with other members, join our groups, write blogs, post photos and videos, find paranormal news, ghost cams, haunted locations, and more.

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weird and strange facts on everything paranormal and weird

Hello I am Ibra and my website deals with weird and strange facts on different paranormal things like UFO sightings, Big foot phenomenon, Loch Ness Monster facts, Weird Animals on earth, Strange facts about different things, Historical facts, Random articles on different topics, amazing sea creatures, Amazing Land Animals. Thank you regards Ibra

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Paranormal News

A weekly blog dedicated to exploring topics of the paranormal variety.

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Psychic Readings

A psychic reading can give you the spiritual insight you need about life, love, career or health. Kooma has the UK's widest range of psychics for readings by phone and psychic readings by SMS.

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