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Philosophy of Logic



Frege's Theorem

Article in the Stanford Encylcopaedia of Philosophy, entitled `Frege's Logic, Theorem, and Foundations for Arithmetic'. Discusses the 1980 discovery of Crispin Wright that Frege's work of the Grundgesetze can be carried out in second-order logic with Hume's principle.

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Logic and Mathematics

Essay on the nature of logic and its relationship to the philosophy of mathematics, written by Stephen G. Simpson.

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Why Aristotelian Logic does not Work

An essay at outlining an argument against Aristotelian syllogistic. The argument focusses upon the relationship between Aristotle's categories and his conception of being, attacking them from an idealist position drawing upon Brouwerian intuitionism and some Zen philosophy.

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An online textbook by Garth Kemerling, explaining the basic elements of elementary logic at an undergraduate level.

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Peirce's Logic

Article in the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, by Eric Hammer.

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Symbolic Logic

Online resources provided to supplement undergraduate course taught by Peter Suber. Good collection of handouts.

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The Danish Network for Philosophical Logic and its Applications.

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