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Alien Abductions



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Sexual contacts with aliens occur frequently

On October 16th 1957 a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas Boas was working on his field, when the engine of his tractor suddenly stopped. In just several minutes the farmer saw a "flying disk" above his head. The spacecraft landed on the field, and Antonio saw three humanoids stepping out.

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The Hill Abduction


The seminal case of alien abduction may be explained by a conflict of physiology known to cause dissociative episodes in at risk office workers, knowledge workers. The problem was discovered after 1964. Barney could not have had Cubicle Level Protection in 1961.

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The WHY? Files

A comprehensive overview of Ufology and associated subjects - see "What the experts think" about The WHY? Files

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Alien Abduction Help

A supportive environment for alien abductees and contactees, hosted by Bonnie Jean Hamilton, a life-long contactee.

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Abduction Phenomenon

Alien Abductions - Events During a Typical Abduction Experience .... And each possesses the unmistakable characteristics of alien origin.

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The Alien Truth

Your complete online resource location for anything from Area 51 to the paranormal.

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UFO Research

The most up-to-date news on everything UFO, alien, extraterrestrial, abductions and sightings. Links to top research sites and research materials. If you're into UFO's, it's all right here!

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Alien Abduction Stories

Read true alien abduction stories. If you've been abducted by aliens and want to share your story, you can submit here.

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