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Alien Implants

Alien Implant Removals popular

Alien Implant Removals: Five Abductees Discuss Before and After Effects By Eve Frances Lorgen, M. A. Several years after the surgical removal of their alleged alien implants, five individuals courageously accepted to take part in an interview to discuss their "before and after effects". All persons, one male and four females, shared one thing in common: UFO encounters and contact with non-human alien beings.

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Alien implants for tagging, communication and medical protetic support. popular

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Aliens Medical Implants A report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc, based on channeled information from Alien ,medical teams. Aliens implants are a well-documented and known fact. Most of the people that had encounters with aliens or were abducted have implants. Some implants were surgically removed and examined. Here is my personal experience in this field. Tagging implants

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Many people have asked me over the years if I knew of a way to remove physical, not just etheric, implants from aliens. Up until now, the answer has been no. However, it is possible that by accident I may have stumbled upon a way to remove physical implants. Last year my mother-in-law had a heart attack. We had advised her for some time to do chelation to help her heart and circulation. Chelation removes heavy metals. Since calcium is a heavy metal and calcium is in plaque, people have used it for cases of blockages in the circulation.

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How to remove physical alien implants? popular

Does Chelation Remove Physical Implants? Many people have asked me over the years if I knew of a way to remove physical, not just etheric, implants from aliens. Up until now, the answer has been no. However, it is possible that by accident I may have stumbled upon a way to remove physical implants.

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Implants Removed ! popular

On August 19, 1995, Ventura California surgeon Dr. Roger Leir and his surgical team, along with Houston alien contact investigator and Certified Hypnotherapist Derrel Sims, removed three highly anomalous "implants" from two people, a man and a woman who had experienced what they believed to be alien-UFO related events in their life.

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My UFO Alien Implant Page popular

As Paranormal Investigators, we stopped at Rachal, Nevada in 1996 because this was the closest town to Area 51. We met a young man who claimed to be a Historical Observer who had an alien device implant in his sinus cavity that recorded the events that were taking place on the earth. He provided us with some x-rays showing this alien implant and told us a most interesting tale of an alien invasion in 1999.

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Report of Alien Implant by a Surgeon (ISCNI) popular

One of the best places for the latest and most interesting news related to UFOs is by the ISCNI organization. They send out a periodic electronic newsletter and have a base on AOL. Related to abductions, one of the key proofs that such activities are occurring would be the recovery of an implant from an Abductee. Although ISCNI would prefer we show you the entire newsletter (which we received via the SNET UFO mailing list) we felt this one items is too important to not help to share to the public. Please find on this page information how to join ISCNI and receive additional newsletter .........

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Alien Implants: The New "Hard Evidence" popular

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Science fiction author Whitley Strieber continues to promote the notion of extraterrestrial visitations. His _Communion: A True Story_ (1987) told of his own close encounter -- actually what psychologist Robert A. Baker has diagnosed as "a classic, textbook description of a hypnopompic hallucination" (or "waking dream"). Now, several money-making books later, Strieber offers _Confirmation: The Hard Evidence of Aliens Among Us_. In addition to UFO sightings and close encounters, there is the hard evidence, quite literally -- alien implants!

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Govt UFO Investigations

Aliens & UFOs - Responses from government of ... popular

Responses from government of UFO issue Hi everyone! Whether believe or don't believe in the Disclosure Project I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that alot of people in congress have responded the letters Dr. Steven Greer and his team have sent out regarding the UFO phenomenom. Here is the letter he sent:

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Australian Official Government UFO Investigation popular

ACCESS TO THE OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN UFO FILES Prior to 1982 civilian UFO researchers only had a confused and vague picture of clandestine official involvement in Australia. In the face of the lethargy in the RAAFs replies to serious enquiries, I stepped up my efforts at diplomatically trying to get direct access to the RAAF UFO files. It probably surprised me more than anybody else when the RAAF finally agreed to permit me to examine their files.

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BILL HAMILTON: A Dedicated UFO Investigator popular

The next time I had a chance to encounter Bill was at a New Age conference in Las Vegas, in the summer of 1989. Two sisters from San Diego had been setting up these conferences in the Southwest and both of us were invited to offer talks. I had the rare opportunity to room with Bill, and I will never forget this conference, because several speakers including Bill talked about the UFO Conspiracy and the abductions being done by the Greys. I really did not want to believe that some ETs were doing such terrible things to humans, but the conference woke me up. Today we hear many such reports.

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Moon Anomalies

Astronomy Anomalies by Subjects popular

The Sourcebooks, Handbooks and Catalogs are compiled from 40,000 articles from the scientific literature, the results of a 25-year search through more than 12,000 volumes of scientific journals, including the complete files of Nature, Science, Icarus, Weather, etc. The Sourcebook Project is compiling an objective, unsensationalized catalog of anomalous phenomena.

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Lunar anomalies popular

The Moon - gazed upon for countless centuries by lovers in all seasons, used by farmers to illuminate their nighttime harvesting in the autumn, cursed by soldiers trying to sneak up on the enemy and looked upon with awe by first time young astronomers. The Moon has almost always presented a familiar if not friendly countenance peering down upon us with serene familiarity.

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Lunar Anomalies & Articles popular

The Moon may harbour five times more water than we thought, reckon researchers in the United States who have doubled previous estimates of how much of the lunar surface is permanently dark. This is encouraging news for those in favour of human colonization of the Moon. Any ice that accumulated in sunless pits on the Moon billions of years ago would still be frozen there, having never sublimed and floated free of the tenuous gravity, explain Ben Bussey, of the University of Hawaii, and his colleagues.

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i've been seeking more scientific opinions on the moon so we can try and reconcile what we see with what we know in the hope of making sense of this situation. The following is an email response. Mr. Lunsford gave permission to post it:

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Space Anomalies popular

More detailed photography has simply complicated the problem. Most astronomers simply gloss over the anomalous evidence that has come to light, or if probed more deeply, debunk and ridicule it. It is an unfortunate fact of human nature that, when our established world view is threatened, we lash out venomously. Scientists are no exception, in fact doubly so, as they have their own specialised knowledge to protect. Cosmic Conspiracies are open to ideas until they are proven erroneous.

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Fast Walker Across Moon popular

On June 17, 1997, an unidentified object passed across Joe Pitonzo's field of view as he observed the Moon via his 8" SCT (Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope). The following is a diagram and a detailed testimonial of Pitonzo's lunar observation as communicated to Francis Ridge, Coordinator of The Lunascan Project.

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Evidence from the early space probes that Lunar gravitational gradient calculations were possibly flawed: The United States and the Soviet Union started to send probes to the Moon in the late fifties. Most of these initial probes met with miserable failure. It is posited here that the reason for these early failures were due to a miscalculation of the lunar gravitational gradient.

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Moon Anomalies popular

This site is dedicated to the examination of unusual features on the surface of the Moon, with the possibility in mind that some of them might be artificial. Available at this site are images from Lunar Orbiter, Apollo and Clementine spacecraft. We will, where possible, provide supporting data for the images and spacecraft, and links to the appropriate web sites for further information.

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The Lunascan Project popular

The Lunascan Project is an Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging program using live CCD imaging technology to observe, document, and record LTPs (Lunar Transient Phenomena). The Lunascan Project website directories house some of the best lunar image links from around the world.

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What is this cylindrical object? popular

Lately we've been watching the moon and have videotaped some fascinating anomalies.

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Project Bluebook

About Project Blue Book popular

9 out of 10 stars (32 votes)

Project Blue Book is a non-profit team to provide volunteer services to Seti@home as described by the scientific program. Early members are from different parts of the United States of America. A nation wide membership was quickly developed, which quickly lead to International involvement. Due to the team's early successes, many members joined the team through simple recruiting efforts.

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Air Force Link - Fact Sheet : Unidentified Flying Objects and Air Force Project Blue Book popular

The decision to discontinue UFO investigations was based on an evaluation of a report prepared by the University of Colorado entitled, "Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects;" a review of the University of Colorado's report by the National Academy of Sciences; previous UFO studies and Air Force experience investigating UFO reports during 1940 to 1969.

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Blue Book was the Air Force's twenty-one year investigation popular

Blue Book was the Air Force's twenty-one year investigation into the UFO phenomenon. Starting in 1948 the group investigated 12,600 UFO reports and over time assumed the role of an official debunker for the US government in the matter of UFOs. While Blue Book was unable to explain 701 of those reports it had investigated, it also never established there were really alien spacecraft operating in the skies.

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Blue Book, Project popular

After Project Grudge was essentially terminated, the Air Technical Intelligence Division (which became the Air Technical Intelligence Center - ATIC- in 1951) was not very interested in investigating UFO reports. Ruppelt was an intelligence officer assigned to ATIC and, since ATIC handled UFO reports, he became somewhat involved in these sightings. For the first ten months he watched the operations of what was left of Project Grudge and how things were handled. Most of what was conducted was cursory and minimal effort was expended.

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