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Messiah - His Spaceships

The Catholic Church is more opened today to the UFO phenomena and the extraterrestrial life only because it is very much aware that the Planet of Gods is heading towards our solar system. I will highlight a few examples, additional information being prese

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Jupiter shield's mixed blessing

Scientists re-examine the old idea that Jupiter shields the inner Solar System from threatening space objects.

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Huge Triangle Sighted over Newcastle, England - November 2003

Usually when you receive a UFO sighting from a member of the public you are naturally interested unless it is a fabrication or an obvious explanation is present however its even more interesting than usual if it matches a sighting of your own and originat

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My Struggle Against Spiritual Forms of Wickedness in Heavenly Places

My first article for UFO Digest, The Upcoming Great Deception, was posted on December 15, 2006 in spite of Publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg's initial reservations. Since then, I have written 18 more articles which Dirk has so graciously decided to post even

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Scientists find elusive waves in Sun's corona

Scientists for the first time have observed elusive oscillations in the Sun's corona, known as Alfven waves, that transport energy outward from the surface of the Sun. The discovery is expected to give researchers more insight into the fundamental behavior of solar magnetic fields, eventually leading to a fuller understanding of how the Sun affe...

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Strange happenings, missing time and UFO sightings, meetings with otherworldly canine-like creatures and other strange figures - all of that is only a part of Eliza's experiences. A young woman from Wroclaw (Poland) decided to reveal some of her experienc

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PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranor

wo hundred years ago, if you had stopped someone on the streets of New York and told him you heard music coming through the air, he would have had you hauled off to the loony bin. Today, we all know that music does, indeed, come through the air and it com

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Modern Science and the Ancient Writings on the Genesis of the Solar System

We can clearly see that there was a solar system formed of nine planets and the sun. Tiamat, a planet very rich in water, also called "the water monster", had un unpredictable behavior, dangerous to the primordial celestial bodies because of its continual

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When Entities Collide: Ghosts, Aliens, MIBs, and Entities and The Trickster Faeries

Are aliens, at times, really ghosts? Or entities? Or the other way around? Do they imitate each other at times; if so, why? Is that the Trickster at work, mimicking one or the other, to confuse? After all, that's what the Trickster loves to do.

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